Class Abilities & Arts

Classes may come with up three innate abilities. These are dependent on the class and will disappear after a character changes class.

Upon mastering a class, you may unlock a standard ability and/or Combat Art, which can be freely equipped, regardless of class. (Although we’re not 100% sure about the Combat Art.)

Note: Currently, classes are ordered by internal order. Some classes are unplayable (should be obvious).

Name Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 2 Mastered Ability Mastered Art
Noble HP +5
Commoner HP +5
Myrmidon Speed +2 Swap
Soldier Defense +2 Reposition
Fighter Strength +2 Shove
Monk Magic +2 Draw Back
Lord Charm Resistance +2 Subdue
Mercenary Vantage
Thief Steal Locktouch Steal
Armored Knight Armored Bow
Cavalier Canto Desperation
Brigand Death Blow
Archer Bowrange +1 Hit +20
Brawler Unarmed Combat Unarmed Combat
Mage Fire Fiendish Blow
Dark Mage Miasma Δ Heartseeker Poison Strike
Priest Heal White Magic Heal +5 Miracle
Barbarossa Charm Bowfaire Canto Wind God
Hero Swordfaire Vantage Defiant Str
Swordmaster Swordfaire Sword Crit +10 Astra
Assassin Swordfaire Locktouch Stealth Lethality Assassinate
Fortress Knight Axefaire Weight -5 Pavise
Paladin Canto Lancefaire Terrain Resistance Aegis
Pegasus Knight Canto Avo +10 Darting Blow Triangle Attack
Wyvern Rider Canto Axefaire Seal Defense
Warrior Axefaire Axe Crit +10 Wrath
Sniper Bowfaire Bowrange +1 Hunter’s Volley
Grappler Fistfaire Unarmed Combat Tomebreaker Fierce Iron Fist
Warlock Black Tomefaire Black Magic Uses x2 Bowbreaker
Dark Bishop Miasma Δ Fiendish Blow Heartseeker Lifetaker
Bishop White Magic Uses x2 White Magic Heal +10 Terrain Resistance Renewal
Falcon Knight Canto Lancefaire Avo +10 Defiant Avo
Wyvern Lord Canto Axefaire Avo +10 Defiant Crit
Mortal Savant Swordfaire Black Tomefaire Warding Blow
Great Knight Canto Lancefaire Axefaire Defiant Def
Bow Knight Canto Bowfaire Bowrange +2 Defiant Spd
Dark Knight Canto Black Tomefaire Dark Tomefaire Seal Resistance
Holy Knight Canto White Tomefaire Terrain Resistance Defiant Res
War Master Fistfaire Axefaire Crit +20 Quick Riposte War Master’s Strike
Gremory Black Magic Uses x2 Dark Magic Uses x2 White Magic Uses x2 Defiant Mag
Emperor Charm Axefaire Flickering Flower
Agastya Seal Strength Seal Magic
Enlightened One Swordfaire Terrain Resistance Sacred Power
Dancer Dance Special Dance
Great Lord Charm Lancefaire Paraselene
King of Liberation Commander Swordfaire Heartseeker
Saint Charm Commander Terrain Resistance
Flame Emperor Charm Axefaire
Flame Emperor Charm Axefaire
Archbishop Charm Commander Terrain Resistance
Armored Lord Charm Axefaire Pomp & Circumstance
High Lord Charm Lancefaire Pomp & Circumstance
Wyvern Master Charm Bowfaire Canto Pomp & Circumstance
Death Knight Canto Lancefaire Heartseeker
Black Beast
Wandering Beast Renewal Heartseeker Magic Bind
Wild Demonic Beast Poison Poison Strike
Demonic Beast Renewal Seal Strength
Exp. Demonic Beast Seal Strength
Altered Demonic Beast Renewal Heartseeker Seal Strength
Giant Demonic Beast Defiant Str Defiant Def Renewal
Flying Demonic Beast Renewal
Golem Terrain Resistance Lance Prowess Lv 2
Altered Golem Terrain Resistance Lance Prowess Lv 2
Titanus Sword Prowess Lv 3
White Beast Seal Strength Seal Magic
The Immaculate One Ancient Dragon Wrath Ancient Dragonskin Counterattack
The Immaculate One Ancient Dragonskin Counterattack
The Immaculate One Surging Light Ancient Dragonskin Counterattack
Lord of the Desert Ancient Dragonskin Avo +10 Counterattack
Lord of the Lake Ancient Dragonskin Armored Blow Counterattack
Giant Bird Avo +10 Defiant Spd
Giant Crawler Seal Speed Seal Defense
Giant Wolf Pass Defiant Crit
Hegemon Husk Twin Crests Commander Monster Effect Null
King of Beasts
King of Fangs
King of Wings