As always, class-changing is important because it allows characters to become stronger and gain new abilities.

To become a new class, characters must first take an examination. This can be done via the “Certification” option on the calendar screen, during weekends or before an assigned mission.

There are certain requirements to take an exam, depending on the class’s tier (an indication of its overall strength).


Tier From Level Required
Beginner 5 Beginner Seal
Intermediate 10 Intermediate Seal (Dark Seal for Dark Mage)
Advanced 20 Advanced Seal
Master 30 Master Seal, Professor Level C or higher

Available Classes

Tier Classes
Beginner Myrmidon, Soldier, Fighter, Monk
Intermediate Lord (House Leaders only), Mercenary, Thief, Armored Knight, Cavalier, Brigand, Archer, Brawler (male only), Mage, Dark Mage (male only), Priest, Pegasus Knight (female only)
Advanced Hero (male only), Swordmaster, Assassin, Fortress Knight, Paladin, Wyvern Rider, Warrior, Sniper, Grappler (male only), Warlock, Dark Bishop (male only), Bishop
Master Falcon Knight (female only), Wyvern Lord, Mortal Savant, Great Knight, Bow Knight, Dark Knight, Holy Knight, War Master (male only), Gremory (female only)

Upon selecting a class, the success rate will be shown, alongside the recommended skill levels. The closer your character’s skill levels are to the recommended value(s), the higher the success rate. If the success rate is below 30%, you cannot attempt the exam.

If the exam result is a success, the character can change into their new class straightaway or at any time before a battle (by going to Inventory and “Reclass”). After passing an exam once, you never need to retake it for the same character.

Unlike most Fire Emblem games, a character’s Level is not reset after class-changing. So it’s advisable to do so ASAP, unless you want to master the class. Also, characters can generally wield all types of weapons in every class.


  • Gauntlets cannot be used in conjunction with mounted (horseback or flying) classes.
  • Reason and Faith magic is restricted to magic-based classes (it will be mentioned in the class’s description).

Stat Boosts from Class-Changing

There are two types of stat boosts when changing class. Firstly, if any of the character’s current stats are lower than their new class’s base stats, their stats will be increased to match the base stats.

Secondly, every class has a unique set of stat boosts. These can be hard to notice at first, especially for lower tier classes. So long as the character is in that class, they will benefit from those stat boosts.