Linked Attacks & Gambit Boost

Linked Attacks

This is a slightly modified version of the “support bonus” system that has appeared in most Fire Emblem games to date.

When a character engages an enemy, if there are allies that can target the same enemy from their current position, a linked attack will occur. This will boost the character’s Hit, Avoid and occasionally Might depending on the number of available allies (up to three) and their support levels.

If a linked attack is possible, you will be able to tell during the combat forecast. Next to the character’s portrait, there will be up to three smaller portraits for the supporting allies. Also, the character’s Might, Hit and/or the enemy’s Hit values may be highlighted to indicate an increase/decrease.

Boosts for a single ally
Support Level All Allies Certain Allies
None Hit and Avoid +3 Hit and Avoid +3
C Hit and Avoid +5 Might +1, Hit and Avoid +5
B Hit and Avoid +7 Might +2, Hit and Avoid +7
A Hit and Avoid +10 Might +3, Hit and Avoid +10
S Hit and Avoid +15 Might +5, Hit and Avoid +15
  Certain Allies  
Protagonist x Edelgard Protagonist x Dimitri Protagonist x Claude
Edelgard x Hubert Dimitri x Dedue Annette x Mercedes
Annette x Gilbert Felix x Sylvain Sylvain x Ingrid
Felix x Ingrid Dorothea x Manuela Seteth x Flayn
Ferdinand x Lorenz Raphael x Ignatz Catherine x Shamir
Claude x Hilda Protagonist x Flayn Alois x Leonie
Bernadetta x Marianne Hilda x Dorothea Mercedes x Jeritza
Hilda x Balthus Protagonist x Yuri

If there are multiple allies, simply add up the boosts.


  • If the character has an Adjutant deployed, the Adjutant will count as an additional supporting ally, for a maximum number of four.
  • If there are more than 3 allies that can target the same enemy, the game will prioritise the allies who are higher up the unit list (according to the battle preparations screen). Even if those allies have a lower support level.

For example, if there are four allies with an A rank available, the combined Hit and Avoid boost would be +40.

Despite the name, when a linked attack occurs, the supporting allies will not physically appear during the battle.

Gambit Boost

When a character triggers a Gambit and simultaneously fulfills the conditions for a Linked Attack, a Gambit Boost will occur. Similar to a Linked Attack, this boosts the Gambit’s Might and Hit proportional to the number of supporting allies and their support levels.

Boosts for a single ally
Support Level All Allies
None Might +1, Hit +5
C Might +2, Hit +10
B Might +3, Hit +15
A Might +4, Hit +20
S Might +5, Hit +25

Otherwise, the rules are exactly the same for a Linked Attack. So the combined boost for four supporting allies with an A rank (one of them being an Adjutant) would be Might +16 and Hit + 80.