Faculty Training

Credits: DeathChaos (location of instructor data)

This is an activity where you can receive guidance from other instructors to boost the protagonist’s Skill Levels. It is available after completing the “Learning from the Best” quest from Chapter 3 (6th month) or upon reaching Part 2.

Faculty training costs 1 activity point and you may only receive training from the same instructor once per weekend. Faculty training works like instructing students during weekdays, except the Skill Levels that you can choose depends on the instructor.

For your selected Skill Level, you’ll gain 20 experience points and an extra 10 points for a strength. Sometimes you may get a “Great” result, which boosts experience by 50%. Furthermore, it takes two attempts to gain one star in a budding talent.

Available Instructors

Name Skill Levels Notes
Seteth Sword, Lance, Axe, Authority and Flying Unavailable to provide faculty training during Chapter 6.
Hanneman Bow, Reason and Riding
Manuela Sword, Faith and Flying Absent during Chapter 6.
Gilbert Lance, Axe, Heavy Armour and Riding Appears from Chapter 5; absent during Chapter 10.
Alois Axe, Brawling and Heavy Armour Absent during Chapters 5 and 10.
Catherine Sword and Brawling Absent during Chapter 10.
Shamir Lance and Bow Absent during Chapters 3, 5 and 10.
Jeralt Lance, Authority and Riding Absent from Chapter 9.
Rhea Sword, Brawling, Reason and Faith
Jeritza Sword, Lance, Brawling and Riding DLC
Anna Sword, Axe, Bow and Faith DLC

Besides what’s listed above, Faculty Training for NPCs is unavailable during Chapter 12 if you [spoiler] during Chapter 11.

Advanced Drills

During Part 2, Faculty Training will be replaced with Advanced Drills. It works in the same manner, except you can receive training from any character with higher Skill Levels than the protagonist.

Name Skill Levels Name Skill Levels
Edelgard Sword, Axe, Authority and Heavy Armour Annette Axe, Reason and Authority
Dimitri Sword, Lance and Authority Ingrid Sword, Lance, Riding and Flying
Claude Sword, Bow, Authority, Riding and Flying Lorenz Lance, Reason and Riding
Hubert Bow, Reason and Authority Raphael Axe, Brawling and Heavy Armour
Ferdinand Sword, Lance, Axe and Riding Ignatz Sword, Bow and Authority
Linhardt Reason and Faith Lysithea Reason, Faith and Authority
Caspar Axe and Brawling Marianne Sword, Faith, Riding and Flying
Bernadetta Lance and Bow Hilda Lance and Axe
Dorothea Sword and Reason Leonie Lance, Bow and Riding
Petra Sword, Axe, Bow and Riding Flayn Lance and Faith
Dedue Lance, Axe, Brawling and Heavy Armour Cyril Lance, Axe, Bow, Riding and Flying
Felix Sword, Bow and Brawling Yuri Sword, Bow, Reason, Faith and Authority
Ashe Axe and Bow Balthus Sword, Brawling and Heavy Armour
Sylvain Lance, Axe and Riding Constance Sword, Reason, Authority and Flying
Mercedes Reason and Faith Hapi Faith, Riding and Flying