Gifts & Lost Items

While exploring the monastery grounds, you can randomly pick up gift items by inspecting the glowing objects that are occasionally scattered around. After completing the “Lost? Found!” quest from Chapter 3, you can return lost items in the same way.

If you give these items to a character from your house, who can join your house or Rhea, you can potentially raise your support points with them. Also, if they’re from your house, their Motivation may increase as well.

Later on, you can also buy gifts from the Eastern and Southern Merchant in the Market.

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Lost Items

Character Items
Edelgard White Glove Time-worn Quill Pen Eastern Porcelain
Dimitri Dulled Longsword Black Leather Gloves Training Logbook
Claude Leather Bow Sheath Mild Stomach Poison Board Game Piece
Hubert Hresvelg Treatise Noxious Handkerchief Folding Razor
Ferdinand Maintenance Oil Agricultural Survey Bag of Tea Leaves
Linhardt The Saints Revealed Feather Pillow Animated Bait
Caspar Thunderbrand Replica Tattered Overcoat Grounding Charm
Bernadetta Needle and Thread Still-Life Picture Hedgehog Case
Dorothea Silver Brooch Songstress Poster Lovely Comb
Petra Exotic Feather Small Tanned Hide Annotated Dictionary
Dedue Gold Earring Gardening Sheers Iron Cooking Pot
Felix Black Iron Spur Sword Belt Fragment Toothed Dagger
Ashe Moon Knight’s Tale Evil-Repelling Amulet Bundle of Herbs
Sylvain Unused Lipstick Crumpled Love Letter The History of Sreng
Mercedes Book of Ghost Stories Fruit Preserves How to Bake Sweets
Annette Unfinished Score School of Sorcery Book Wax Diptych
Ingrid Pegasus Horseshoes Jousting Almanac Curry Comb
Lorenz Artificial Flower A Treatise on Etiquette Silk Handkerchief
Raphael Wooden Button Burlap Sack of Rocks Big Spoon
Ignatz Blue Stone Art Book Letter to the Goddess
Lysithea Encyclopedia of Sweets Princess Doll New Bottle of Perfume
Marianne Bag of Seeds How to be Tidy Confessional Letter
Hilda Handmade Hair Clip Spotless Bandage Used Bottle of Perfume
Leonie Hand Drawn Map Crude Arrowheads Fur Scarf
Seteth Unfinished Fable Old Fishing Rod Snapped Writing Quill
Flayn Antique Clasp Old Map of Enbarr Dusty Book of Fables
Hanneman Lens Cloth Hammer and Chisel Sketch of a Sigil
Manuela Wellness Herbs Clean Dusting Cloth Light Purple Veil
Gilbert Noseless Puppet Carving Hammer Silver Necklace
Alois Introduction to Magic Foreign Gold Coin Mysterious Notebook
Catherine Weathered Cloak Letter to Rhea Badge of Graduation
Shamir Bundle of Dry Hemp Centipede Picture Animal Bone Dice
Cyril Well-Used Hatchet Portrait of Rhea Old Cleaning Cloth
Jeralt (NPC) Wooden Flask
Rhea (NPC) Elegant Hair Clip Seiros Scriptures Faded Star Chart
Yuri Makeup Brush Suspicious Dice
Balthus Well-Worn Hammock Stiff Hand Wrap
Constance Nimbus Charm Repellent Powder
Hapi Shiny Striated Pebble Basket of Berries
Jeritza Jar of Sweets Black Hair Tie Armor Clasp
Anna Secret Ledger Balance Scale Rare Item Index

Liked Gifts

Besides a handful of items that they dislike, characters will happily accept most gifts. However, giving a character a gift that they like–or an Owl Feather–gives more support points than usual.

Character Items
Edelgard Carnation Armored Bear Stuffy Monarch Studies Book Board Game
Dimitri Training Weight Whetstone Riding Boots Ceremonial Sword
Claude Riding Boots Book of Crest Designs Exotic Spices Board Game
Hubert Coffee Beans Board Game The History of Fodlan
Ferdinand Riding Boots Whetstone Tea Leaves
Linhardt Tasty Baked Treat Book of Crest Designs Fishing Float
Caspar Training Weight Whetstone Hunting Dagger Smoked Meat
Bernadetta Pitcher Plant Armored Bear Stuffy Book of Sheet Music Watering Can
Landscape Painting Dapper Handkerchief
Dorothea Book of Sheet Music Gemstone Beads Stylish Hair Clip
Petra Sunflower Hunting Dagger Exotic Spices Smoked Meat
Dedue Exotic Spices Floral Adornment Watering Can
Felix Smoked Meat Hunting Dagger Training Weight Ceremonial Sword
Ashe Violet Legends of Chivalry Exotic Spices Tasty Baked Treat
Ancient Coin
Sylvain Landscape Painting Dapper Handkerchief Board Game
Mercedes Lavender Tasty Bake Treat Goddess Statuette Armored Bear Stuffy
Gemstone Beads
Annette Book of Sheet Music Stylish Hair Clip Arithmetic Textbook
Ingrid Riding Boots Smoked Meat Legends of Chivalry
Lorenz Rose Floral Adornment Tea Leaves Book of Sheet Music
Raphael Smoked Meat Training Weight Tasty Baked Treat Blue Cheese
Ignatz Forget-me-nots Ancient Coin Landscape Painting Goddess Statuette
Ceremonial Sword
Lysithea Lily Armored Bear Stuffy Arithmetic Textbook Tasty Baked Treat
Book of Crest Designs
Marianne Lily of the Valley Dapper Handkerchief Floral Adornment Armored Bear Stuffy
Hilda Anemone Gemstone Beads Dapper Handkerchief Book of Sheet Music
Stylish Hair Clip Armored Bear Stuffy
Leonie Hunting Dagger Training Weight Fishing Float
Seteth The History of Fodlan Fishing Float Dapper Handkerchief
Flayn Forget-me-nots Tasty Baked Treat Armored Bear Stuffy Stylish Hair Clip
Dapper Handkerchief
Hanneman Arithmetic Textbook Tea Leaves Book of Crest Designs Dapper Handkerchief
Manuela Book of Sheet Music Gemstone Beads Blue Cheese Goddess Statuette
Gilbert Goddess Statuette Fishing Float Ceremonial Sword
Alois Sunflower Ancient Coin Fishing Float Floral Adornment
Catherine Training Weight Whetstone Legends of Chivalry Blue Cheese
Shamir Sunflower Exotic Spices Coffee Beans Hunting Dagger
Book of Sheet Music
Cyril Baby’s Breath Smoked Meat Hunting Dagger Watering Can
Jeralt (NPC)
Rhea (NPC) Landscape Painting Goddess Statuette Ancient Coin
Yuri Board Game Tasty Baked Treat Goddess Statuette Arithmetic Textbook
Balthus Ancient Coin Ceremonial Sword Whetstone Blue Cheese
Constance Lily of the Valley Tea Leaves Arithmetic Textbook Book of Crest Designs
Hapi Pitcher Plant Tasty Baked Treat Smoked Meat Exotic Spices
Coffee Beans Hunting Dagger
Jeritza Rose Tasty Baked Treat Whetstone Hunting Dagger
Anna Forget-me-nots Exotic Spices Coffee Beans Blue Cheese
Landscape Painting Goddess Statuette

Disliked Gifts

Giving a character a gift that they dislike does not increase or lower your support points with them, but it does elicit a different response. Maybe give it a try if you’re bored?

Character   Items  
Edelgard Goddess Statuette Ceremonial Sword
Dimitri Gemstone Beads Armored Bear Stuffy Book of Sheet Music
Claude Book of Sheet Music Blue Cheese
Hubert Legends of Chivalry Gemstone Beads Landscape Painting
Ferdinand Blue Cheese Coffee Beans
Linhardt Training Weight Hunting Dagger
Caspar Fishing Float Floral Adornment Stylish Hair Clip
Bernadetta Training Weight Hunting Dagger Ceremonial Sword
Dorothea Goddess Statuette Floral Adornment
Petra Arithmetic Textbook Book of Crest Designs
Dedue Book of Sheet Music The History of Fodlan
Felix Legends of Chivalry Armored Bear Stuffy Tasty Bake Treat
Ashe Arithmetic Textbook Monarch Studies Book Board Game
Sylvain Book of Crest Designs Watering Can Floral Adornment
Mercedes Whetstone Ancient Coin Riding Boots
Annette Ceremonial Sword Hunting Dagger Coffee Beans
Ingrid Gemstone Beads Stylish Hair Clip
Lorenz Armored Bear Stuffy Hunting Dagger Watering Can
Raphael Arithmetic Textbook Book of Crest Designs
Ignatz Monarch Studies Book Training Weight
Lysithea Training Weight Legends of Chivalry Coffee Beans
Marianne Hunting Dagger Smoked Meat
Hilda Training Weight Ancient Coin Legends of Chivalry
Leonie Stylish Hair Clip Book of Crest Designs
Seteth Book of Crest Designs Legends of Chivalry
Flayn Whetstone Blue Cheese
Hanneman Blue Cheese Exotic Spices
Manuela Board Game Riding Boots Smoked Meat
Gilbert Tasty Baked Treat Dapper Handkerchief
Alois Exotic Spices Monarch Studies Book
Catherine Gemstone Beads Armored Bear Stuffy Arithmetic Textbook
Shamir Monarch Studies Book Blue Cheese Book of Crest Designs
Cyril The History of Fodlan Legends of Chivalry Monarch Studies Book
Jeralt (NPC)
Rhea (NPC) Exotic Spices
Yuri Book of Sheet Music Riding Boots
Balthus Fishing Float Watering Can Armored Bear Stuffy
Constance Blue Cheese Exotic Spices
Hapi Training Weight Monarch Studies Book Legend of Chivalry
Jeritza Monarch Studies Book Blue Cheese Book of Crest Designs
Anna Fishing Float Smoked Meat