Credits: DeathChaos (instructor data)

Seminars are one of the free activities available during Sundays; they are automatically unlocked starting from the 25th of the 5th month. The purpose of seminars is to provide additional skill level experience.

To begin a seminar, you must first choose an instructor. Each instructor specialises in two particular skill levels. During Part I, possible instructors include the protagonist and certain members of the Church of Seiros. During Part II, all recruited characters can be chosen as instructors.

In general, characters will attend a seminar if at least one of their study goals matches one of the seminar’s advertised skill levels. Also, they’re more likely to attend if they have high Motivation. If the protagonist is not selected as an instructor, he/she will always attend.

List of Instructors

Note: Characters in bold are instructors in Part I.

Name Skill Levels Name Skill Levels
Protagonist Sword and Authority Ingrid Sword and Lance
Edelgard Axe and Authority Lorenz Lance and Reason
Dimitri Lance and Authority Raphael Axe and Brawling
Claude Bow and Authority Ignatz Sword and Bow
Hubert Bow and Reason Lysithea Reason and Faith
Ferdinand Sword and Lance Marianne Sword and Faith
Linhardt Reason and Faith Hilda Lance and Axe
Caspar Axe and Brawling Leonie Lance and Bow
Bernadetta Lance and Bow Seteth Lance and Authority
Dorothea Sword and Reason Flayn Lance and Faith
Petra Sword and Axe Hanneman Bow and Reason
Dedue Axe and Brawling Manuela Sword and Faith
Felix Sword and Brawling Gilbert Lance and Axe
Ashe Axe and Bow Alois Axe and Brawling
Sylvain Lance and Axe Catherine Sword and Brawling
Mercedes Reason and Faith Shamir Lance and Bow
Annette Axe and Reason Cyril Axe and Bow

Skill Level Experience

The amount of skill level experience gained depends on the difference between the instructor’s skill level rank and the attendee’s. The bigger the difference, the more experience earned.

Additionally, attendees will gain 50% extra experience if they are strong in that skill level. Conversely, they will only receive 50% of the usual experience if they’re weak.

Rank difference Weak Neutral Strong
1 or less 10 20 30
2 12 24 36
3 14 28 42
4 16 32 48
5 18 36 54
6 20 40 60
7 24 48 72
8 28 56 84
9 32 64 96
10 36 72 108
11 40 80 120