Expansion Pass

Similar to recent Fire Emblem games (and many of Nintendo’s other high-profile Switch titles), Three Houses offers an Expansion Pass. By purchasing this, players can receive downloadable content (DLC) as they are released.

Product Price
Expansion Pass 24.99 USD / 2,500 Yen / 22.49 GBP
Game + Expansion Pass 84.98 USD / 9,480 Yen / 72.48 GBP

The DLC is divided into four waves. Once a DLC is available, it can be downloaded at any time.

Note: DLC cannot be purchased separately.

DLC Description Release Date
Wave 1 Officers Academy costumes for male and female Byleth (featured above). 26th July 2019
Wave 2 Additional auxiliary (free battle) maps, support items and more. By 31st October 2019
Wave 3 Additional quests and costumes, plus a free update. By 31st December 2019
Wave 4 New story content, with additional playable characters, locations and more, plus a free update. By 30th April 2020