World Map

Three Houses takes place on a brand new continent called Fodlan. On this continent, there are three major nations: the Adrestian Empire, the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and the Leicester Alliance. Currently, these three nations co-exist in relative harmony.

Upholding the peace and order of Fodlan is the Church of Seiros, which holds great power. The church was founded by the followers of the Divine Seiros, who received a revelation from the Goddess.

The Church’s home base is located at the heart of Fodlan, in a place known as the Garreg Mach Monastery. Here, there’s an officer’s academy where the youth who hold the future of Fodlan have gathered to study.

For those curious, the world map of Fodlan is written in English. However, the font used is a standard Old English one that’s not very easy to read. Above, we tried our best to transcribe all the locations found on the map. Just beware that some names might be slightly off.

Below are some notable locations.


Location Comments
Garreg Mach Monastery The headquarters of the Church of Seiros and where the Officer’s Academy is located.

Adrestian Empire

Location Comments
Hresvelgr Appears to be the imperial capital, where an opera company is found. Edelgard seems to hail from here.
Aegir The realm of Duke Aegir and the imperial chancellor. Ferdinand is its heir.
Bergliez The realm of Count Bergliez. Caspar comes from here.
Varley The realm of Count Varley. Bernadetta comes from here.
Hevring The realm of Count Hevring. Linhardt is its heir.
Gronder Field There’s a battle during the 10th month that occurs here.
Remire There’s a battle during the 11th month that occurs here.
Airmid There’s a fish called the Airmid Goby found here.

Holy Kingdom of Faerghus

Location Comments
Blaiddyd Appears to be the royal capital, where a magic academy is found. Dimitri probably hails from here.
Fraldarius The realm of Duke Fraldarius. Felix is its heir.
Gaspard The realm of Lord Lonato. There’s a battle during the 6th month that occurs here.
Gautier The realm of Earl Gautier. Sylvain is its heir.
Teutates There’s a fish called the Teutates Pike found here.
Magdred There’s a battle during the 6th month that occurs here.
Charon This location shares its name with one of the 10 Elites.

Leicester Alliance

Location Comments
Riegan Home of the renowned Riegan family, rulers of the alliance. Claude probably hails from here.
Gloucester The realm of Count Gloucester. Lorenz is its heir.
Goneril The realm of Duke Goneril. Hilda comes from here.
Ordelia Maybe the realm of Count Cordelia, where Lysithea comes from?
Edmund The realm of Earl Edmund. Marianne comes from here.
Daphnel There’s a menu dish called the Daphnel Stew that originated here.


Location Comments
Albinea Albinean Berries are imported from here.
Brigid An island nation that is a vassal of the Adrestian Empire. Petra comes from here.
Morfis Morfis Plums are imported from here.