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genei-face-itsuki Itsuki Aoi

A youth chosen by a Lord who hides great potential

An average high school student who awakens as a Mirage Master following an unexpected incident. He joins the entertainment group “Fortuna Entertainment” by persuasion of his friends but he has no strong feelings for the entertainment business. Honest and has a strong sense of responsibility, but also has a quiet and unsociable side.

genei-face-chrom Chrom

A young Lord from another world

A “Lord” Mirage, who’s a prince in another world. After reincarnating in this world, he has lost his memories. He’s extremely brave and has a strong sense of justice. During battles, he changes form into a sword and becomes a pillar of support for the inexperienced Itsuki.

genei-face-tsubasa Tsubasa Oribe

The heroine of this tale of newborn stars

Itsuki’s childhood friend, who awakens as a Mirage Master with him. A newcomer idol within Fortuna Entertainment. She’s reckless, but a hard worker with an one-track mind towards her goals. Frequently makes mistakes, but is never discouraged because of her optimistic attitude. A big fan of her senior colleague, Kiria.

genei-face-caeda Caeda

A kind Pegasus Knight who watches over Tsubasa

A “Pegasus Knight” Mirage who partners with Tsubasa. Like Chrom, she is a visitor from another world who has lost her memory. She has a kind personality and acts like an older sister towards the more tomboyish Tsubasa. During battle, she changes form to a lance to assist Tsubasa.

genei-face-toma Toma Akagi

A hot-blooded who conceals the soul of a hero

Itsuki and Tsubasa’s classmate. A Mirage Master belonging to Fortuna Entertainment; he yearns to be an action hero. Appears and behaves frivolously, but really he just really wants to be a hero, and is the type who always acts before thinking. His current goal is to land the leading role in the action hero show “Masquerader”.

genei-face-cain Cain

A brave and daring Cavalier

A “Cavalier” Mirage who partners with Cain. Like Chrom, he’s a visitor from another world who has misplaced his memories. Since he and Toma are kindred spirits, he’s a good big brother figure for Toma. During battles, he transforms into a lance to lend his power to Toma.

genei-face-kiria Kiria Kurono

A cool, hit musician.

A hit musician who receives a lot of support from young fans. Her show-name is simply “Kiria”. She’s a Mirage Master with excellent battle capabilities. Often seen as a “cool beauty”, there are few who know her true face, which she keeps private. She is around to guide Itsuki from her senior position.

genei-face-eleanora Eleanora Yumizuru

A half-Japanese girl aiming for Hollywood

A Mirage Master who’s a young and successful actress. She’s half-Scandinavian and longs to be a Hollywood actress. Nickname is “Ellie”. Though she’s younger than Itsuki, she’s already a master in the entertainment industry and thus acts as his senior. She’s caring like a big sister and has the best looks within Fortuna Entertainment.

genei-face-maiko Maiko Shimazaki

A talented female president

President of the entertainment group “Fortuna Entertainment” who gathers Mirage Masters. She’s somewhat like a mother to the Mirage Masters. Loves alcohol and had a career as a gravure idol. Shrewd and a quick-thinker. She thinks of her fellow colleagues more than anyone else.

genei-face-tiki Tiki

The massively popular “Singaloid”

The key visual character of the synthesised song creation software “Singaloid TiKi” that has become a major hit on the Internet. It’s become a fad amongst youths to create and upload new songs by her to the Internet.


  • Tsubasa is 17 years old.
  • “Action hero” refers to heroes that transform, like the Power Rangers.
  • “Singaloid” is actually “Utaroid”, but the pun isn’t there when transliterated.