Berwick Saga Bounties

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This content was originally provided by Othin.


Upon defeat or capture of all bounty targets, Reese's Lord Gram and Pell Shield are repaired, and Reese receives a Morakia Charger.

Name Class Reward*1 Location
Berrington Chief 3000 Chapter 2 compulsory mission “Bandit Suppression”
Gariado Rogue 2600 Chapter 2 optional mission “Horse Thieves”
Aguban Chief 2800 Chapter 3 compulsory mission “The Three Priests”
Gallo Assassin 4500 Chapter 3 compulsory mission “The Three Priests”
Pizarro Thief 3500 Chapter 4 compulsory mission “Withdrawal Protection”
Fells Rogue 3000 Chapter 5 optional mission “Mountain Hunt”
Shamos Chief 3700 Chapter 3 optional mission “Ponies and Thieves”
Weiss Captain 2500 Sylvia's personal mission “Hero of the Sea”
Vlad Rogue 2200 Chapter 4 optional mission “Hero of the Streets”
Murdock Rogue 2700 Chapter 6 optional mission “Food Supply”
Basch Rogue 3200 Chapter 8 compulsory mission “Trojan Corps”
Riddle Assassin 5000 Chapter 7 optional mission “Old Treasure”
Krishna Swordfighter 4000 Chapter 5 optional mission “Lumiere”
Gomez Rogue 3200 Chapter 8 optional mission “Weapon Shop Events”
Gibas Rogue 3500 Chapter 9 optional mission “Devil of Volvos Valley”
Moro Rogue 3000 Chapter 11 side mission “Exile Island”
Sandorf Rogue 2700 Chapter 10 optional mission ”Endless Dream”
Hazriz Swordfighter 2600 Chapter 7 optional mission “Visitor”
  • *1 Doubled if target is captured rather than killed