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Portrait Name Initial class Description
Berwick reese.jpg Reese Lord The young prince of Chinon; son of King Vanstol. He is the hero of this game.
Berwick ward.jpg Ward Old Knight Veteran knight of Chinon. An important advisor to Reese and the king's right-hand man.
Berwick leon.jpg Leon Spear Knight Knight of Chinon. Hot-blooded and a fierce fighter.
Berwick adel.jpg Adel Spear Knight Knight of Chinon. In contrast to his companion Leon, he has a modest personality.
Berwick sherlock.jpg Sherlock Horseman Bow knight of Chinon. Works tirelessly day and night to hone his skills.
Berwick elbert.jpg Elbert Sergeant Knight Knight of Chinon. Serves as Ward’s second-in-command and is revered as a big brother by the younger knights.
Berwick chris.jpg Chris Bow Knight Bow knight of Chinon and Ward’s daughter. A kindhearted woman who is skilled with crossbows.
Berwick dean.jpg Dean Axefighter Volunteer fighter from Sarria. Quiet and reserved, but harbors strong resentment for the Raze Empire.
Berwick izerna.jpg Izerna Sister Cleric from Veria. Ladylike and tidy.
Berwick ouro.jpg Ouro Swordfighter A mercenary reknowned across the land for his skill with a blade.
Berwick axel.jpg Axel Pirate Pirate fighting to afford treatment for his adopted daughter’s blindness. A hardened man of the sea.
Berwick sylvia.jpg Sylvia Sniper A master sniper. Claims she always kills what she aims at, although she’s prone to exaggerating her prowess.
Berwick ruby.jpg Ruby Free Knight Fledgling knight. Trains every day to become as strong as her father, Clifford.
Berwick arthur.jpg Arthur Free Knight Young knight from Narvia. Fights as a mercenary to feed his mother and brother.
Berwick czene.jpg Czene Thief Daughter of nomads. Joins the Chinon Knights as an opportunity to prove her worth.
Berwick kramer.jpg Kramer Mercenary A mercenary who descends from a long line of farmers. Despite his background, he longs to be a hero of legend.
Berwick faye.jpg Faye Swordfighter Swordfighter from the eastern land of Izmir. Fights as a mercenary to improve her skill with a sword.
Berwick derrick.jpg Derrick Armor Knight Armored soldier whose identity is shrouded in mystery. Rarely speaks, and when he does, his voice is muffled by his armor.
Berwick clifford.jpg Clifford Duke Knight Father of Ruby and an once-famous knight. After his wife died, he sunk into depression and now fights as a mercenary to pay his alcohol debts.
Berwick faramir.jpg Faramir Warrior Swordfighter from the eastern land of Izmir. Rarely speaks about himself, focusing instead on his job as a mercenary.
Berwick estobar.jpg Estobar Hunter A hunter working with bandits to make money for his family. Gives up thieving when he meets the Chinon Knights.
Berwick aegina.jpg Aegina Mage Princess of Rhianna. She went into hiding to escape the Raze Empire's grasp.
Berwick sherpa.jpg Sherpa Highlander Highlander mercenary helping Aegina escape to Narvia.
Berwick saphira.jpg Saphira Sister Cleric from Veria working in a Narvian monastery. Clumsy, but a good healer.
Berwick olwen.jpg Olwen High Priest A gentle but mysterious man who appears to be a Verian priest. He harbors a dark secret.
Berwick daoud.jpg Daoud Axe Knight Knight who leads the retreat from Highland when the Raze Empire invades. Uses his herculean strength to protect wounded soldiers.
Berwick larentia.jpg Larentia Dragon Knight Dragon knight of Peshire. Forced to abandon her country because she disagreed with its alliance with the Raze Empire.
Berwick sedy.jpg Sedy Thief Orphan living in Narvia. Steals in order to help the other orphans.
Berwick marcel.jpg Marcel Guardian Narvian soldier serving under Maximilian. A sincere man who fights to protect the people.
Berwick enid.jpg Enid Sword Knight Princess of the Lowland Duchy and adopted granddaughter of Duke Roswick of Narvia. Trusted and loved by her people.
Berwick percival.jpg Percival Mage A wandering mage searching for his sister. Tutors Enid in magic.
Berwick burroughs.jpg Burroughs Ballistician Member of Narvia’s Ballistician corps. Reckless and known for pushing his luck in fights, but loyal to his friends.
Berwick alvina.jpg Alvina Paladin Paladin of Brunea. She fears for the safety of Brunea’s King Reid.
Berwick paramythis.jpg Paramythis Holy Knight A master fighter specializing in both swords and magic. Known by a variety of nicknames throughout the world; her actual identity is shrouded in mystery.
Berwick lanette.jpg Lanette Apostle The adopted daughter of King Vanstol of Chinon; Reese’s adopted sister. Held hostage by Bishop Goldova of Raze.