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Red Blade of Light Red

Gameplay wise Red is one of the most simple colors to use in the game similarly to the design in the games it's based on, focusing on swarming the field with Cost 2 and 1 units to both trigger effects to create hand advantage and field control alongside general support abilities that allow said low cost units to be capable of striking down your oponent's units and pressure them into having to redirect attacks from your MC to the rest of your units while using it's tools to be able to repopulate the field as soon as possible when needed via both skills and their low cost, potentially with even stronger units than the ones before the cleared ones.
But do not let this fool you, due to the simplicity of it's main mechanics they are easy to counter if not used skillfully, leaving their true potential fully in control of the player.

Most characters hail from the continent of Archanea, originally formed by various nations it was eventually united by Marth at the end of the War of Heroes forming the United Kingdom of Archanea by both conquering or being handled the control of each nation during the events of said war.
These develop through the first and third games of the series alongside their remakes (the eleventh and twelfth games in the series), '"Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light"' ('"Shadow Dragon"' for it's remake) and '"Mystery of the Emblem"' ('"New Mystery of the Emblem, Heroes of Light and Shadow"' for the remake) which tell the events of the wars Marth is forced in with the objective to defeat both Gharnef and Medeus once and for all.

It's cast also features characters from '"Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE"', an spin-off game developed by Atlus for the WiiU and the "Carnage Form" mechanic, using supporting units to facilitate effects.

With the recent release of '"Echoes: Shadows of Valentia"' (Remake of the second game of the series '"Fire Emblem: Gaiden"') it's characters have been introduced to the ranks of the Blade of Light, featuring support on the form of powerfull high cost "Master Class" units alongside general utility to facilitate their use in the form of both ally and foe present in Alm's and Celica's journey to retake Valentia from the manipulation of both it's political and religious factions.

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