Lances (Warriors)

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  • All non-unique weapons have a quality ranging from no stars to 5 stars. For each star, the weapon gains 10% Might.
  • Weapons with a -Slayer attribute in one of their 6 normal slots receive a 20% reduction in Might. This reduction is ignored by the True Power attribute.
  • Unique weapons can have their Might raised to 240 after unlocking the Mastery Crest for the corresponding character and then getting 10,000 kills with the weapon, unlocking the True Power attribute
  • All bows have the Wingslayer (bonus vs. flying) attribute, unless noted.

Name Rank Might Effects/Notes Unlock
Bronze Lance E 10~15 N/A
Iron Lance D 20~30 N/A
Steel Lance C 40~60 N/A
Silver Lance B 80~120 N/A
Brave Lance A 160~240 N/A Noble Lady of Caelin
(Pincer Escape Lv. 50)
Hinoka's Spear E 35 ⇒ 240 Hinoka only, cannot be used as forging material.
Heavy Spear E 32~ Plateslayer (bonus vs. armored but weaker vs. others)
Dragonpike D 24 Dracoslayer (bonus vs. dragons but weaker vs. others)
Blessed Lance Beastslayer (bonus vs. monsters but weaker vs. others) The Dark Pontifex
(Pincer Escape Lv.23)
Horseslayer D 24 Mountslayer (bonus vs. mounted but weaker vs. others)
Axereaver C 96 Antitriangle (Reverses weapon-triangle effects) Noble Lady of Caelin
(Shadow Elimination Lv. 41)
Conduit Lance C 104 Topsy-Turvy (swaps physical and magical attack power) Together to the End
(Rendezvous Disruption Lv.50)
Flycatcher Wingslayer (bonus vs. flying but weaker vs. others) The Path is Yours
(Targeted Elimination Lv.14)
Oboro's Spear Oboro only, cannot be used as forging material. DLC?
Gungnir Cordelia only, cannot be used as forging material. DLC?
Wing Spear Caeda only, cannot be used as forging material. DLC?