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Chrom 2

Chrom: Prince of Ylisse
Class Lord ({{{class_type}}}) Cost 1
Symbol None None Affinities None None None None None
Attack 40 Support 20 Range 1
Quote TBA
Skill 1 {{{skill1}}}
Skill 2 {{{skill2}}}
Support Skill {{{supportskill}}}
Card Code {{{card_code}}} Illustrator TBA
Comment Powerful card if you have many classed changed units.



Cost: 1

Type: Base class

Attack: 30

Support: 10


Green (Always): 自分のターン中、このコニットの戦闘かな+20

During your turn, if Vaike attacks, he receives +20 attack until end of combat.

Yellow (Offensive support): 戦闘終了まで、自分の攻撃コニットの戦闘+20きれる。

During your turn, if Vaike is used as supporting unit, has +20 support.


Vaike abilities both trigger only during your own turn. As such, Vaike is functionally 50 attack, 30 support on your turn, and 30/10 on the opponents turn.

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