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Skills are a type of Crest that can be equipped by characters. They can be created via Camp - Crest Market - Boost Crests. After creating a skill, they can be equipped or removed via Convoy - Change Skills.

Each character has one specific skill that can be created (learned). Once this skill has been created, the same skill can be created for other characters (borrowed). However, to create a skill this way requires rarer materials.

Skill Character Effect Material x3 to Learn Material x1 to Borrow
Potent Potion Rowan Using a recovery item heals nearby allies by the same amount. Rowan's Buckle Rowan's Essence, Rowan's Cape
Live to Serve Lianna Using a staff heals yourself by the same amount. Lianna's Hairpin Lianna's Essence, Lianna's Cape
Luna Chrom Lower enemy's Def and Res on a hit. Increases with Lck. Chrom's Leather Belt Chrom's Essence, Chrom's Pauldron
Awakening Lucina Increases damage dealt during Awakening mode. Lucina's Cuffs Lucina's Essence, Lucina's Mask
Solidarity Robin Increases Vanguard's damage when paired up as a Support unit. Robin's Primer Robin's Essence, Robin's Robes
Str +10 Lissa Increases Str by 10. Lissa's Nest-Egg Purse Lissa' Essence, Lissa's Crinoline
Pavise Frederick Reduce damage from swords, axes, and spears. Increases with Lck. Frederick's Pebbles Frederick' Essence, Frederick's Ribbon Tie
Sol Cordelia May recover HP by slaying strong enemies. Increases with Lck. Cordelia's Wing Hairpins Cordelia's Essence, Cordelia's Book on Love
Dracoshield Corrin Decreases damage the Vanguard receives while in Pair Up. Corrin' s Brooch Corrin's Essence, Corrin's Hair Clasp
Astra Ryoma Increases the speed of regular and combo attacks. Ryoma's Headpiece Ryoma's Essence, Ryoma's Battle Coat
Def +10 Hinoka Increases Def by 10. Hinoka's Tassels Hinoka's Essence, Hinoka's Scarf
Skl +10 Takumi Increases Skl by 10. Takumi's History Book Takumi's Essence, Takumi's Fur Wrap
HP +50 Sakura Increases max HP by 50. Sakura's Sash Sakura's Essence, Sakura's Headband
Aegis Xander Reduce damage from bows, tomes, and stones. Increases with Lck. Xander's Shield Xander's Essence, Xander's Plate Armor
Trample Camilla Increases damage dealt to foot soldiers. Camilla's Belt Camilla's Essence, Camilla's Tasses
Mag +10 Leo Increases Mag by 10. Leo's Tomato Leo's Essence, Leo's Collar
Res +10 Elise Increases Res by 10. Elise' s Flowers Elise's Essence, Elise's Ribbon
Paragon Marth Grants more experience from defeating enemies. Marth's Brooch Marth's Essence, Marth's Tiara
Sp +10 Caeda Increases Sp by 10. Caeda's Bracelet Caeda's Essence, Caeda's Breastplate
Armored Blow Tiki Prevents enemy attacks from interrupting your attacks. Tiki's Anklets Tiki's Essence, Tiki's Hairpin
Lck +20 Celica Increases Lck by 20. Celica's Shield Celica's Essence, Celica's Circlet
Pass Lyn Prevents enemy attacks from interrupting your movement. Lyn's Glove Lyn's Essence, Lyn's Cord Belt
Payday Anna Receive more gold. Increases with Lck. Anna's Cap Anna's Essence, Anna's Purse
Amaterasu Azura Slowly heals the partner while in Pair Up. Azura's Opera Gloves Azura's Essence, Azura's Pendant
Counter Oboro Makes blocking powerful attacks sometimes emit shockwaves. Oboro's Sleeve Sash Oboro's Essence, Oboro's Chest Guard
Lethality Niles May raise power of critical hits and combos. Increases with Lck. Niles's Hood Niles's Essence, Niles's Eye Patch