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Newcomer's Guide to FE CipherRules for FE Cipher
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Important Dates and Official Information

Here's an overall forum thread to the upcoming series: [Series 18: Oratorio of Embarkation]]] including links to pre-order Booster Boxes, new Starter Deck, and Sleeves on Amiami (when available).

Follow the English FE Cipher Twitter: and Tumblr: . You can also join us on Discord for daily card reveals and English-translated online play!

Below are some important dates to keep in mind about upcoming series, events, or general info releases:

September 26th – Release of Booster Series 18 and Three Houses Starter Deck!
Sept 28th thru Oct 6th - Cipher Cafe in various cities across Japan
November 23rd - Autumn Livestream @ 8pm JST (GMT+9)
December 21st – Series 19 Livestream @ 8pm JST (GMT+9)

Here are the links to the forum threads of future releases.
Series 19: To Be Announced Later

Individual Cards by Colours

If you want to search for a specific individual character card, begin typing said Character's name in the Search bar.
Or click any of the symbols below to see all the characters who have that symbol, and then click on the Character's name for all their current cards.
The individual cards are grouped by character in their respective symbols.

Shadow Dragon, (New) Mystery of the Emblem, Shadows of Valentia and Tokyo Mirage Sessions (Red)Awakening and Tokyo Mirage Sessions (Blue)Birthright and Revelations (White)Conquest and Revelations (Black)Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn (Green)
The Binding Blade,The Blazing Blade and Sacred Stones (Purple)Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776 (Yellow)Three Houses (Brown)Heroes and Warriors (Colorless)

Booster Series

Each Series has at least 100 different types of cards, with rarities for each card spanning from Normal (N), High Normal (HN), Rare (R) and Super Rare (SR).
There's also a guaranteed R+ in each sealed box and the off chance of having an SR+ instead. From Series 5 onward, some
R+ and SR+ have alternate art and there's an off chance of having a Secret Rare (N+X or R+X) instead of the R+ as well.
Promotional Cards are listed with their respective Seasons.

Booster Series 1Booster Series 2Booster Series 3Booster Series 4PS1Banner.jpg

Booster Series 5Booster Series 6Booster Series 7Booster Series 8PS2Banner.jpg

Booster Series 9Booster Series 10Booster Series 11Booster Series 12PS3Banner.jpg

Booster Series 13Booster Series 14Booster Series 15Booster Series 16PS4Banner.jpg

Booster Series 17Booster Series 18PS5Banner.jpg

Starter Decks

Each Starter Deck comes with 50 cards, which include exclusive cards that can't be found in a booster box.
Click below on a button to find out for specific details on said deck.

Starter Deck 1Starter Deck 2Starter Deck 3Starter Deck 4Starter Deck 5Starter Deck 6
Starter Deck 7Starter Deck 8Starter Deck 9Starter Deck 10Starter Deck 11Starter Deck 12

Additional Resources

That Gallery has all cards images laid side-by-side as well as joint artwork cards. Card Sleeves and our previous Wiki banners can be found here as well.
The FE Cipher Simulators include various ways of playing Cipher online.
The Merchandise Guide gives detailed information on the physical Cipher products and even where to buy them: online and in person.

Promotional CardsCard Art Gallery
Available ways to play the game digitally and translated!Cipher Merchandise Guide

Editor's Resources

Guide to editing on the FE0 Wiki
Recycle Bin (backups of deleted pages)

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