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C Support

Laslow: Hmmm la la laaaa... ♪

Soleil: Heya! Whatcha doing? Getting in a little dance practice?

Laslow: Yep! What about you?

Soleil: I just got back from the village! Today I had tea with about five girls. Kee hee.

Laslow: Whaaa?! That many, eh? That's amazing... Suddenly I feel an incredible sense of defeat in terms of my own tea count...

Soleil: Heh, don't worry about it. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Unlike you, I'm an awful dancer! I have literally ZERO rhythm. But hey, I can chat up cuties like no one's business! You, on the other hand...

Laslow: Wow, you sure know how to rub salt in a wound... Well, I suppose there are worse things than losing out to my adorable daughter.

Soleil: Awww, you're the best overly doting parent in the world.

Laslow: Hey, now! I'm not overly doting at all! I called you adorable because I honestly think you're adorable!

Soleil: Suuuure. Right. You're quick with the compliments, aren't you? Is that how you got Mom to fall for you? Oh! Also, how exactly did you propose to her? Was it romaaaantic, hee hee?

Laslow: Soleil! Don't you think that's a little personal?

Soleil: Geez, no need to be shy. It'll be more embarrassing for ME to hear about it!

Laslow: But if the answer will embarrass you, then why did you ask?

Soleil: Hee hee, because I'm so happy right now! And it's probably a cute story! Honestly, it's just so great being able to talk to you about anything like this. We have so much lost time to make up for now that I'm out of the stupid Deeprealms.

Laslow: Oh, Soleil... I'm so sorry you had to grow up there. I know how lonely you were.

Soleil: Don't worry about it; that's all in the past now. I'm just so happy we're finally together. Nothing will ever tear us apart!

Laslow: You really are the best daughter a father could ask for. And the most adorable! Ah, I have an idea! Let's go out for tea so we can keep chatting. What do you say?

Soleil: Sorry, but I've had enough tea to last a lifetime. ...Just kidding! Hee hee! That sounds amazing! I have so many things I want to ask you! Oh! Like about how you look so cool during battle! What's your secret?! Now that we're together, I have to be a great fighter so I can protect you. And I might as well look cool while I'm at it, just like you!

Laslow: Hmm, so you want to improve your battle skill, do you? I don't know. Honestly I'd rather not put you in any dangerous situations...

Soleil: What are you saying?! Waiting around without doing anything to help is absolutely out of the question! You should understand my position more than anybody, shouldn't you?

Laslow: Ha ha, all right, all right! I suppose you have a point. But first, we'll start with some relaxing tea. Do we have a deal?

Soleil: Deal! Yaaay, this is going to be AWESOME!

B Support

Laslow: Are you feeling better, Soleil? Have you had someone tend to your injuries yet?

Soleil: I'm OK. I'm also...so very sorry. I promised to make myself useful in battle, but I failed miserably...

Laslow: I don't care about whether you won or lost. I'm just glad you weren't seriously injured. More importantly, I want you to explain to me why you did something so reckless. Forcing your way between me and an enemy like that could have gotten you killed!

Soleil: If I hadn't done that, you would have been in real danger! When we were out for tea the other day, you said you had one weakness... Diagonal attacks from behind! You said you have trouble blocking those effectively. And that opponent today... That's exactly where he was trying to attack you from...

Laslow: I don't care what your reasons were, as noble as they may have been. You are forbidden from putting yourself in danger, even if it's to help me out. On the battlefield, I don't want you looking out for me. Do you understand? The only person you should be worrying about in battle is yourself.

Soleil: I'm sorry, but...I can't do that! I have to protect you! I can't stand the thought of losing you...

Laslow: And how do you think I'd feel if I lost you? Now do as I say. No arguments.

Soleil: I...I can't agree to that...

Laslow: Soleil!

Soleil: Just stop it! There's no way you could understand how I feel!!

Laslow: Huh...?

Soleil: You don't know how lonely it was in the Deeprealms... And how scared I was. Every time I watched you leave, I knew it might be the last time I ever saw you. Now that I'm fighting at your side, I want to protect you no matter what! I won't ever EVER let you die! I don't care what happens to me!!

Laslow: ... I understand how you feel.

Soleil: *sniffle* Liar...

Laslow: I'm not lying, Soleil. I really do. When I was young...I lost both of my parents in a terrible war. My father left for battle and never returned. And my beautiful mother died right before my eyes, trying to protect me.

Soleil: No... That's awful.

Laslow: That's why I was so terrified earlier... For a moment, I thought I might lose you the same way I lost them... But you were scared too, weren't you? I'm sorry to have put you through that. Thank you, my sweet girl. For saving me, and for being safe yourself.

Soleil: So, when you were a kid...you were scared too? Just like me?

Laslow: I was. However, since becoming a father, I now understand how my own parents felt. Their intense desire to protect their child, no matter the consequences. Even if it means dying in their stead...

Soleil: N-no! You can't! Please, don't even say it!

Laslow: Shhh, calm down. I have no intention of dying in battle. I promise to do all I can to stay safe so you don't have to worry about me.

Soleil: But on the battlefield, promises are just...

Laslow: What? Do you think your dad's promise is meaningless? You can't trust me?

Soleil: Of course I can trust you! It's just...

Laslow: Thank you, Soleil. I will choose to trust you as well. I believe in your ability to keep yourself safe, so I'll try not to worry so much.

Soleil: Dad...

Laslow: Please do the same. Do it for me. I need you to focus on staying safe so that neither of us ever have to lose each other. I'll do the same, I swear. Please find it in your heart to believe me.

Soleil: ... ...OK. I believe you. I promise I won't do anything that reckless again.

Laslow: Thank you, Soleil. You don't know how happy that makes me.

Soleil: But you have to promise to stay with me forever, OK? You can't ever leave me! I'd be really upset if you ever went away somewhere and I couldn't see you again.

Laslow: ...If that's what you want, then so be it. I promise to stay by your side, always.

Soleil: Yaaaay! Now enough serious talk. Let's go scope out some cuties and drink tea!

A Support

Laslow: There, finished! I executed that dance really well this time, if I do say so myself.

Soleil: It was wonderful, Dad!

Laslow: Argh! Oh... Hello, Soleil. I didn't see you there.

Soleil: Hi! So yeah, you were great. You fell out of your turns a little, though. Watch that. And it might be prettier if you stretch your arms a bit higher during that middle part.

Laslow: ...

Soleil: Is something wrong, Dad? Oh, am I being way too harsh?

Laslow: Ha ha, not at all. Sorry, you just reminded me of someone very dear to me. A girl not unlike yourself used to give me similar feedback not too long ago.

Soleil: A girl? Who was it?! Was it Mom? Or some other girl you dated? Oh! Or was it a mysterious damsel you totally rescued...? Or maybe—

Laslow: Nope! Wrong on all counts. Like I said, you look a lot like her. She was kind, and strong, and she loved me with all her heart. *sigh*

Soleil: Hmm, I'm not so sure Mom would like you talking about another woman like that...

Laslow: Ha ha, she wouldn't mind at all. I'm talking about my mother. In other words, your grandmother.

Soleil: Oh! Well, I guess that's OK then. I was worried for a moment! ... Wait... Um, didn't you say she passed away? I guess she told you about dancing before that?

Laslow: No, after. It's a long story...but I got to see her one more time after she passed. She was about the same age as you and me at the time.

Soleil: That makes...literally no sense. Ugh, I'm so confused right now.

Laslow: It's complicated, for sure. Someday I'll tell you everything. At that time, I'll need you to make a tough decision for me... About whether to remain in this world or return with me to my original world.

Soleil: Your original world...?!

Laslow: I want to stay with you forever, Soleil... Just as I promised, I won't ever leave you unless you tell me it's OK. But depending on your choice, there might be a chance we have to say good-bye...

Soleil: ...

Laslow: Soleil, please don't look so sad! Look...the truth is—

Soleil: Dad! Let's go out for tea. Like, right now.

Laslow: Huh?! Soleil, what's the matter? I thought you'd want to know the full truth...

Soleil: Yeah, but...you looked so pained when you were about to tell me about it. That's why I decided to invite you to tea instead so you'll smile again!

Laslow: That's very sweet of you. But...

Soleil: You don't have to say it, Dad. I love you, and that's all that matters. Please don't force yourself to tell me anything before you're ready. Let's just enjoy being together and not think about the future! I'm having fun already just thinking about the nice time we're going to have! Laughing and spending time with you, and with all our friends... Life is so good right now! Let's worry about the future as it comes.

Laslow: Soleil...

Soleil: What's with that face, Dad? Aren't you happy to have tea with me? I usually only spend my time on cuties, so you should feel honored!

Laslow: I suppose you're right. And yes, I'm very happy.

Soleil: Woo! OK, now I'll go find a nonstop wave of cute girls to join us. Don't cute girls make everything better?!

Laslow: ...I'm not going to argue with you there, but let's leave cute girls out of this. Today I just want to spend time with my wonderful daughter. Is that OK with you?

Soleil: Hmmm... Well, I don't see where you're coming from, but sure!

Laslow: Ahaha! You're really just like your old man. Thank you, Soleil.

Soleil: I'm just happy I got you to laugh again! ... Hey, Dad? I don't know what happened to you in the past... But I DO know how much you love me now. I know one day you'll tell me everything... And one day, we may even have to part ways... But no matter what, I'll always be your daughter. Always. I love you, Dad. I always have, and I always, always will.

Laslow: I love you too, Soleil. Now and forever.