Binding Blade added to Japanese Wii U Virtual Console

This news isn’t applicable for most people here, but for the sake of reference…


From 2nd September 2015, Fire Emblem: Binding Blade will be available from the Japanese Wii U Virtual Console.

Binding Blade is notable for being the first game in the series not developed by series creator Shouzou Kaga (who left to form his own company) and the first portable Fire Emblem.

As it happens, it’s also the first Fire Emblem game I played and the game that made me fall in love with the series. (So in a sense, you can thank this game for Serenes Forest’s existence…)

Usability Feedback for Serenes Forest

Today marks the anniversary of the day we launched the new Serenes Forest site.


Although the site underwent some redesigns before then, it was still largely running off my awkwardly copied and pasted HTML code–basically the website equivalent of cardboard cutouts and duct tape.

Last year, thanks to Jyosua, Makaze and others who painstakingly re-structured the site and manually transferred literally thousands of pages (I’d wager around 5000+), we finally had a modern-looking and functioning site.

However evolution never stops and we’re well aware that the new site isn’t perfect. As such, we’re requesting feedback from you–users of our website–to help improve Serenes Forest and your experience of using it.

If you have a forum account and wish to provide feedback, please head on over to this topic, created by Amielleon. Thanks in advance!

(If you don’t have an account, it doesn’t take long to create one. Alternatively, you can leave your feedback in the comments below.)

Fates DLC Week 4: Invisible Truths

This week, Japanese fans (and importers) can download the final DLC map (that has been announced) for Fire Emblem Fates.


The Invisible History is a two-part mission that occurs before the events of the main story and explains how three returning characters from Awakening ended up in the world of Fates.

Additionally, as its title eludes, it delves a bit into the history of the Invisible Kingdom, which the third route focuses on. As such, I personally recommend completing the third route before playing this mission.

Those who reach the mission’s end will earn a Fellblood Emblem (allows any male character to change to the Grandmaster class) and First Dragon Blood (allows any character to utilise Dragon Vein).

For those curious about the story, check out the story summary by Kirokan and script translation (up to the end of the first map) by teddybearyt!