Fates: Yusuke Kozaki Draws Felicia

Got a tea break or around 30 minutes to spare?


If so, you may want to check out this impressive (sped-up) video of Fire Emblem Fates and Awakening character designer, Yusuke Kozaki drawing Felicia from Fates.

You can also admire the finished product here.

This artistic demonstration was first shown at the 2015 Japan Expo in France that runs from 2nd to 5th July, which Kozaki attended in person.

Fire Emblem Classics Recently Added to Wii U eShop

With all the general craziness surrounding Fates as of late, it’s very easy for some news to get lost along the way.


Diligent fans such as Bunny, have reminded me that The Sacred Stones was added to the North American Wii U Virtual Console on 18th June. For those of you in Europe, it came out at the start of this year (and it’s a Club Nintendo digital reward too).

This title is notable for being Intelligent System’s first proper attempt at telling two parallel stories in the same game, long before Fates. Although, in reality, the story only branched out for 7 chapters before converging again.

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Fates: Opening Week Sales + Renka’s Debut

It’s been a week since Fire Emblem Fates came out in Japan, which means two things.


Firstly, we now have data for the all-important first week of sales.

According to Media Create, Fates sold 303,366 copies between the Hoshido version, Nohr version and the Special Edition (the latter of which sold 42,991 copies).

Famitsu meanwhile places Fates slightly higher, at 353,201. It’s likely Famitsu counts the Special Edition as two games, which would partially account for the higher figure (the remaining difference is likely due to different tracking).

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