Fates: New Drama CDs Revealed

Otomart, a Japanese online store that specialises in selling CDs and DVDs, recently added four Fire Emblem Fates drama CDs to their database (although they’ve currently been removed at the time of writing).


For those unfamiliar with drama CDs, they’re collections of short episodes that you can listen to–the best Western comparison is probably a radio drama or audio book.

Drama CDs are quite popular in Japan, as they provide an easy and relatively low-cost way of expanding on the story or exploring fun, little side-stories. Previously, there was also a series of drama CDs for Awakening.

In addition to the separate drama CDs, there’s a collector’s edition box, which contains the four CDs plus extra goodies. Here are the details…

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Vestaria Saga: The Final Stretch + Difficulty Concerns

In a recent blog post from 21st July, Kaga revealed that Vestaria Saga I is currently in the final stage of debugging and that it will be released as scheduled during Summer 2016 (by 21st September).


Additionally, Kaga updated his Q and As post to clear things up for those concerned about the game’s advertised high difficulty. A special thanks to Kirokan for helping me translate the post!

To begin with, Kaga states that the game is designed for experienced strategy RPG players. Typical strategy RPGs tend to get easier towards the end, but Vestaria will become more difficult the closer to endgame.

If players don’t properly plan how to distribute experience, items and funds from the start, the game may end up unwinnable. Also, Kaga advises against only training a select few characters, as all units are fielded in the final map.

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Fates: New Figures Shown at Wonder Festival 2016 (Summer)

Today, the second Wonder Festival of 2016 took place in Chiba, Japan. In recent years, Fire Emblem has made minor appearances at this premiere event for figure-collecting fans and this time was no different.

Firstly, the rather popular female Corrin from FE Fates is getting not one, but two figures. This is great news for those disappointed that female Corrin never got an Amiibo (although of course the budget range is different).

wfs2016-corrin-figma wfs2016-corrin-nendo

On the left we have a figma version co-developed by Max Factory and Good Smile Company. While those that prefer their cutesy figures can enjoy the nendoroid version on the right. Both should have exciting movable parts.

Next, we have a picturesque update for the Elise nendoroid revealed as a prototype during the previous Wonder Festival.

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Community Spotlight: Nintendo @ Hyper Japan 2016

From 15th to 17th July 2016, Nintendo attended Hyper Japan 2016, the UK’s biggest Japanese culture event, to showcase upcoming and recent games. As big fans of both, we at Serenes Forest paid them a friendly visit to check out the hype.

20160716_125729 20160716_125740

In terms of demos, there was a wide variety of Japanese-style games from Nintendo and third-parties. Of particular interest, there was a huge #3DSAdventures area, with all three versions of Fire Emblem Fates–Birthright, Conquest and Revelation–available to sample.

We spoke with many fans (incognito) and most were enjoying (or looking forward to) the new games. There were some incredibly hardcore FE fans as well, including one who’s favourite was Genealogy and another who’s hobby was replaying Hector Hard Mode.

Other highlights included demos of the recently released Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, the upcoming Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 and Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice, plus the first UK demo of Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past.

Of course, we had great fun playing all of them! (And Copen is a major badass as you’d expect.)

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