Heroes: FEH Channel’s Livestream Breakdown

Well boy howdy, we got quite a pile of information for what’s coming up in Fire Emblem Heroes, and lots of it is coming sooner than you might think.

For starters, we have a new Banner coming up, featuring the 5* Focus units of Hector, Azura, Ryoma and Takumi. This banner starts in just a few hours (on 4/28) and will have unit pull rates boosted from 3% to 5%.

Two new events will also be running alongside the new banner. The “Hero Fest Log In Bonus” will continue giving players 2 free Orbs per day. There is also a “Double SP Event” wherein all heroes earn twice as much SP as usual when defeating enemies! The Focus Banner and both events will last through 7:59am UTC on May 7th.

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Heroes: FEH Channel

In about five hours, at 11:30 PM EDT (GMT -5), Nintendo will be putting on their FEH Channel update, which looks to be about a ten minute livestream covering things to come.

Little information beyond that is known, so if you want to see what surprises lie in store, check it out!

If you’re hoping to watch this from Japan, Niconico will be streaming it here.

Echoes: Free DLC + Dengeki Staff Interview

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia has been out for a week in Japan now. Starting today, players can download “Gift from the Goddess 2”, which grants a rare Villager’s Fork item, but only once per save.

When equipped with this item (which cannot be found in-game), any character who isn’t Alm or Celica can Class Change to a Villager at a Mila Shrine, allowing them to explore other class paths and gain more Levels.

In related news, Kirokan has kindly translated a rather lengthy interview with the Echoes development staff from the June 2016 issue of Dengeki, which came out recently. You can read it on Kirokan’s website, or over on our forums.

You may have already seen an out-of-context quote from this interview posted on various gaming sites; if so, we definitely recommend reading the entire interview (or at least the relevant parts) to see what the developers really meant.

Besides that, the interview provides a lot of insight not just for Echoes, but for the well-being and future of the series. There’s even a sneaky mention of the abandoned real-time Fire Emblem game.

A special thanks to Kirie for sharing the interview!

Echoes: New English Footage

Some English-voiced versions of Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia have made their way to a select few, and some of those select few have been kind enough to post videos of their adventures through the game.

NintenDann takes us through the first portions of the game, showing us English-translated and English-voiced gameplay for some of the first battles in the game, as well as exploration through the game’s first dungeon.

Blind players beware, however, as plenty of early game spoilers exist beyond this line.

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