Incoming Site Downtime This Weekend

Hey guys, our server is going to be migrated from one data center to another as part of our hosting company’s data center upgrades this weekend. The end result is that we will be down for up to 4 hours between the times of 10PM-2PM Central Time (GMT-6) this Saturday, December 13th. Although I doubt it will take them the full 4 hours to complete the migration, I thought it’d be prudent to give you guys a heads-up. I think this will actually be the first time in our history with this host of there being actual downtime not caused by our own doing. That said, sorry for the inconvenience!

Blazing Sword coming to Wii U VC in North America/Canada

Tomorrow (4th December), Blazing Sword will finally be released on the Wii U Virtual Console in North America and Canada, after it was released in other territories, including Europe and Japan back in August.


I’m pretty sure at least a couple of people were looking forward to this, so be sure to enjoy this early Christmas present from Nintendo!

Ike Amiibo and new look at Marth figma

It’s all about the figures this week, it seems.


The first wave of Amiibos isn’t even out yet, but Nintendo is already teasing the third wave, which will be released in early 2015. This is when Ike joins Marth on the plastic battlefield. Hopefully Robin and Lucina aren’t too far away…

Speaking of which, Kahotan from Good Smile Company teased the Masked Marth figma during their November broadcast. You can find pictures in this topic, showcasing the alternate features. (Spoiler warning for anyone who still hasn’t played Awakening)