Heroes: New Weapon Quests!

3 new sets of weapon-related quests have just been added to Fire Emblem Heroes!

The Sword Mastery, Lance Mastery, and Axe Mastery Quests can now be viewed in the Quests & Missions page. As the names imply, each quest requires you to use a team of heroes wielding the weapon in question. If you’re successful, you can earn Orbs, Shards, Crystal, Badges, and Great Badges as prizes!

The new quests are active for a week, so you have until February 27th to hone your weapons and claim your prizes.

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Echoes: Screenshots from Nintendo Hong Kong

A week after announcing the official Chinese version of Fire Emblem Echoes, Nintendo Hong Kong has posted some Chinese screenshots of the game on their Facebook.

The first screenshot shows young Alm and Celica hurrying towards a meadow. What’s rather curious is the presence of the game logo (Fire Emblem Echoes: Another Hero-King), which can mean one of two things.

Either this scene is from the game’s title screen (or accompanying demo) or an introductory sequence. We have reason to believe the screenshot is from the latter, since it seems to lead straight into the second screenshot posted.

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Fates: Sakura Nendoroid Revealed at Winter WonFes 2017

At Winter Wonder Festival 2017, held in Japan today, Good Smile Company teased a nendoroid figure of Sakura, the youngest Hoshidan sibling from Fire Emblem Fates.

She will be following in the footsteps of female Corrin and Elise, the former who is receiving a nendoroid figure in August 2017 and the latter whose figure was released back in late 2016.

It’s quite surprising for Sakura to join the gang, since she was the least popular royal in Japan (where the nendoroid is being marketed) based on the official website poll.

That said, she didn’t perform too badly in the recent Choose Your Legends global poll, securing a place in the Top 20 females from throughout the series.

So it wasn’t 100% guaranteed that she would be getting a figure, although of course I’m super glad that she is!

Cipher S8 Weekly Recap: New Cards, Promo Art, Postcards, & Cipher Sai!

We’re now another week closer to the release of Series 8 of Fire Emblem Cipher! As excitement for the set continues, we have many more reveals and promotional materials to share, including this beautiful joined artwork of Tiki and Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening as R+ alternate art cards.

Other Awakening cards revealed this week include Lucina’s regular art R card, an SR card for Frederick, and a non-signed version of the Exalt Chrom SR. Characters from Genealogy of the Holy War also made an appearance in this week’s batch: an R card for Fabail and an HN card for Ulster.

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