Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary Concert in Japan

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems has announced a two-day concert celebrating the 25th anniversary of Fire Emblem on their official site.

fe25eventKnown as “The 25th Anniversary of Love and Courage: Fire Emblem Festival”, the event will take place on 24th and 25th July 2015 at the Tokyo Dome City Hall. At the moment, no further details are known, except that it is being run by Intelligent Systems.

At the moment, there is a countdown on the site, which is set to expire at the beginning of 13th March 2015. At which point presumably some new information will be revealed.

Fan-made 3D Model of New Dancer Girl

While we’re waiting for new information for Fire Emblem if, here’s something cool you can check out:

fan-3dmodelA talented fan by the name of Kokusho has created a 3D model of the blue-haired dancer girl, inspired by the recent cutscene style, which they’ve kindly shared in this forum topic.

You can check out the model in all its glory here; you can swing the camera around to make sure it’s actually 3D and not a still picture (and, like me, accidentally and–rather awkwardly–end up looking at the model from below…).

Marth and Caeda nendoroids + Cordelia figure update

Some exciting Fire Emblem merchandise news from the Winter Wonder Festival 2015:

marth_and_caedaGood Smile Company, renowned for their “nendoroid” line of figures, will be producing nendoroid figures of Marth and Caeda, the original Fire Emblem hero and heroine pair, based on their Heroes of Light and Shadow designs.

Also on display was an unpainted version of the Cordelia figure that was teased last year.

For more images and comments, please visit this forum topic!