Cipher Winter 2019 Livesteam: New S16 Cards, S17 Art, & S18 Announcement!

This past Saturday, Ryota Kawade and Young hosted the Cipher Winter 2019 Livesteam live over NicoNico and YouTube! The stream also featured two Voice Actor guests: Jun Fukuyama (Roy, Innes) and Minami Takahashi (Peri, Alice). As always, it was a treat for Cipher and Fire Emblem Fans of all types.

After the stream, the @fecipher twitter team also revealed digital versions of 3 new SR cards from the stream: Celica, Sanaki, & Dieck!

Celica’s SR card has two different versions, each featuring different artwork by Sencha. This version of Sanaki’s SR is actually a special gold foil version signed by her VA, Mai Nakahara. Finally, Dieck’s SR forms the second part of the large Elibean joined-art teased during the last time. He gets to wield the Thunder Axe, Armads.

Many more cards from S16 were shown off during the stream as well. We also got to see our first look at artwork for June’s S17, and heard our first news for September’s S18! Click on the Read More to see further details and images.

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Heroes: Grand Hero Battle Revival: Jamke!

While you’re waiting for the new banner to come to Fire Emblem Heroes, we’ve got another GHB Revival to play! Build up a strong team to tackle Grand Hero Battle Revival: Jamke.

For those who were unable to complete the maps earlier, now is a great time to try again. Even if you have, you can also complete some GHB-related quests! Use Jamke, Fjorm, and Armored heroes to complete the GHB and earn up to 4 Orbs and an extra 3★ copy of Jamke himself. You can check out full quest details in-game.

Grand Hero Battle Revival: Jamke will be around for a bit less than a week, ending on 24 February. Best of luck on the quests and battles until then!

If that’s not enough to keep your busy, we also have other events still on which to spend some time and stamina. The second round of Grand Conquests will begin in about three hours. We also have two days remaining for the current Tempest Trials+.

Heroes: New Heroes (Kitsune and Wolfskin)

It was only a matter of time until the ever popular Kitsune and Wolfskin made it into the game, and with the advent of Laguz units right behind us, now seems as good of a time as any to introduce them. Enter fathers Keaton and Kaden, and their daughters Velouria and Selkie, in this New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin banner.

Interestingly, within the batch, two of the four are 3-move units, with pretty hefty skill descriptions that are on par with Fiora’s personal weapon. Not only that, but a new Sabotage (#Stat)Sabotage Atk 3 skill has been added, which will likely introduce more of its own to cover the other stats.

Additionally, Panne: Proud Taguel, a blue Beast, can be spotted both in the trailer and in the news article with the trailer. She’ll be the next reward unit for the upcoming Tempest Trials+, starting on February 24 at 2a PT. This, comes in tandem with the new Story Chapter, A King’s Worth, which will bring its own Orbs via rewards.

Kitsune and Wolfskin kicks off on February 19 at 11p PT, and these heroes will be available through future summoning events.

For the Japanese trailer, click here. For more details on the unit skills (a recap from the video), click Read More.

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Three Houses: Updated Analysis + Summary Pages

On 13th February 2019, Nintendo finally gave us a second look at Fire Emblem: Three Houses, during their first Nintendo Direct of the year.

If you were around on that day, you may have seen my analysis of the new trailer already. However, in the following days, I’ve been constantly updating it with lots of new details–thanks to the help of many observant fans.

That said, the original analysis was already a pretty big read. So if you’d rather only read the new findings, I’ve included those separately in this article. Otherwise, feel free to hit the analysis page.

Additionally, I’ve created a couple of new pages summarising the information we currently know, such as the characters, world map and gameplay. So you don’t need to wade through all the screenshots and analysis. Please look under “Key Information” in our Three Houses page.

Finally, I also updated the Images and Videos page with direct feed screenshots and character portraits of the 5 key characters–including new portraits for male and female Byleth. Many thanks to Nintendo for sharing these!

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