Chibi Chrom figure + 4-Koma KINGS

Good news for Chrom fans: pre-orders are now open for the chibi Chrom figure, with an expected release date of May 2015.

chrom-chibiLike most of the recent Awakening merchandise, you can import it from most good Japanese hobby sites, such as AmiAmi. Either way, you can discuss on our forums too.

In related news, the Awakening 4-panel comic anthology “4-Koma KINGS” was released on 24th January. Nintendo were kind enough to mention this on the Fire Emblem World site (and you can check out the nice cover too).

Fire Emblem Pullblox Skills Challenge

Do you own Pullblox/Pushmo, a crafty little puzzle game for the 3DS, which was also developed by Intelligent Systems?


If so, one of our forum members, Marthur, has designed a series of increasingly tricky puzzles, based off the special skills from Genealogy of the Holy War.

Go here to check them out!

I have completed all of the puzzles myself and let me just say: you do not ever want to enter a building designed by Marthur. Who knows what devious traps he’s got lying around the corner!

If anybody managed to complete them all (or come close), do pop me an e-mail

Fire Emblem if (not) confirmed for 2015 in Australia

Technically this is a piece of non-news, but I’m going to mention it in case anybody e-mails me about it.

In one of the fastest turnarounds ever, some observant Australian fans noticed the recently-announced Fire Emblem listed under the “Games coming for Nintendo 3DS in 2015″ in an official newsletter.


However, Nintendo of Australia were quick to rectify this “mistake”, sending out a revised newsletter where “in 2015″ has been omitted from the header, leaving Fire Emblem without a confirmed release year.

So, basically back to square one!