Heroes: Devs Say Thanks with Special Maps + Voting Gauntlet Results!

A new series of special maps have arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! The Devs Say Thanks event is on, with five challenges awaiting you in the Special Maps section.

Each map uses a team crafted by one of five different Heroes developers: Shingoroid, Taroimo, Rokumoji, Arayang, or ryo. This is very similar to the Developer Challenge maps from October. Beat each map in all three difficulties to earn up to 15 Orbs!

Additionally, you can also complete some associated quests for more Orbs and other goodies! Check out the full quest listing below. Both the special maps and their quests will be available until 1 January.

Finally, the Enduring Love Voting Gauntlet has now come to a close. Once again, Tharja emerges the winner, her second victory after securing the Battles of the Mages in May.

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Heroes: Grand Hero Battle Revival: Berkut + Google Play & Apology Rewards!

The next GHB Revival has arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! Grand Hero Battle Revival: Berkut is now available once again in the Special Maps menu.

You can challenge Berkut in three different difficulties: Hard, Lunatic, and Infernal. Even if you were able to beat all of his maps previously, you can complete a few quests to earn an extra 3★ Berkut and some Orbs! There’s even a new quest added to the usual GHB Revival quest line for one more Orb than usual. Check out the full listing below.

Grand Hero Battle Revival: Berkut will be available for a bit less than a week, ending on 14 December at 6:59am UTC.

Additionally, you’re in for an extra treat when you log into the game today! As a celebration for Heroes winning the Google Play Best Game of 2017 award, all players will receive 20 Orbs and 2,017 Hero Feathers! We also get 5 Orbs, 50 Refining Stones, and 500 Arena Medals as an apology for the skill description error. That’s a lot of free stuff!

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Fire Emblem Warriors: Update 1.3.0 Patch Notes

The upcoming update with the Fates DLC has quite a number of additions, highlighted below:

1. New weapon ranks: Additional “Hero” weapons that are stronger than “Brave” weapons (Hero Sword, Lance, Axe, Bow, Tome and Stone). After the update, you’ll receive one of each weapon for free.

2. Leveling: Level cap has been raised to 110.

3. New weapon attributes: Strength Drain, which boosts damage after every 100 kills. It will be added to random drops after the update.

4. Blessings New blessings for the shrine: Defence Blessing, Resistance Blessing, Drain Blessing, Seal Blessing.

5. Other: Ability to buy the Fire Emblem Fates paid DLC, can now give orders to restore a fortress captain’s HP, History Mode S rank requirements have been made easier in the New 3DS version, other bug fixes etc.

In summary, there is the level cap increase, blessing additions and just general improvements to the overall game. If you want to read up & keep up with the patch notes, visit their update notes site here.

Friendly reminder to grab some lance & bow materials for the 3 new characters, the last history mode map with the previous free update is really good in that regard and will continue to be onward from now.