Cipher: Series 6 Pre-Release Livestream!

Yesterday, the Fire Emblem Cipher team hosted another livestream as a pre-release event for the upcoming Series 6, which releases on September 29th. During the steam, they showcased many of the missing cards from the series, and also discussed upcoming events and later series releases.


Ryota Kawade (Cipher Producer), Young (from Intelligent Systems), and Eri Suzuki (Soleil’s Japanese VA) were our starting hosts. They opened up the stream by showing off a few pieces of artwork from the upcoming Part 2 of the Tellius Recollection books featuring Micaiah and Ike from Radiant Dawn.


Afterwards, they started showing off some cards by opening one of the ST Decks. Kawade showed off some of the deck’s holo cards, such as the starring lord card for Sigurd from Genealogy of the Holy War, the holo versions of the joined artwork of younger Quan, Sigurd, and Eldigan, and other ST Deck cards of Lex and Azel.

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Cipher S6 Weekly Update: Daily Reveals & New Promos!

We’re now less than a week from the release date for S6 of Fire Emblem Cipher! With such a short time remaining many cards have already been seen, but the the @FECipher Twitter has still been busy sharing lots of gems with us, including this beautiful joined artwork of SRs featuring Arvis and Sigurd from Genealogy of the Holy War!


Other daily reveals from Genealogy this week include full shots of the magazine promos for Ayra and Sigurd, as well as two cards for Raquesis, her normal art and R+ alternate art version.

ayra-promo sigurd-promo raquesis-r

This week’s star of the Fire Emblem Fates card reveals is SR Camilla. This is the final Nohrian Sibling SR card, which completes the black half of the royal sibling panorama. Take a look at the whole thing below!

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Marcella Lentz-Pope AMA, Now Taking Voice Requests

Today (into tomorrow) is your last chance to participate in the Ask Me Anything (AMA) thread with Marcella Lentz-Pope, before the event concludes. However, if you’ve already asked your questions, don’t pass this up just yet. She’s decided to end it with a bang, by taking voice recording requests from you, the user!


What’s this mean for you? If you have a request for Marcella to speak & record, feel free to post it!

Click here and stop on by to join us and make this last day into one that we’ll remember forever!


Serenes Forest Interviews Lady Corrin! Join Our AMA Event!

As you probably already know, the English version of Fire Emblem Fates was released a little under seven months ago (February 19th, 2016). Since the game’s release, popularity for the franchise once again jumped, as fans of the series flocked to the streets to pick up copies for themselves. Interest skyrocketed during the game’s initial release in Japan and here in the US when the protagonist, Corrin, was revealed. Heck, I myself found myself drawn to the female version of Corrin, due to my use of the game as a stellar strategy game and a great reading tool to help my daughter learn to read.

I found myself fortunate enough to have a chat with Marcella Lentz-Pope, the voice actress of Corrin, and while things just started off as an interview, I’d say we’ve established a friendship, too! She’s voice Scarlet and Corrin (Female) in both Fire Emblem Fates & Super Smash Bros for Wii U & 3DS, so just on this alone, I’d say she’s already quite accomplished! She’s super friendly, and I’m definitely glad that we had this chance to chat!


If you think you recognized her voice from somewhere but just can’t put your finger on it, you might recognize her from other games such as Halo:Reach (Sara), Moira Burton (Resident Evil: Revelations 2) and League of Legends (Kindred), or from television series like The Fosters (Chloe Hendricks), Criminal Minds (Emma Phelps) and Avatar: The Last Airbender (Jin).

After the interview, Marcella was kind enough to join our forum and participate in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) event, and you can only assume how ecstatic I am about that!

Click Read More to check out our interview, and join her in our AMA thread here.

Artwork by Serenes Forest user Samias. See more of her work at her Tumblr/DeviantArt

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