Don’t Live in the US? Get Your Fire Emblem Fix Today Anyway

Project X Zone 2, featuring Chrom, Lucina and a matured Tiki, hits shelves today in Australia and EU regions. It debuts in NA in four days, as well as Fates in seven. Here’s your chance to get a bit of Fire Emblem action in while waiting for the rest



Also, if you live in near Toronto, today’s Fire Emblem Fates event is going on! I’ve contacted one fan who plans to visit already, and would love to hear how the event is from other fans who get an opportunity to participate.

And with that, American fans bide their time in the week long wait until their Fire Emblem fix for the year hits stores of all kinds. News on a European release would be lovely right about now…

Conclusion of Serenes Forest Scribbles Draws Near!

We’ve had a lot of fantastic submissions, and sadly some great ones didn’t make it to this round, but that’s the nature of a competition of this size. We’re planning something of a spotlight post-contest to give a handful of specific submissions some more attention, so keep a lookout for that!


You’ve got another five days to look through the submissions if you’d like, no need to be too hasty! Some of the submissions are rather large in size or length, or are linked off-site, so check those out if you missed them!

The winners of this poll will receive the prizes described in the main Scribbles thread in the Creative section seen here.

Place your votes by clicking here and voting within the thread poll!

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Japanese Tweets Suggest How to Fill Your Shelves

Japan has had Fire Emblem if on shelves for months now. It’s only fitting that a discount would climb out from the woodwork.


Nintendo recently posted a tweet, advertising a 50% discount on purchase of additional routes until February 29. This applies to all three, so if you own the Japanese version of one, you can complete your Fire Emblem scenario collection without too much of a dent to your wallet.

Meanwhile, Genei Ibun Roku #FE illustrator toi8 posted a tweet today advertising their new artbook.



This artbook is set to release on February 26, for ¥ 3,780. You can pre-order it on Amazon Japan, or on Kadokawa