Cipher S6 Weekly Recap: First Daily Reveals & Other New Cards

Now that the Caravan Events have come to a close, the Fire Emblem Cipher team has turned its attention to the upcoming Series 6 release. The @fecipher twitter account has been active all week sharing new cards, starting with the Series’ headliner Lords: Sigurd from Genealogy of the Holy War and Xander from Fire Emblem Fates.

sigurd-st xander-hn

Sigurd’s artwork has been shown off a lot in promotional materials, but the card’s official release confirms that this card will be an exclusive to the S6 Structured Deck.

Xander’s card is completely new and it has some interesting text, including a reference to “Face-Up Orbs”. As this is not something that exists in the game’s current state, it is likely hinting at a new game mechanic, possibly related to the Dragon Vein mechanic that was teased in a recent interview with the Cipher producers.

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Cipher: Japanese Code Giveaway Round 1 Results

We have a few updates regarding our FE Cipher Japanese Code Giveaway, including the winners of the first round.


Following Bernie_man123, a number of very generous users donated their unwanted Cipher codes to the prize pool. A big thanks to wobblinghood, KirieDancingDanny and geozeldadude!

Originally we had 5 codes to hand out, but now we have 14 (and at least 2 of each unique code), which is a lot more than we could’ve expected!

Because there are so many codes, and to improve the odds of entrants winning at least one code, there will be at least two draws–the first of which already took place yesterday.

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Vestaria Saga Official Website

Today, Shouzou Kaga unveiled the official website for Vestaria Saga, ahead of its release in exactly a month’s time.


Note: All images belong to Shouzou Kaga.

Like the game itself, the website isn’t exactly the most pretty thing ever, since Kaga developed it in his spare time for free. However it does its job well, providing helpful information about the game.

Now, there’s a lot to digest, so to save time (and my sanity), I’ll merely summarise the pages and point out the key details.

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Amiibo News! New Zealand Gets Surprise Fates Bundles

That’s right folks. Nintendo appears to be releasing a special bundle for New Zealand (and hopefully, other EU/PAL regions), that will not feature a 3DS of any kind, but instead, will feature an amiibo and a NFC Reader/Writer.

The bundles announced for New Zealand thus far include:

FatesBR FatesCQ

The Birthright Bundle, including an Ike amiibo, Fire Emblem Fates Birthright and the NFC Reader/Writer.

The Conquest Bundle, including a Marth amiibo, Fire Emblem Fates Conquest and the NFC Reader/Writer.

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