Fire Emblem if: Updates from me and Renka

Following the wake of another eventful two days of Famitsu coverage, I’ve updated the Fire Emblem if Characters page and created new pages for the known classes and weapons, all of which can be found in the dedicated section.

In other news, Renka’s (the artist who provides Aqua’s singing voice) official website has received a fancy makeover. (As for the game’s official site… tumbleweed rolls by)


Along with a new look, the website has added images of the limited edition and standard CD sleeves and covers, as well as retailer-exclusive A5 clear files, including some previously-unseen images of Aqua too.

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Fire Emblem if Famitsu 21st May Details

After yesterday’s relatively well-received Famitsu leak, comes the actual magazine itself (in digital form, at least). Like last time, the leaks revealed most of the important details, so be sure to check the previous news post if you missed that.

At your service...

At your service…

Thankfully, all of the information in the leaks turned out to be true–nothing too surprising considering the sites that leak information are probably very cautious not to ruin their credibility.

However there was one “tiny” error, which I quickly corrected, but many other sites–English or Japanese–weren’t as quick to fix. I’m, of course, referring to Gunter’s amusing “Great Butler” class, which was a typo of the more logical “Great Knight”.

So R.I.P. Great Butler. (For now, at least.)

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Fire Emblem if 21st May Famitsu leak: Weapon Triangle Revamped

Another week, another Famitsu leak–and, better, there’s bound to be more to come, as Famitsu announces weekly coverage of Fire Emblem if, presumably until its release.


The next issue (which releases on 21st May) focuses on the new weapons properties, in the wake of the abolishing of weapon durability, plus new characters and classes. If Hachima is to be believed, the details are as follows…

To begin with–and probably the biggest surprise: apparently the weapon triangle has been revised. Part of this could already be observed (in multiple screenshots, swords were strong against bows), but here’s the rest.

Sword and Magic > Axe and Bow > Lance and Hidden Weapon > Sword and Magic

Hidden Weapon” (for lack of a better term) refers to concealed weapons, like knives and shurikens. These weapons are wielded by Ninjas, Maids and… Butlers. They are physically weak, but can reduce enemy stats.

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