Heroes: New Swimsuit Heroes – Summer Returns Trailer & Banner!

Summer has come to Fire Emblem Heroes! It’s a bit later than expected, but the official Summer Returns preview trailer is now available. This banner contains swimsuit versions of some Book II characters: Gunnthrá, Laevatein, Laegjarn, and Helbindi. Check it out below! You can also click on the “Read More” below for a text breakdown.

In addition to showing off the new heroes, the trailer gives us a look at the latest paralogue, also titled Summer Returns. Additionally, at the very end, you can see Ylgr: Breaking the Ice, our upcoming Tempest Trials unit.

If you’re excited for these heroes, then you’re in luck. The banner just went live! Good luck adding some new swimsuit heroes to your team. You can also play the new paralogue and complete the associated quests for a few more precious Orbs. We also get a new Log-In Bonus as well!

The Summer Returns banner and its associated quests will be available for one month, ending on 20 July.

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Three Houses: 4th Famitsu Article (Nightcrawlers, Tea Parties and Offerings for Saints)

E3 might have come and gone, but Three Houses news continues to flow! Today, the latest issue of Famitsu was released, with a new 8-page article discussing the time skip, new villains, more activities and gameplay elements.

Firstly, the time skip information is basically the stuff we know from E3. The first half of the game focuses on the academy, then the second half focuses on a huge war involving the 3 nations, 5 years later. At this point in time, the 3 house leaders lead their respective nations.

Note: Special thanks to Nintendo Everything for the images!

What we weren’t certain of before is that the monastery will still play a pivotal role in the second half, called the “war phase”. You’ll still progress through the calendar and you can still train your students, explore the monastery etc. Each chapter lasts a month, as before. But the stakes are higher.

Two screenshots were shown of the academy during the war phase.

The first one seems to depict an older Felix. As you can see, the protagonist has already changed their hair colour. Currently, it’s the 11th of the 1st month, the Harvest Season. The backdrop is the monastery’s cathedral. The player’s Professor Level is C by this point (so about halfway there) and they have 5 activity points to spend.

A new option is available at the top: Advanced Training, which costs 1 activity point in exploring. According to Famitsu, you can receive training from anyone with skill levels higher than yours. So a more flexible version of Faculty Training for students. The other options are gift, lost item and invite to tea (more on this later).

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Marth Nendoroid Re-release Coming November 2019

Back in 2016, Good Smile Company released one of their very first Fire Emblem nendoroids–of the original Lord, Marth himself. If you missed your chance, you’re in luck as GSC have announced a re-release!

The nendoroid figure, which is based on Marth’s appearance from New Mystery of the Emblem (his last appearance as a main character), is available to pre-order now and is scheduled to release during November 2019.

For additional info and pictures, please check out the product page on GSC’s website. If that’s still not enough for you, Kahotan from GSC wrote an in-depth review (with lots and lots of pictures) on their blog back in 2016.

Heroes: New silhouette reveal for the next Summer banner!

On the 18th of June at 3:00am UTC, the in-game notifications revealed a new pair of Summer-themed Heroes as silhouettes.

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One’s a beefy beefcake wielding a shovel/large spade, while the other is rather slender with quite long hair. That narrows it down to about half the FE cast, then.

The banner itself will be available to summon from on the 20th of June, 7:00am UTC. You can expect a trailer for the banner to pop up sometime soon.