Heroes: Wings of Fate Summoning Focus!

Three new heroes have arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! Spend some Orbs on the Wings of Fate Summoning Focus for your chance at Kinshi Knight Hinoka, Shigure, and Male Kana. Check out our earlier article for a preview trailer and look at their skills.

These heroes also appear in a new story chapter. Book II, Chapter 8: Blade of Frost continues the plot after the last heartbreaking update. Complete all the maps and the quests to earn up to 20 Orbs! You can find the quest breakdown below.

Additionally, we also get a new Log-In Bonus to celebrate the new heroes! All players will get an extra 13 Orbs just for logging in over the next ten days.

The Wings of Fate Summoning Focus will be around for a little over two weeks, ending on 10 May at 6:59am UTC. According to the most recent event calendar, we’ll be getting another batch of regular new heroes that day as a replacement.

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Cipher: Spring 2018 Livestream Date & Eliwood ST Art!

More S13 news will be arriving shortly for Fire Emblem Cipher! Earlier today, the @fecipher twitter account announced the date for the upcoming Spring 2018 Livestream.

The livestream will air on 26 May, a little over a month before S13’s release on 28 June. Ryota Kawade and Young will be our hosts, as usual, with Eri Suzuki returning as a guest. Eri is a rather prolific Japanese voice actress for Fire Emblem, playing the roles of Soleil (Fates), Delthea (Echoes), and even Cipher’s own Ema (Echoes).

As usual for seasonal livestreams, we can expect to see a wide variety of new cards for S13. We’re also hoping for some future Cipher news as well. Most notably, S14 is still completely unknown aside from its “keyword”: 無限 (mugen, the Japanese word for infinity). We may also hear about some upcoming events.

If you’d like to watch along, you can find a link to the stream on the official site. As usual, it will air a 8pm JST, which is 11am UTC.

Additionally, the Cipher twitter earlier this week also revealed some new artwork for Eliwood! This piece of art, drawn by Blazing Sword‘s official artist Sachiko Wada, will be featured in S13’s associated ST Deck. This deck, the first one released since S9 last year, will feature cards and characters from FE7. Likely, Eliwood will be the starring lord.

With this information, likely we’ll start getting daily reveals the week of, or the week before, the stream. We may also continue to get additional tidbits here and there, like Eliwood’s art, before then. Stay tuned for further details!

Heroes: April 24’s Wings of Fate Banner Slips In a New Unit Type

An unexpected ball was dropped just a short while ago, showcasing to us a new banner, Wings of Fate. As expected, this one will feature units from the Fire Emblem Fates series. As expected, we finally have our traditional Shigure and inevitable Kana (female version only).

Not so much expected was the debut of a new unit type, the Bow Flier. That’s right, summoners can finally experience a Kinshi Knight, by way of Hinoka’s first variant…if they’re lucky enough to summon her, that is.

Also seen in the video at the end is a male version of Kana (Blue Infantry Manakete), and Kaze (Infantry Dagger), the franchise’s first recruitable ninja. Perhaps an incoming Tempest Trials + will have one of these two units available as a prize?

Of course, we’ll have a series of chapters to earn orbs from featuring these units, so look forward to these opportunities as well. For more details on the new Wings of Fate heroes, look no further than the bottom of this post. They’ll be available to summon on April 24 at Midnight, and will remain available through future summoning events.

UPDATE: It is now confirmed that Male Kana will be the star of the upcoming Grand Hero Battle that begins on 3 May.

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Heroes: Banner for Heroes with Combat Boosts!

It’s time for another skill-based banner in Fire Emblem Heroes! Let’s take a quick look at the new Heroes with Combat Boosts banner.

This banner contains 5★ focus units for Ayra, Sonya, and Brave Lyn. Each of these heroes comes with a skill that boosts stats when the user initiates combat, either Swift Sparrow or Mirror Strike. They’re also powerful allies in their own right, so either add them to your team, or pass their skills on!

The Heroes with Combat Boosts banner will be around for over a week, ending on 3 May.

In the meantime, best of luck battling your way through the Tempest Trials+! Don’t forget, today also gives us a new Blessed Garden map, and yesterday a new Rival Domains began as well.