Nintendo Japan Hosts Fire Emblem Fates Popularity Poll

That’s right! Stroll on over to Nintendo’s Japanese website and fire up that Google Chrome translator! Despite not being released in any region sans its land of creation, an official popularity poll now exists, and runs from today until October 25. Feel free to vote for your favorite male and female units in this very user-friendly poll. One vote may be cast per user, per gender, and any user may vote once per day.


Two New Trailers for Genei Ibun Roku #FE

Japan has unveiled not one, but two new commercial trailers for the upcoming Wii U title, Genei Ibun Roku #FE. While not much in the way of new information has appeared, some stunning visuals are included in these one and three minute trailers.

Project X Zone 2 Adds Tiki to NPC List

It’s well known by now that Fire Emblem has made a fantastic debut in Project X Zone 2, featuring Chrom and Lucina as playable characters on their roster. With little more than a single sighting in Famitsu as evidence, Tiki has been announced as an event character in Project X Zone 2. Sadly. she will not be a playable character, as event characters in this game serve roles simply defined as NPCs.


Project X Zone 2 will be available for trial version download on October 9 (yes, this Friday), so if you own a Japanese 3DS, you may be able to give this game a whirl and experience Fire Emblem in a whole new way!

Original Article via Famitsu