Heroes: Heroes with Iceberg Banner Now Available

Fire Emblem Heroes is running another skill-based banner to try and part you from your hard-earned Orbs: Heroes with Iceberg. This time, the focus Heroes are Flora, Selkie and Innes.

Obviously, all three Heroes come with the Iceberg skill, which boosts damage based on the unit’s Res stat. All three Heroes are also pretty cool (sorry!) in their own rights–Flora punishes foes with Distant Counter, Selkie has a busted Beast kit and Innes can refine his legendary weapon.

The Heroes with Iceberg banner is good until the daily rollover on 5th May 2019.

Three Houses: First Famitsu Preview; Full Details on 25th April

In a few days, only 3 months will remain before Fire Emblem: Three Houses is released worldwide. Except for two trailers, Nintendo has been pretty quiet about the game, which is normal. But it looks like the floodgates might be opening soon…

Famitsu, one of the most notable Japanese gaming magazines, has teased brand new information for Three Houses in their 16th May 2019 issue, which comes out on 25th April 2019. They also mentioned that they’ll have more information about the game in future issues.

Featured is a preview image for presumably the first double page spread. Unfortunately, these images are always tiny and no amount of CSI enhancement can reveal what most of the page actually says. We’ll just have to wait until the issue is actually out.

That said, we can clearly see the official artworks of male and female Byleth, Sothis, Dimitri, Edelgard and Claude, which are all completely new. There also seems to be information for each character’s Japanese voice actor (including Jeralt’s).

Another thing: male and female Byleth’s names are spelled slightly differently in Japanese: Bereto (male) versus Beresu (female). However, both seem to be valid spellings of “Byleth”. Perhaps in the English version, the female version might be called Bylethe or something?

On a related note, it’s really hard to see, but I believe there’s a note above both male and female Byleth’s names, which says “default name”. This strongly implies that the player can choose Byleth’s name, similar to the Avatar in previous games.

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Fire Emblem World: Daily Characters & Weekly Songs Round 5

We hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday, Easter or otherwise! Anyway, it’s that time again, where we outline the upcoming schedule for the rotating characters and songs on the Japanese Fire Emblem World website.

Last month, we covered the schedule from 18th March to 21st April 2019. Up to this point, every released mainline game has been featured except for New Mystery of the Emblem. Which means two things: New Mystery and the beginning of repeats.

22nd – 28th April: New Mystery of the Emblem

Featured song: Young Light

To nobody’s surprise, New Mystery is the next game to bask in the spotlight. The characters are a predictable bunch since there are only a dozen or so official artworks for the game. This time, Marth is missing in action and his “shadow” leads the roster instead.

Funnily, Sirius’s image file is labelled as “Camus”, even though there’s no real reason for it. Say, unlike Nagi, who is internally known as “Naga” in the games. Read more

Heroes: Tempest Trials “Taste of Spring” Details, Summoning Focus & Anniversary Tap Battle

Fire Emblem Heroes has announced more details for the next Tempest Trials+ event, “Taste of Spring”, which starts on 24th April 2019.

As we learned earlier, the free 5-star Hero will be Leo: Extra Tomatoes (green-tome cavalry). Meanwhile, the available Sacred Seals include Chill Atk 1 and Wind Boost 1–and also Even Res Wave 1 (thanks to kaz_kirigiri for digging this up!).

The bonus Heroes that grant a score bonus aren’t too surprising. They include the four Heroes from the recent seasonal banner: the picnic versions of Lukas, Genny, Felicia and Flora. Plus Leo from the Tempest Trial. Finally there’s Alm, Faye and Kliff just chilling.

If you’re lacking the last three or want additional copies, there’s a Tempest Trials banner available right now that features them. This is probably the best chance to snag Alm (epic dragonslayer) and/or Faye (Firesweep Bow) after they were removed from shiny new banners.

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