Making of Fire Emblem: Sample Pages from the Brink

Today in Japan, the “Making of Fire Emblem” book is officially on sale.


While we wait for Japanese fans to furiously poke inside (or anxiously sit outside our doorstep waiting for the postman to come), Amazon has provided a few samples of the 351-page book to whet our appetite.

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Fire Emblem If Popularity Poll Results, Genei Ibun Roku Spotlight & More

If you remember, a popularity poll was announced in October by Nintendo for site visitors to vote for their favorite male and female characters in Fire Emblem If. Well, the results for the contest are finally up!


Aside from the silly translation errors provided by Google Translate, the top three of each gender are highlighted here and the results include all 71 playable characters in their respective categories. Read more

Vestaria Saga: A Glimpse at Chapter 8

With half a year remaining until Vestaria Saga‘s anticipated release date, it’s a good thing that Kaga has been cranking out a lot of blog posts lately.


Note: All images belong to Shouzou Kaga.

Just yesterday, Kaga posted some interesting concept artwork of the Servant (or Savant) class that Talys belongs to.

Today, he treated us to a broad overview of the beginning of Chapter 8.

For those who haven’t caught up with Kaga’s new indie game, be sure to check the Vestaria Saga news archive, in particular the article titled October Updates.

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