Fire Emblem if Famitsu 28th May: New Characters, Classes and Skills

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a Famitsu Fire Emblem if leak yesterday; only a tiny preview image and a picture of Elfie’s portrait to keep us occupied.

To make up for it, however, somebody has generously leaked pretty much all of the relevant pages, just hours before the digital issue releases.

So without further ado, let’s dig into the contents…

Left: Trueblade. Right: Weapon Master.

Left: Trueblade. Right: Weapon Master.

To start with, Famitsu introduces the game’s Class Change mechanics, which are similar to in Awakening. Characters in a basic (unpromoted) class can use a Master Seal when they’re Level 10 or higher to promote into one of two advanced (promoted) classes.

The example given is Hinata, a sword-wielding Samurai (a renamed Myrmidon), promoting into the Trueblade (a renamed Swordmaster, which has superior speed and adept at landing multiple hits) or Weapon Master (a new foot-based class that wields Swords, Lances and Axes).

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Fire Emblem if: Famitsu full interview

So those sneaky Famitsu editors didn’t actually post the complete interview with the Fire Emblem if development team in their 14th May issue; instead, saving it to put on their website now.

Of course, if you missed the details from before, be sure to check the linked news post, as well as Kirokan‘s translated version of the interview.

Gasp! There's more?

Gasp! There’s more?

As before, the interview begins with the concept behind the new game, which we already learned was built around this game’s main character–the Avatar and how his/her fateful choice impacts the story, splitting it into two distinct “what if” stories.

Because the Avatar is the main character, the game’s movie scenes are now typically observed from a first-person (the Avatar’s) perspective. No doubt, you’ve probably already seen a number of scenes in the trailers that showcase this.

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Fire Emblem if: Updates from me and Renka

Following the wake of another eventful two days of Famitsu coverage, I’ve updated the Fire Emblem if Characters page and created new pages for the known classes and weapons, all of which can be found in the dedicated section.

In other news, Renka’s (the artist who provides Aqua’s singing voice) official website has received a fancy makeover. (As for the game’s official site… tumbleweed rolls by)


Along with a new look, the website has added images of the limited edition and standard CD sleeves and covers, as well as retailer-exclusive A5 clear files, including some previously-unseen images of Aqua too.

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