Heroes: Bride Banner Preview Trailer!

Nintendo Mobile released a new video to showcase the upcoming Bride banner in Fire Emblem Heroes! It also gives us a peek at the Bridal Blessings paralogue story that will be released at the same time. Check out the trailer below!

The new summoning focus features four female characters as brides: Caeda, Charlotte, Cordelia, and Lyn. Each comes with a new weapon and also a new assist or passive skill. A breakdown of all new characters’ skills can be found below.

The new banner goes live on Tuesday, 30 May at 7:00am UTC and will be available for approximately two weeks until 14 June.

As a reminder, there is maintenance scheduled for Heroes some time before the new banner and paralogues go live. It will begin at 11:00 pm UTC on 29 May and is scheduled to last three hours. Times given are approximate.

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Cipher S9 Weekly Recap: Daily Reveals + Promotional Ads & Artwork!

This week has been a big news week for Fire Emblem Cipher with lots of new cards and artwork! This week’s first reveal from @fecipher is Gray from Fire Emblem Echoes. His base card shows him flaunting his skills as a Mercenary, while his SR reveals him as a fully promoted Dread Fighter wielding a Lightning Sword.

Tobin from Echoes also gets a fully promoted R card as a Bow Knight. Other cards this week include an SR card for Tiena from Hasha no Tsurugi along with an HN of her ally Gant. Our final official reveal of the week is an HN card of Mist from Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn.

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Heroes: Narcian Returns, New Banner Hints, & Maintenance Update!

Get ready for some new excitement in Fire Emblem Heroes! Lots of updates and new challenges are in story, starting today. Narcian is the next character to get a Great Hero Battle Revival, and he’s ready and waiting for your challenge. If you didn’t earn both copies of him before, now is the time to try again!

Like other GHB Revivals, Narcian also comes with a new series of quests. Defeating him and his map under certain conditions can give you an additional copies of his hero, plus up to three Orbs! You can find a breakdown of the new quests below.

@FE_Heroes_JP tweeted some hints yesterday about next week’s upcoming banner. Matching the datamine, it appears that the next banner will feature some female characters as brides! The one on the left definitely appears to be Lyn, but the right Bride is more open to interpretation.

The tweet also confirmed that the “special log-in bonus” will be returning with the new banner! Hopefully this means that players can look forward to 2 daily Orbs again.

Lastly, the Heroes Notification Screen has sent out a warning about upcoming maintenance. The maintenance will begin at 11:00 pm UTC on 29 May and is scheduled to last three hours. Times given are approximate.

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Echoes: English Series 2 & 3 DLC Out Now!

The second wave of DLC for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is now live in NA and PAL regions! You can now download both Pack 2 “Undaunted Heroes” and Pack 3 “Lost Altars”. All players can also download “Mila’s Bounty 2” for free!

Pack 2 contains three high level grinding maps where players can earn goodies.”Wealth Before Health” rewards players with Silver and Gold Marks. The “Inner Sanctum” map contains Starshards that can be combined into a Starsphere that gives massive growth boosts. Finally, “Lords of the Grave” has monsters that give loads of experience!

Pack 3 consists of ten special shrines with altars that enable characters to promote into their Overclass. VincentASM already wrote up a detailed description of the Overclass benefits in this article here. The English names for the Overclasses are Skogul, Spartan, Harrier, Enchantress, Exemplar, Yasha, Oliphantier, Guru, Rigain, and Conqueror.

Lastly, Mila’s Bounty 2 contains a Pitchfork item (Villager’s Fork in Japanese) that allows you to reclass any non-Lord character into a Villager.This gives you access to more reclassing opportunities for your characters.

The English release of the next DLC pack, “Rise of the Deliverance”, falls next week on June 1st. Pack 5 does not have a finalized international release date as of yet, but the Japanese release date is June 22nd.