Blazing Sword on Wii U VC in Europe + Fire Emblem eShop sale

Hi all! This is my first news post on the new site.

Yesterday (21st August), Blazing Sword (the first English-released Fire Emblem) for the GBA was added to the Wii U’s Virtual Console in Europe.

Will you be buying Blazing Sword (again)? Or would you rather break out your GBA/DS to replay it?

Additionally, from 21st to 28th August, both Fire Emblem: Awakening and Blazing Sword will have their prices slashed by 33% and 30% respectively on the eShop (Source).

Better tell your friends who are still thinking of jumping into the series…

New Site Transition Finally Complete

Well, after days of fighting with the server, the transition is finally complete. We’re back to running at full speed!

I know a lot of you guys are worried about dead links, redirects, and whatnot, but we’ll work on those in the coming weeks. This is our first major main site upgrade in years, so please bear with us. It’ll take some time to get everything completely settled. The old site is also available here, but there’s a few broken image links.

Overall, thanks for putting up with our rocky transition and server upgrade. Thank you, guys, for your support!

Forums Online Again!?

The forums are back up… for now. I’m testing the new server hardware. Hopefully the site won’t buckle under the load again.