25th Anniversary Concert Update

The countdown on the 25th Anniversary Concert site struck 0 today, which means we finally get some new details about the concert!

25thAnnoyingly, a lot of details are still “Coming Soon” despite us having to wait. For now, here are some key things to take away:

  • Tickets cost 7,500 Yen (with tax). They will be raffled from 20th April and then formally sold from 7th June.
  • Saori Seto, the voice of Anna and Severa, will be acting as the event host.
  • In addition to the concert, there will be a talk show with the developers discussing the Fire Emblem games past and new (which includes Fire Emblem if, presumably).
  • Furthermore, there will be an original mini drama featuring voice actors from the games.
  • Last but not least, there will be a chance to buy limited edition “Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary” and “25th Anniversary Concert” goods.

(I may add additional details later.)

25th Anniversary Merchandise Coming to Comiket

Looking for another excuse to move to or fly to Japan? From 28th to 29th March 2015, there will be a Fire Emblem booth at Comiket Special 6 selling a range of 25th Anniversary merchandise.

fe25goodiesFrom top to bottom and left to right:

  • Clear file set (A4, 3 designs: heroes, heroines and something I can’t tell)
  • Soundtrack CD “Opening Song Collection” (18 songs)
  • T Shirts (M, L and XL sizes)
  • Awakening badges (16 types, each sold separately)
  • Badge set (GBA heroes and heroines)
  • iPhone case (5/s and 6 compatible, limited to 100)
  • Tumbler (one type, holds 450 ml)
  • Tote bag (one type)
  • Photo frame (one type, 304 mm x 257 mm, limited to 50)
  • Poster set (B2, 2 designs: heroes and heroines)
  • Intelligent Systems official staff book (full colour, 40 pages)

Anyone in Japan want to hook me up with some?

Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary Concert in Japan

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems has announced a two-day concert celebrating the 25th anniversary of Fire Emblem on their official site.

fe25eventKnown as “The 25th Anniversary of Love and Courage: Fire Emblem Festival”, the event will take place on 24th and 25th July 2015 at the Tokyo Dome City Hall. At the moment, no further details are known, except that it is being run by Intelligent Systems.

At the moment, there is a countdown on the site, which is set to expire at the beginning of 13th March 2015. At which point presumably some new information will be revealed.