Puzzled about RNG or WEx? Simple explanations can be found within.
Sprite Works
Materials for building your own Fire Emblem status screens and etc.
Story Articles
Information about the characters and stories of Fire Emblem.


Fire Emblem FAQ
Answers for question about the Fire Emblem series in general.
History of Fire Emblem
A concise history of the Fire Emblem series.
Translation Patches and Hacks new
Want to play Fire Emblem 1~6 and 12 in English? It might be possible.
BS Fire Emblem
The Fire Emblem games that many have never heard of.
Information about the manga adaptations, as well as scanlations that exist.
Soundtracks, manga, trading cards… Fire Emblem has it all (sort of).
Fire Emblem Quizzes
Test your knowledge of Fire Emblem, if you dare(!)


Character Ages
All official ages are, hopefully, listed here.
Common Misconceptions
Fire Emblem myths and false information busted.
Designer’s Notes
Features background information for FE3~5 and 10.
Download Events
How unique items, songs and Trial Maps could be obtained in special events.
Emblem Saga (TS-related)
The Fire Emblem game for the Playstation that became TearRing Saga.
FE1 & 2 Introduction
Raising awareness for the most overlooked Fire Emblem games.
FE6 & 7 Relations
How are the Sword of Seals and Blazing Sword characters related?
Fire Emblem 64 new
All the known facts about the cancelled game (i.e pretty much nothing).
Fire Emblem Cameos
Did you know that Fire Emblem shows its face beyond just Fire Emblem?
Growth Rates
Hidden stats that determine character growth? What were they thinking…
Heroes of Fire Emblem
The epic warriors who saved the world 1000s of years ago.
Let’s hear what Intelligent Systems have to say about their games.
Localisation Changes new
Notable changes in going from the Japanese to English version of the games.
Mythological References
Many games borrow from mythology; Fire Emblem does as well, and heavily.
Non-canonical Fire Emblem Names
Fire Emblem names referenced in other official media.
Pre-release Changes
The Fire Emblem games before you knew them.
Recurring Themes new
I promise there are no Jeigans, Nabarls or storyline clichés.
The Fire Emblem
The series’s namesake explained.
Not a collective timeline, but separate timelines for all the games.
True Hit
How the game misleads you about Hit (or accuracy) in Fire Emblem 6~13.
Unused Content
So many things are in the game data, but never used.
Weapon EXP
How weapon levels work in Fire Emblem 5~12.
Zelgius Theory (FE9/10-related)
The theory, which sought to explain a Path of Radiance mystery.