Character Ages

Credits: Ice Dragon (Blazing Sword and Binding Blade ages)

This page only includes official ages and age-ranges. Very few character ages are disclosed, especially for recent games, but the ones that were disclosed should all be found here.

Notes: Tildes (~) before an age are used to denote when an age is implied (and not directly stated).

Mystery of the Emblem

Note: Takes place 3 years after the beginning of Shadow Dragon.

Character Age Notes
Marth ~19 Chapter 1+
Yumina 13-14 Mentioned in-game
Yubello 13-14 Mentioned in-game
Tiki 1100+ Implied from the timeline

Shadow Dragon

Character Age Notes
Marth 16 Chapter 1+
Nabarl Mid 20’s Mentioned in the designer’s notes

Radiant Dawn

Note: Takes place 3 years after the beginning of Path of Radiance.

Character Age Notes
Sanaki 13 Mentioned in-game
Sigrun 20’s From the Q and A section on the official site
Haar 30’s From the Q and A section on the official site
Titania 30’s From the Q and A section on the official site

Path of Radiance

Character Age Notes
Ike 17 From the Q and A section on the official site
Oscar 24 Mentioned in support conversations
Shinon 27 Mentioned in support conversations
Janaff 110+ Mentioned in support conversations

The Sacred Stones

Character Age Notes
Dozla 47 Mentioned in support conversations
Myrrh Around 1200 Mentioned in support conversations

Blazing Sword

Note: Takes place 20 years before Binding Blade.

Character Age Notes
Guinevere 5-6 From the Characters book
Nino 14 Mentioned in support conversations
Erk 15 Mentioned in support conversations
Guy 15 In the Prototype version
Rebecca 15 Mentioned in support conversations
Lyn 15 Mentioned in Lyn’s story (she is 18 in the English version)
Serra 16 Mentioned in support conversations
Priscilla ~16 States that she hasn’t seen Raven for 10 years since she was 6
Hector ~17 Implied in his sparring matches with Eliwood
Wil 17 Mentioned in support conversations
Eliwood 17 From the Characters book
Rath 18 From the Characters book
Raven 19 Mentioned in support conversations
Characters in their teens
Florina, Lowen, Dart, Fiora, Farina, Zephiel
Characters in their 20’s
Sain, Kent, Matthew, Lucius, Bartre, Canas, Legault, Isadora, Heath, Geitz, Pent, Louise, Harken, Karel, Karla, Lloyd, Linus, Ursula, Leila
Characters in their 30’s
Oswin, Dorcas, Hawkeye, Vaida
Characters in their 40’s
Wallace, Marcus, Merlinus

Binding Blade

Character Age Notes
Lugh ~13 He states that he is 2 years younger than Roy
Ray ~13 Lugh’s twin
Roy 15 From the Characters book
Lilina 15 Mentioned in Blazing Sword’s Extended Epilogue
Klein 19 From the Characters book
Hugh ~22 He was 2 in Blazing Sword
Characters in their teens
Wolt, Ellen, Thany, Chad, Clarine, Dorothy, Cath, Sue, Oujay, Wendy, Fir, Lalum, Tate
Characters in their 20’s
Allen, Lance, Bors, Wade, Lot, Rutger, Saul, Treck, Noah, Barth, Shin, Gonzales, Elphin, Miredy, Cecilia, Percival, Zeis, Juno, Gale, Narshen, Brunya, Guinevere
Characters in their 30’s
Dieck, Zealot, Astohl, Geese, Igrene, Echidna, Garret, Zephiel, Eliwood, Hector
Characters in their 40’s
Bartre, Karel, Murdoch
Characters in their 50’s
Douglas, Dayan
Characters in their 60’s
Marcus, Merlinus
Characters in their 70’s
Niime, Yodel

Thracia 776

Note: Takes place 1 year before the beginning of the 2nd Generation of Genealogy of the Holy War.

Character Age Character Age
Sara 12 Alva 20
Nanna 14 Misha Around 20?
Karin 14 Eda 21
Miranda 14 Sleuf 21
Leaf 15 Fergus 22-23
Mareeta 15 Brighton 23
Lara 15 Amalda 24
Asvel 15 Lifis 25
Tina 15 Fred 25
Linoan Around 15 Pahn 25
Ronan 16 Marty 26
Sety 16 Selphina 26
Delmud 16 Dean 27
Saphy 17 Cyas 27
Robert 17 Trewd 28
Othin 18 Shiva 30
Tania 18 Ralph 30
Olwen 18 Fin 34
Halvan 19 Glade 34
Machua 19 Evayle Around 35
Dalsin 20 Dagda 45
Kein 20 Drias 54

Genealogy of the Holy War

Character Age Notes
Oifey 14 1st Generation
Fin ~15 1st Generation
Sylvia ~14 1st Generation, in Kaga’s dream scenario
Lachesis ~15 1st Generation, in Kaga’s dream scenario
Celice ~17 2nd Generation
Leaf ~16 2nd Generation
Altenna ~19 2nd Generation
Aless ~20 2nd Generation
Nanna ~15 2nd Generation
Delmud ~17 2nd Generation
Rana ~15 2nd Generation, in Kaga’s dream scenario
Arthur ~16 2nd Generation, in Kaga’s dream scenario
Tinny ~13 2nd Generation, in Kaga’s dream scenario
Sety ~17 2nd Generation
Fee ~14 2nd Generation, in Kaga’s dream scenario
Leen ~17 2nd Generation
Corple ~10 2nd Generation, in Kaga’s dream scenario


Character Age Notes
Arum ~16 Born in Akaneia 590 and the game starts in the year 606
Cellica ~16 Same case as Arum