Heroes: Book IV Ending Movie Provides Closure & Tease of the Future!

Similar to last year’s Book III ending movie, Fire Emblem Heroes has shared an ending movie for Book IV, now that the tale has concluded.

The movie appears to occur right after the end of Chapter 13. Besides the Dökkálfar, some old faces make a re-appearance.

At the very end, there’s a tease for the continuation of the story–presumably Book V. “Niðavellir” is mentioned, which in Norse mythology is the realm of the dwarves. There’s also what looks like a hoof or perhaps the base of a weapon.

Chances are, we don’t have to wait too long to find out what’s happening. Previously, Book IV debuted during 4th December 2019, while Book III was showcased on 10th December 2018. It’s possible that Book V will coincide with the next batch of New Heroes on 7th December 2020 (PST).

Heroes: Mythic Freyja and Triandra Incoming!

Following the conclusion of Book IV, the next Mythic Hero to arrive in Fire Emblem Heroes–or rather, Mythic Heroes will be Freyja and Triandra, two of the antagonists from the realm of nightmares.

Freyja and Trianda’s Mythic banner will be available from 27th November, until the daily rollover on 9th December 2020 (UTC).

Joining the nightmare duo are the following Heroes:

  • Red: Legendary Eliwood, Sothis and Brave Lysithea
  • Blue: Legendary Tiki, Legendary Azura and Apotheosis Anna
  • Green: Hel
  • Colorless: Legendary Leif, Legendary Corrin (F) and Shinon

Together with Plumeria, who debuted as a Mythic Hero in September, the pair’s arrival means all the Dökkálfar have been accounted for. At this point, the only remaining Book IV character to be added is Freyja’s brother.

Anyway, please continue for a text breakdown of their abilities.

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Heroes: Resplendent Niles Arriving in December!

Starting today, FEH Pass subscribers can grab Resplendent Lucina. Additionally, the next Resplendent Hero to be distributed from 10th December 2020 (UTC) has been revealed as Niles: Cruel to Be Kind!

As you can see, Niles is rocking devilish duds from Múspell, the kingdom of flames. For more artwork and voice samples, check out his official webpage. After a slew of protagonists/important characters, it’s nice to see another minor character receive the Resplendent treatment!

Heroes: “Princess of Bern” Introduces More Allies from Binding Blade!

Well, well, it seems fans have cracked the code to predict which game the next New Heroes are bound to be from. This time, Binding Blade gets another chance to shine, in the upcoming “Princess of Bern” summoning event.

Note: You can check out the Japanese version of this trailer here.

Starting from 17th November 2020 (UTC), the following Heroes will make their debut: Melady, Dieck, Merlinus and Guinevere. Merlinus will also be available as a 4-star focus Hero. Then on the following day, Galle: Azure Rider can be challenge in a new Grand Hero Battle.

It’s very interesting to see Merlinus as a Hero, since–although he was a unit in the games he appeared in–he couldn’t fight. Also, Guinivere and Galle could be obtained in Binding Blade, but you had to beat the game 9 times and twice respectively to unlock them.

By the way, aside from the upcoming Mythic Hero, the next bunch of Heroes will be “New Heroes” again. This time, however, it’s probably not possible to predict them, since the calendar doesn’t go far enough into the future.

Anyway, please continue reading to learn about the new Heroes!

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