Fire Emblem Cipher at Comiket 95

Fire Emblem Cipher will be returning for Comiket 95, bringing lots of swanky new merchandise to make fans happy and wallets sad.

Like last year, Comiket 95 will be held at the Tokyo Big Sight, between 29th and 31st December 2018. This time, the Cipher booth is number 3161, located in the 4th floor, west corporate area.

Following yesterday’s livestream, the official Cipher website updated with full details, which we’ll relay below!

Obviously, the main attraction is the exclusive merchandise, but this time the Cipher team is also holding special talk shows on the 2nd and 3rd days of the event.

Promotional Card

This lovely Christmas Lilina promotional card will be given out as a free gift for each transaction at the Cipher booth. While stocks last of course. By the way, it’s a bit hard to see here, but that’s Roy sleeping in front of Lilina.

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“Fire Emblem Expo” Details from Cipher Livestream

As promised, during today’s Cipher pre-release livestream, the Fire Emblem team shared concrete details about the recently announced “Fire Emblem Expo” event.

Information was relayed via Tsutomu Kitanishi, who arrived dressed in bright red. To recap, “Fire Emblem Expo” will be held at Zepp Tokyo in Japan, during 4th May 2019. It’s described as a “special one-night only Fire Emblem event” and is being run by Intelligent Systems.

Before anyone gets too excited, it looks to be a fun Fire Emblem event for fans, so there probably won’t be any ground-breaking announcements or anything important that’s related to Three Houses. More details about the event will be revealed later on, but we’d keep your expectations low for now.

The first main attraction is a live concert where numerous Fire Emblem songs will be performed. A list of songs can be found at the bottom of this page.

Providing the vocals will be Kawamura Yumi, a popular game music singer. Yū Kobayashi, the Japanese voice actress for Lucina, will also be there.

Update: There will be a CD featuring the songs performed at the concert, which is planned for a Spring 2019 release.

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Final Cipher S15 Weekly Recap: Daily Reveals & Livestream Reminder!

With the S15 release date less than a week away, today is the Final Cipher S15 Weekly Recap! @fecipher has revealed a lot of special cards this week gearing up towards release. The most recent came out today: a special joined-art card for Katarina from New Mystery! The left card is her regular SR while the right is an alternate art SR+ variant.

Jakob from Fates and Reinhardt from Thracia 776 also joined the SR crew this week. You can see both of their SR cards below, along with their unpromoted versions. This is Reinhardt’s Cipher debut, but his Heroes popularity made him a strong SR candidate. Jakob has had other cards in the past, but this is his first dual-colour card.

The final reveals of this week are both R+ variant cards. First up Elise, shown here along with her Cost 1. Like Ryoma and Sakura in S14, Elise gets an alternate art R+ variant with some fancy foil work. The final card is a signed R+ card for Elice, Marth’s sister. Kawade first revealed this card with the text blocked out during a previous livestream. The signature on the card is Sumi Shimamoto, Elice’s VA from the original Fire Emblem OAV.

Although S15 still has some surprises, we’ll get to see at least a few of them soon! Tomorrow at 8pm JST, the Cipher S15 Pre-Release Livestream will begin! Kawade and Young will be joined by a wide variety of guests, including two VAs (Eri Suzuki and Kazuo Natsuka) and three artists (Yuko Oguma, Tetsu Kurosawa, and Yamada Kotaro).

Like most pre-release streams, this one will focus on showing off some remaining cards in S15. We’ll also likely get some news and art for upcoming sets, as well as an in-person look at some of the Comiket goods. The stream will also reveal some more information on the upcoming Fire Emblem Expo, so that’s extra exciting!

If you’d like to watch along live, the stream will be available both via NicoNico and YouTube live. As usual, we’ll post an article after the stream to share all interesting information afterward.

That’s all we have for now! Cipher Series 15 will release next next on 13 December. For further discussion about Cipher, feel free to join us in the Cipher subforum on the forums! You can also check out the Cipher Wiki for translations of the cards and more detailed information.

Heroes: Feh Channel: Special Book III Edition incoming!

Welcome to another news update for Fire Emblem Heroes! Announced today on the in-game notifications page, there will be a Feh Channel airing to reveal some juicy tidbits of the next Book in Heroes’ ongoing story.

The Feh Channel will go live from the Nintendo Mobile YouTube channel on the 10th December, 11:00PM UTC (midnight for Europeans). That certainly beats the usual time of 3:30 UTC for those of us in UK/Europe. The broadcast is set to last approximately 10 minutes.

Also announced, there will be server maintenance for version 3.0.0 between the time of the Feh Channel’s airing and 4:00AM UTC.

Within the Feh channel, I predict there will be a new cinematic Book III trailer, just as Books I and II did. Just as Book II gave us a free neutral 5-star Fjorm, maybe we will see a new Hero be given out for free within Book III? Or perhaps Fjorm was a one-off and we shouldn’t get used to free Heroes with every new book. Only time will tell, of course, but speculation is always fun.

As previously announced for Book III, the Feh Channel may also delve into details for the new refines we will be receiving for Ogma, Navarre, male and female Robins, Palla, Est and Catria.

Previous Feh Channels have also used its air time to reveal new Summoning Focus banners. Being so close to Christmas, I predict that we’ll receive a trailer for new Christmas-themed Special Heroes within this Feh Channel. If not, then that just means more time for other new content to be revealed!

What are you hoping to see revealed within the ten minutes?