Heroes: Chill Skills banner and Mjölnir’s Strike Shield Phase are live!

Today’s FE Heroes news update brings us a new Heroes with Chill Skills banner, featuring Sue, Hubert and Kliff.

The banner is available to summon on from today until the 1st of February 6:59am UTC.

Also today: Mjolnir’s Strike Shield Phase is live for today only.

Take down the enemies trying to destroy your gates, earn your score and rise through the ranks to earn those Divine Codes which don’t yet have a use.

Heroes: Choose Your Legends 4 is upon us. Vote once each day for a week!

Choose Your Legends 4 is finally open for voting, and this time, there are a couple of quirks that Summoners may want to be aware of.

  • For starters, if you’re logged into your Nintendo account, you will receive 100 Platinum Points (Source, Twitter). You can also receive special mobile-device Wallpapers, based on the amount of times that you have voted.
  • You cannot vote for past winners, that being Ike (from Radiant Dawn), Alm, Micaiah, Eliwood, Camila, Celica, Veronica, Lyn, Roy, Hector, Masked Marth and Lucina.
  • Characters from Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore can be voted for. Characters that have a Carnage Form can be voted for, and exist as that character plus their partner.
    • You cannot vote for Tsubasa, but you can vote for Tsubasa + Caeda.
  • Characters from Fire Emblem Warriors cannot be voted for.
    • You have my condolences, Jedi.
  • Units from multiple titles will have their votes consolidated, and if that Hero is to win, then the style of their CYL release will be based on the game in which the winner had the most votes from.
    • For instance, if Elincia were to win, and her Fire Emblem Path of Radiance votes exceeded her Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn votes, the CYL variant of Elincia would be designed based on her Path of Radiance art).
    • Alternatively, ‘Timeskip’ versions of characters from Fire Emblem Three Houses (which are referred to as being from the Academy Arc or War Arc) will be based on the design of the version that has more votes.
      • Be aware, that there are slight spoilers for Three Houses character(s) if you are to search for units in the War Arc.
    • This also applies to the same character that may go by different names but are in effect, the same character based on having a similar personality.
    • The full list of consolidated-vote characters can be viewed here.

That said, voting begins now, and lasts until January 28. Votes can only be done once per day. If you miss a day, you missed your chance, so check daily!

To vote in the Choose Your Legends 4 event, click here or visit their site (linked below)


Heroes: TMS#FE banner and Tempest Trials+ are now live!

Today’s Heroes update brings us a new Tempest Trials+ event: Mirage Vortex, alongside yesterday’s release of the new banner featuring characters from Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.

New Heroes include Eleonora: Shooting Scarlet, Kiria: Cool Facade, Mamori: Microwavin’ Idol, and Tsubasa: Madcap Idol. You can click here to read up on their weapons and abilities.

The TT+ rewards feature 4 and 5-Star copies of the main character of TMS#FE Itsuki: Finding a Path, along with Sacred Seals: Defiant Def 1, Mirror Stance 1 and Chill Res 1.

The new banner ends on the 7th of February 6:59am UTC, and the Tempest Trials+ event ends on the 31st of January 6:59am UTC.

Three Houses: Confirmed Students for “Cindered Shadows” & New Official Artwork!

The Japanese Fire Emblem Twitter account shared a few tidbits about the upcoming Cindered Shadows DLC story for Three Houses.

Firstly, as we learned earlier, players will be provided with fixed party members during this side story. The members will include the protagonist, the three House leaders, the four members of the Ashen Wolves, plus three other students: Linhardt, Ashe and Hilda.

To celebrate the occasion, the Twitter account also shared the official artwork for the three returning students, by the game’s artist Chinatsu Kurahana. This artwork has never been seen before! Kind of.

If you’re observant, you may have spotted Hilda’s official artwork during the Byleth reveal for Smash Ultimate. More precisely, it could be seen in the new spirit board, alongside new artwork for Dorothea, Ingrid, Seteth and Rhea. Huh, who else might have new artwork…?