Fire Emblem Engage: Marth Tidbits via Twitter

We have another Fire Emblem Engage official Twitter post this week!

Following Alear and the Dragon Guardians, this time we have some details for Marth, the first Fire Emblem protagonist and likely the first Emblem you’ll acquire.

His profile:

The Emblem Marth (VA: Hikaru Midorikawa), also known as the “Emblem of Beginnings” is a hero among heroes who’s extremely noble and charismatic. A prince of Altea, from the outrealm continent of Archanea.

“Emblem of Beginnings” is a fitting title for the first protagonist. Although I do wonder if it’ll have some story significance.

As usual, next up is a battle.

This appears to be the same verdant kingdom map that appeared in the reveal trailer.

On the left is the footage from today’s Twitter post; on the right is from the reveal trailer.

The only difference is that Alear is now equipped with Marth–and receives a stat boost because of this. (Also, Framme is still to the far left; she’s just blocked by Alear’s portrait right now.)

When Alear moves towards the enemy, we see the actions menu, which wasn’t shown in the trailer. The first option is Engage, which combines Alear and Marth. Next are Attack, Item, Convoy and Wait. Presumably Alear acts as the convoy, so he/she can access it whenever, while other characters must move next to Alear to do so.

Alear’s weapons/items include Libération, an Iron Sword and Vulnerary. Libération is a D rank sword it seems (that or it’s Alear’s sword rank that’s D). It’s said to be “for Divine Dragons only” and grants Engage Count +1 if the wielder lands the finishing blow on an enemy. Engage Count probably refers to the countdown before an Engaged character reverts.

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Merchandise: Three Houses Themed Cushions & Blankets by empty

Not long ago, it was the 3rd anniverary of Three Houses. Even now, the merchandise doesn’t stop coming!

empty, which specialises in producing various licensed goods, is releasing Three Houses themed cushions and blankets from December 2022. These are all designed around the motifs of Byleth and the three house leaders.

Cushions – 5,280 Yen each (with tax)

  • Line up: 01 Byleth (M), 02 Byleth (F), 03 Edelgard, 04 Dimitri and 05 Claude
  • Size: 40 x 40 cm
  • Material: Polyester

Blankets – 4,400 Yen each (with tax)

  • Line up: 01 Byleth (M), 02 Byleth (F), 03 Edelgard, 04 Dimitri and 05 Claude
  • Size: 100 x 70 cm
  • Material: Polyester

Heroes: Legendary Ninian & Resplendent Jeorge Incoming

The next Legendary Hero to be revealed for FE Heroes is Ninian from Blazing Blade.

Note: You can check out the Japanese version of this trailer here.

Ninian’s Legendary Hero banner will be live from 29th September 2022, until the daily rollover on 13th October 2022 (UTC).

Also appearing are the following:

  • Red: Reginn, Legendary Lilina and Fallen Lilith
  • Blue: Nott, Legendary Byleth (F) and Fallen Ninian
  • Green: Legendary Byleth (M) and Legendary Xander
  • Colorless: Mila, Tine and Ascended Florina

By the way, in case you missed it, the next Resplendent Hero will be Jeorge: Perfect Shot.

This Emblian-themed version of Jeorge will be available to subscribers from 10th October 2022 (UTC). You can view his artwork and voice samples here.

Please continue for a breakdown of Ninian’s abilities!

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Fire Emblem Engage: Framme Tidbits via Twitter

Nevermind, I give up predicting the Japanese Fire Emblem Engage Twitter posts!

Today, we have a few details about Framme, Cramme’s younger sister who appeared in the reveal trailer.

First, her profile:

Framme (Sayaka Senbongi) is a 33rd generation Dragon Guardian, protecting the Divine Dragon at the Land of Lythos. She’s Cramme’s younger twin sister and more determined and lively compared to her brother.

As expected, she’s also a 33rd generation Dragon Guardian, like Cramme. It makes me wonder if there could be other Dragon Guardians besides Vander and the twins. Since Cramme was described as the gentle twin, it doesn’t surprise me that Framme is the more lively one.

Monk is an interesting class; in Blazing Blade and The Sacred Stones, it was a Light magic wielding class. Here, it seems to be a Brawling and Staff class, as we’ll see later.

Next is a video showcasing Framme in battle. On the surface, it’s not super interesting because we already saw Framme fighting in the reveal trailer. But there are a few things of note.

Beforehand, some of the more boring stuff. This map is the same one from the Cramme spotlight. It’s also the same map that Framme was fighting in the reveal trailer. Looking at the map, the allies are unchanged although Alfred and Céline have Engaged with their Emblems.

Unlike Alear, Vander and Cramme, Framme’s skill doesn’t seem to trigger for adjacent units. It also does not seem to trigger during battle.

Her Monk class belongs to the Qigong category, unlike Mystical for Cramme’s Mage or Céline’s Noble classes. Qigong is a form of martial art, with roots in China and other parts of Asia, which focuses “life energy” (Qi) into movement, posture, etc.

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