Fire Emblem Engage: Emblem Marth & Official Site Analysis

There was so much Fire Emblem Engage information on Tuesday, I’ve had to split the analysis in two.

If you have time, I recommend reading Part 1, where I covered the “Engaging with Emblems” trailer.

Emblem Marth

Firstly, the official Japanese Twitter account shared a separate video highlighting Emblem Marth’s abilities.

Above is the video translated by justtio via Reddit.

Emblem Marth specialises in consecutive attacks and swift movement.

Perceptive is one of Marth’s Sync skills (enabled by simply equipping Marth); we saw it way back during the debut trailer. It makes it harder for enemies to hit you when you initiate combat.

The character here is Lapis, the pink haired girl accompanying Alcryst. The featured map is a bridge at Brodia, seen in Alcryst’s showcase etc.

Next, Vander Engages with Marth to showcase the Engage weapons. Here, Vander is a Level 7 Axe Fighter; he was introduced as a Paladin. So it seems there’s some class-changing system at work. The map is the same one as before.

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Fire Emblem Engage: Anna Tidbits via Twitter

After Tuesday’s massive content drop, it seems we’re back to the more regular Twitter posts for Fire Emblem Engage.

Today’s post is a minor surprise; rather than continue the Brodian profiles or move to the next country, they decided to showcase Anna instead.

Her profile:

Anna (VA: Saori Seto) is a merchant-in-training. It seems she’s traveling around each country, in search of treasures that can be sold for a high price.

Yup, that’s Anna alright, although it seems to be a less experienced trainee this time?

By the way, we knew Anna was playable via the leaked screenshots and, as it happens, she made a sneaky appearance near the end of the “Engaging with Emblems” trailer.

A battle scene:

There may be a reason they opted to showcase Anna now; it seems she joins relatively early.

Here’s the map. It’s the same Brodian bridge map seen in Alcryst’s showcase etc. This is when Alear and gang confront Hortensia, who’s controlling Emblem Lucina.

Anna herself is a Level 7 Axe Fighter with a Short Axe. There’s also an Iron Axe in her inventory. The other allies are Alear, Vander, Clanne, Framme, Alfred, Céline, Chloé, Etie, Alcryst, Lapis and Citrinne.

Anna moves onto a Defence tile to attack. This grants Avoid +10, HP recovery +10 and negates Break.

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Fire Emblem Engage: “Engaging with Emblems” Trailer Analysis

Yesterday, Nintendo Japan shared a YouTube video for Fire Emblem Engage, explaining the Emblem Ring mechanic in great detail.

There was a lot of information, both obvious and not obvious, plus I was busy so the analysis is a bit later than usual.

Before I begin, above is the official English version of the same trailer.

Note: I started this analysis before this video was uploaded, so most of the screenshots are in Japanese.

By the way, this is merely Part 1 of the analysis of Tuesday’s Engage content. I’ll try and get Part 2 up tomorrow.


The trailer opens with Alear Engaging with Marth, possibly for the very first time. We saw a similar scene near the end of the debut trailer, but this time it’s female Alear, rather than male Alear.

The transformation scene with the blue whirlwind is a little different–here, female Alear and Marth are holding hands. Whereas male Alear and Marth touched their swords. It’s probably just a minor detail though and I don’t want to spend long dwelling on it.

Here’s a nice, somewhat clear shot of Alear Engaged with Marth. We’ve seen it a few times during battle.

The reason I don’t want to dwell, is because there’s so much to go through, even at the very start!

The trailer moves on to describing the core of Fire Emblem. During this time, they quickly show off some basic stuff, like moving units, attacking etc.

First, we see a Level 19 Lance Armor Louis with a Spear. Other units on the map include Diamant (sword), Clanne (tome) and I think Bonet (axe cavalry). Bonet is the blonde-haired guy from the desert. The pauldron seems to match and he’s holding a shield, similar to his map sprite.

What’s most curious here is the map itself. The layout in the bottom-right corner looks extremely similar to Chapter 20x in the Sacae route of The Binding Blade. Especially the placement of the rivers and buildings. Not only that, but you can see a tent/ger along the bottom of the screen and it has a similar aesthetic to the Binding Blade ones (white with red pattern).

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Fire Emblem Engage: Emblem Marth & Emblem Ring Videos

At first I thought today would be a quiet day, when there was no Fire Emblem Engage Twitter post during the usual time…

First, Nintendo Japan has uploaded a trailer showcasing the Emblem Rings.

It explains the benefits of equipping Emblems, the Engage mechanic and shows off various of the Emblems, such as Corrin and Byleth for the first time.

Meanwhile the official Japanese Twitter account shared a video showcasing Emblem Marth’s abilities.

Both videos feature multiple new characters, as well as names for previously unnamed characters, among many other details.

On top of that, the official Japanese website has updated, with Story, World and Character sections. The characters section includes Alear, the Dragon Guardians, royalty from the 4 nations, Lumera, Veyle, the officially revealed Emblems and the Four Hounds.

There’s a LOT to cover between the three fronts, so a full analysis might take a while, especially as I’m busy with work. However, if you’re curious, I’ve gone over most of the notable discoveries at Serenes Forest’s Twitter. (Anything to do with mechanics has not been covered.)