Heroes: Ylissean Summer banner Revival is live!

You can count on FE Heroes to let you know what time of the year it is. As expected, the Summer special banners of old are making their appearance once more, starting with the very first: Ylissean Summer.

Within this OG Summer banner is Robin: Seaside Tactician, Tiki: Summering Scion, Frederick: Horizon Watcher, and Gaius: Thief Exposed.

The banner begins today and will be available up until the 26th of July, 6:59am UTC.

Also beginning today is an Illusory Dungeon Encore.

There are a variety of materials to collect for playing, including daily rewards of Feathers and Badges. Newer players who didn’t play the first time will have the chance to pick up the accessories this Tap Battle awards.

Heroes: “Heroes with Chill Skills” banner is now live!

Today is a day that many have been waiting for: A “Heroes with Chill Skills” banner, featuring some of Heroes’ more popular units.

In this banner, we have Ophelia: Dramatic Heroine (Chill Res 3), Ranulf: Friend of Nations (Chill Atk 3), and Celica: Imprisoned Soul (a.k.a. Fallen Celica) (Chill Spd 3).

Now is your best chance to snipe for any of these units, should you desire them. You have until the 4th of July, 6:59am UTC to do so.

Three Houses: Few Details via Download Card & Upcoming Japanese Merchandise

There’s roughly one month to go until Three Houses is released. Apparently, retailers in Japan are now stocking the cards for the digital version of the game. Naturally, it’s not possible to play the game just yet, but there are some neat details on the back of the card.

Firstly, the game’s file size is 11.9 GB (and over). Which is useful to know if you’re planning to get the game digitally. For reference, the Switch version of Fire Emblem Warriors was around 13 GB. Meanwhile, the 3DS games weighed around 1 GB each.

Next, the game will support Nintendo Switch Online (the paid service). From what we know, the game does not feature online (or local) multiplayer (via Game Informer etc.). Presumably it’s for the Global Activity feature, which compares weekend statistics from players across the world.

The game will support amiibo, but no details were given. Earlier, we saw an amiibo Gazebo in the monastery grounds. I’m also curious if there will be new amiibo created for the game; for example of Byleth and the three house leaders. We had new amiibo for Echoes and Warriors.

Lastly, to nobody’s surprise, the game will have paid DLC. This time they gave some details but not a lot. Apparently you’ll be able to purchase things like new quests (the ones you can accept from bulletin boards), side stories (presumably paralogues) and costumes. I’m rather intrigued by the last one…

(Via lancelam on Reddit and gamer.com.tw)

In slightly unrelated news, Empty recently announced some new lines of merchandise for the game, scheduled for release during late July.

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Heroes: Tempest Trials+: A Promise of Joy

The deadly summer storms have returned to Fire Emblem Heroes! Build up a strong team of allies from Múspell to tackle Tempest Trials+: A Promise of Joy.

As usual, Loki is once again an instigator of mischief. This time her sight’s set on Helbindi…

This month’s summer-themed Tempest Trials features our latest swimsuit units from the Summer Returns banner. You can also use the non-summer versions of Laevatein, Laegjarn, and Helbindi. The final map takes place on a twilit beach and features Summer Helbindi as the boss. Check out the bonus allies, map layout, and boss stats below.

As usual, you can earn a wide variety of prizes in this event, including lots of Orbs! This event’s special unit is Ylgr: Breaking the Ice. Other rewards also include three Sacred Seals: Armored Blow 1, Spur Atk/Spd 1, and Atk/Res Bond 1. Additionally, don’t forget to complete your daily missions!

Tempest Trials+: A Promise of Joy will be blowing in the winds for ten days, quieting down on 4 July.