Cipher S12 Weekly Recap: First Daily Reveals + Winter Livestream Reminder!

Welcome to the first Fire Emblem Cipher S12 Weekly Recap! This 12th set contains cards from Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn, Awakening, and Genealogy of the Holy War. Now that we’re getting closer to the set’s release date, @fecipher has began its daily reveals. Let’s take a look at our first cards of the series!

Tellius cards form the main focus of S12, and the first half of the set is dedicated to them. Most of the cards revealed this week are from Tellius, including the very first card shown off on Monday: an unpromoted N card for Ike, his second cost 1 card. This card’s reveal was paired off with a digital version of the Medallion artwork.

We also got two N cards of a young Elena and Gawain, both together in a gorgeous joined-art panorama. All of these cards are drawn by Senri Kita, the official character portrait artist for the Tellius games. Kita has been a very prolific artist in Cipher as well, particularly for Tellius-related cards.

The final Tellius reveal of the week is also our first SR, and one of the most interesting cards of the set. It features a berserk Ike, possessed by the power of Lehran’s Medallion. This Ike is a beast on the Cipher battlefield, but unleashing his power also destroys your own allied cards. Use him with caution.

The twitter has also revealed two cards for each of the other games in the set. For Awakening, they shared N cards for both Chrom and Walhart, showcasing the Valmese focus in this portion of the set. On the Genealogy side, we get both an N and HN card for Eldigan, the main lord for the yellow block in S12.

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Heroes: Bound Hero Battle: Corrin & Azura + “A Hero Rises” Final Round!

A new special battle event is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes: Bound Hero Battle: Corrin & Azura! Check it out in the Special Maps menu. Alongside the BHB is also a new banner containing 5★ focus units for Male Corrin, Azura, and Kagero.

You can challenge Corrin and Azura on maps of three different difficulties. Each one will reward you with Orbs if you can complete the battle without losing a unit. Complete all three to earn nine Orbs! These special maps will be available for little over a week, ending on 24 February. The summoning banner also ends then as well.

Additionally, the final round of voting is now live for the A Hero Rises” voting event! Heroes players have spoken, and the four most-voted units are: Christmas Tharja, Legendary Hero Ike, Performing Arts Azura, and Hector.

In this final round of voting, you may only choose between these four units. The voting will last until 20 February at 3:00am UTC. Cast your votes on the official site here!

You will be able to recruit the final winner in-game after completing a new Xenologue chapter. This map is scheduled to go live in late February, though they’ve not yet announced an official date. We will probably get more info next week after the vote is complete.

FE:W See the Shadow Dragon Characters in Action!

I’ve done recorded videos, showing off the Shadow Dragon characters. While Navarre and Minerva share movesets with Lyn and Camilla respectively, they do have unique specials, animations, and of course voiced lines and statlines.

For starters, Linde is very much her own beast, serving as a bit of a faster mage than Robin with huge Magic & Luck. Luck has been established as one of if not the best stats in the entire game thanks to the skills of Luna and Lethality. (I’ve even shown the effectiveness of this) Linde also has huge range and relentless attacks that don’t leave her nearly as open to attack as Robin can in some of his.

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Heroes: New Fire Emblem Warriors Special Maps!

In celebration of the release of the latest DLC for Warriors, Fire Emblem Heroes is releasing some new Fire Emblem Warriors Special Maps! Check them out in the Special Maps screen.

There will be three different sets of maps in total. Each one features one of the new DLC characters: Navarre, Linde, or Minerva. Like the earlier Warriors maps, they’re available on three difficulties and reward an Orb on first completion. Make sure you come prepared, as each map has waves of enemy reinforcements! The boss also spawns multiple times.

First up is Navarre’s map, which is already available. Linde’s and Minerva’s maps will be along in the coming days. All maps will be available until 8 March.

Based on these maps, we can also assume that we’ll get additional maps for the Awakening DLC when it comes out later next month. Have fun beating the maps and training your heroes!