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Cipher Summer 2018 Livesteam: New S14 Cards, S15 Art, & S16 Announcement!

This weekend, Ryota Kawade and Young hosted the Cipher Summer 2018 Livesteam! For the first time ever, the stream was shown live over both NicoNico and YouTube. During the stream, we also had two voice actor guests: Juri Kimura (Mozu, Yuzu, and Feh) and Nobunaga Shimazaki (Male Corrin).

The main focus of the stream was to show off cards from the upcoming Series 14 expansion. Cipher Series 14 features characters from Awakening, Tellius (Path of Radiance / Radiant Dawn), Hoshido (from the Birthright path of Fates), and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. It releases next month on 28 September.

Along the way, we got to see some of the first artwork for S15. We also got an official set announcement for S16, which will be the first set of 2019. Kawade, Young, and our guests also showed off some upcoming Fire Emblem merchandise. Take a look down below for all cards, art, and details!

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Heroes: Defeat Foes Quests + Manga Chapter 12

While we patiently wait for the next Fire Emblem Heroes version update, there are some new quests related to defeating enemies with specific colour heroes.

Up for grabs are 5 Orbs, as well as Great Badges and other useful items. These quests last until the daily rollover on 20th February 2018. A full breakdown can be found near the end of this article.

Also, a new chapter of the official manga “The Everyday Life of Heroes” is now available. A big thanks to Coolmario for translating over on the forums!

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Heroes: New Heroes Revealed in Sacred Memories Preview Trailer + Manga Update!

Five new units from The Sacred Stones will soon be making their way to Fire Emblem Heroes! The first three of these units were revealed today in the Sacred Memories Preview Trailer. Check it out here:

These three units include Myrrh, a flying Green Breath user who also introduces the Hone Dragons skill; L’Arachel, wielding the sacred tome Ivaldi; and Eirika, mounted and wielding the dark tome Gleipnir. You can take a look at all of their skills and abilities below.

These three units will be arriving with a new story chapter as well, “Fiery Resolve“, wherein the Order of Heroes is making its way closer to Nifl through the desert. Between these chapters and another Log-In Bonus, Heroes players should be getting a fair amount of additional Orbs to try and summon these new units!

Two more TSS characters will also be coming to the game soon. Lyon: Shadow Prince will be arriving in a Grand Hero Battle starting on Friday. Marisa: Crimson Flash will be the hero reward for the next Tempest Trials, which starts next Wednesday.

The Sacred Memories banner will officially go live tomorrow, 25 January, at 7:00am UTC.

Additionally, the next update to the Heroes manga came out today! As always, thanks to Serenes Forest forum users Coolmanio and Linkmstr for the translation.

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Heroes: 4★ and 5★ Heroes Summoning Focus + Manga Update & Survey Orbs!

A new, different banner has arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! The 4★ and 5★ Heroes Summoning Focus is the first of its kind, offering focus units at both the 5★ and 4★ rarity level.

The banner contains 12 focus units for you to summon: Hinata, Roy, Laslow, Abel, Oscar, Mathilda, Fae, Frederick, Barst, Rebecca, Setsuna, and Klein. All of these units have a high chance of appearing as either a 5★ or 4★ unit. Summoning a 3★ hero will increase the pity rate for the higher rarities.

The 4★ and 5★ Heroes Summoning Focus will be here for almost three weeks, ending on 7 February.

Also, the next update to the Heroes manga came out earlier this week! As always, thanks to Serenes Forest forum users Coolmanio and Linkmstr for the translation.

Finally, the Orb reward for completing the Heroes official survey arrived with yesterday’s daily reset. If you completed the survey, five Orbs will be waiting for you with Feh. Make sure to log in and pick them up if you haven’t yet done so!