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Heroes: Heroes with Guard Skills Banner Now Available!

The latest skill-based banner is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes! Spend some Orbs on the Heroes with Guard Skills Banner for your chance at Brave Veronica, Caineghis, or Laegjarn.

All three of these heroes have the Distant Guard or Close Guard C Skill.These skills give Def/Res bonuses to their allies based on their foe’s weapon type. You can either pass these skills on to other teammates, or add these allies directly to your team!

The Heroes with Guard Skills Banner will be available for a little over a week, ending on 9 November.

Additionally, the latest Day in the Life manga installment is now available! Make sure to follow the @FE_Heroes_EN twitter account for updates, or check directly on the official site. Now that the manga strips are available in English, you can see when updates are available in the Notification Screen as well.

Heroes: “A Day in the Life” Manga Gets Official English Release!

The online Heroes manga, “A Day in the Life“, is now getting an official English release!

Feh announced the original Japanese version of the manga during a Feh Channel video in November of 2017. Since then, @FE_Heroes_JP has posted weekly updates of the comedic series.

The English version will not cover old manga chapters but instead releases the current issue concurrently with the Japanese release. You can read them via @FE_Heroes_EN or on the official site. Here’s the first chapter!

Additionally, in Heroes itself, pre-registration is now open for a Whitewings version of Grand Conquests. Today is also the final day for the current Tempest Trials+ event, so make sure to finish that up if you need to still!

Heroes: “A Day in the Life of Heroes” Comic getting Physical Release on 26th August

Way back in November 2017, Fire Emblem Heroes started releasing a weekly comic known as “A Day in the Life of Heroes” (or some variant) on their website, although only in Japanese. Fast forward nearly two years and a physical version of the comic will be available from 26th August 2019.

Currently there are no official details, although you can find the cover illustration via its listing on Amazon Japan. There’s also a tweet from Itagaki Hako–one of the three artists who contributes to the weekly comic–that suggests it’s what we think it is (a physical release).

Like the original comic, the physical version will only be available in Japanese. Still, it’d nice to have the comic in your actual hands–and you can always read the translations by Kirokan or Coolmanio!

Cipher Summer 2018 Livesteam: New S14 Cards, S15 Art, & S16 Announcement!

This weekend, Ryota Kawade and Young hosted the Cipher Summer 2018 Livesteam! For the first time ever, the stream was shown live over both NicoNico and YouTube. During the stream, we also had two voice actor guests: Juri Kimura (Mozu, Yuzu, and Feh) and Nobunaga Shimazaki (Male Corrin).

The main focus of the stream was to show off cards from the upcoming Series 14 expansion. Cipher Series 14 features characters from Awakening, Tellius (Path of Radiance / Radiant Dawn), Hoshido (from the Birthright path of Fates), and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. It releases next month on 28 September.

Along the way, we got to see some of the first artwork for S15. We also got an official set announcement for S16, which will be the first set of 2019. Kawade, Young, and our guests also showed off some upcoming Fire Emblem merchandise. Take a look down below for all cards, art, and details!

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