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Cipher S16 Weekly Recap: First Card Reveals & Livestream Reminder!

Welcome to the first Fire Emblem Cipher S16 Weekly Recap! This set, “O Courage! O Soul Aflame!“, features characters from Binding Blade, Shadows of Valentia, Radiant Dawn, and Heroes. As we near the set’s release on 22 March, @fecipher will be sharing cards every weekday.

Binding Blade seems to be the leading title for the set. As such, it has the most reveals so far, including our first SR card! Roy, of course, gets the leading SR slot. You can also see a Cost 1 card for both him and Lilina.

We also got two cards each for SoV and RD. The Empress of Begnion, Sanaki, starts off with two non-holo cards. Celica will also be leading the SoV portion and we get to see her as both a Cost 1 and an R foil card.

The final reveal of the week is a colourless card for Eir, the latest leading lady of Book III in Heroes.

These are all the cards we get to see so far, but many more will be coming soon! Airing tomorrow is the Cipher Winter Livesteam. Joining the stream are two VA guests: Jun Fukuyama (Roy, Innes) and Minami Takahashi (Peri, Alice). Ryota Kawade and Young will be hosting, as usual.

In addition to showing off more S16 cards, we should also get some Cipher news, including art for upcoming sets. Now that we have a final release date for Three Houses, we could also learn when the new game will appear in Cipher too. We’ll post up an article with details after the stream. If you’d like to watch along live, check here for more details.

That’s all we have for now! Cipher Series 16 will release next month on 22 March. In the meantime, it’ll be an exciting month of news, reveals, and speculation. For further discussion about Cipher, feel free to join us in the Cipher subforum on the forums! You can also check out the Cipher Wiki for translations of the cards and more detailed information.

Heroes: Bound Hero Battle: Cherche & Virion + Banner

A new special battle event is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes! When you feel like taking a break from the TT, head over to the Special Maps menu for Bound Hero Battle: Cherche & Virion. You can also summon from a new, related banner, featuring 5★ focus characters for Cherche, Virion, and Adult Tiki.

As usual for BHBs, there are three difficulties available: Hard, Lunatic, and Infernal. Beat them all to earn 9 Orbs! You’ll need to keep your whole team alive to be successful.

Bound Hero Battle: Cherche & Virion will be available for almost a week, ending on 18 February.

Furthermore, today is the final day of the 2nd Anniversary Daily Summoning Events. Today’s banner contains 5★ focus units for Takumi, Hinoka, and Sakura. However, other anniversary perks, like the Daily Maps and Double EXP/SP event, are still going strong. Both of those will still be available through most of the week.

Heroes: Tempest Trials+: Greil’s Request

Another tempest is brewing in Fire Emblem Heroes. Prepare your army and head into the Events menu to tackle Tempest Trials+: Greil’s Request.

The storm has pulled Ike away from the Valentine’s Day festival. He meets his father within the swirling tempest, and learns who he must defeat in order to overcome it…

At the Home Page, you can see your current points and remind yourself of the Bonus Allies. When you’re ready, Select Stage to begin. As Greil himself says, he appears as the final boss. The last map is a festive village that pays homage to Blood Runs Red from Path of Radiance.

Earn as many points as you can to reap the rewards. Titania: Warm Heart is the special TT unit reward this time around. You can also earn three Sacred Seals (Torrent Dance 1, Darting Blow 1, and Aerobatics 1), an Anima Blessing, and lots of Orbs and Hero Feathers!

Tempest Trials+: Greil’s Request will be swirling around for 10 days, ending on 20 February.

Additionally, the current daily Summoning Focus is a rerun of the banner for Micaiah & Sothe’s BHB. You can spend some Orbs for your shot at 5★ focus units of Micaiah, Sothe, and Sanaki. There will still be two more days of banners after today.

Heroes: Special Hero Summon (Year 2), TT Details, & New Event Calendar!

The Fire Emblem Heroes 2nd Anniversary celebration continues! Now that we’re a week in, all players have access to the Special Hero Summon (Year 2). All players can choose one free summon, guaranteed to be a 5★ Special Hero from the last year!

If you’re not sure what colour to choose, take a look at this colour breakdown:

  • Red: Bridal Tharja, Summer Tiki, Summer Tana, Festival Micaiah, Halloween Myrrh, New Years Gunnthrá, New Years Hríd
  • Blue: Valentine’s Lyn, Spring Catria, Bridal Ninian, Summer Cordelia, Summer Camilla, Festival Ryoma, Halloween Niles, Christmas Ephraim
  • Green: Valentine’s Lilina, Valentine’s Hector, Spring Alfonse, Spring Sharena, Bridal Sanaki, Summer Innes, Festival Elincia, Halloween Kagero, Christmas Fae, New Years Fjorm
  • Colourless: Valentine’s Roy, Spring Kagero, Summer Linde, Summer Noire, Summer Takumi, Festival Xander Halloween Mia, Christmas Eirika, New Years Laegjarn

We also have another new daily banner today, this time for Ike & Soren’s BHB. It contains 5★ focus units for Ike, Soren, and Elincia.

Additionally, we now have more details for the upcoming TT event. Tempest Trials+: Greil’s Request starts tomorrow! In preparation, you can summon from another banner, this time containing focus units for Ike, Oscar, and Mia. We also get another Log-In Bonus!

As you might expect, those three heroes will be Bonus Allies in the event, along with the four Valentine’s Heroes in the Greil’s Devoted banner. The final ally is Valentine’s Titania, who you will earn during the course of the event.

In addition to Titania, you’ll be able to earn two new Sacred Seals (Acrobatics 1 and Torrent Dance 1) and an Astra Blessing. Of course, there will be lots of Orbs, too!

Finally, we also get a new Event Calendar to cover the next month! Check it out here:

The next month looks pretty exciting, with two New Heroes events, a new Grand Hero Battle, Forging Bonds, and many more! It also gives a firm date for the special 2nd Anniversary Heroes banner, which will contain the heroes voted for in the Find and Vote Heroes event. That will start on 25 Feb.

Click on Read More for a full text breakdown of the calendar, including corrected dates.

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