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Heroes: Grand Conquests – Ylisse Edition

The newest edition of Grand Conquests is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes!

Join forces with Chrom, Robin, or Lucina and fight for territory on the continent of Ylisse from Awakening. Fight skirmishes and move up the ranks to earn Orbs, Hero Feathers, and more! You can also complete some quests to earn up additional Conquest Lances.

As usual, the event lasts for three rounds, each round taking up a bit less than two days. At the start of the next round, you’ll be in a new army and quests will refresh, too. This edition of Grand Conquests will come to a close on 23 April.

Cipher Series 17 Introduction & Pre-Orders

Fire Emblem Cipher‘s 4th anniversary falls this June! In celebration, the card game will be releasing its most ambitious set yet. Cipher Series 17 contains cards and characters from every single Fire Emblem game! It will also feature a new structured deck alongside the booster set.

As fitting for such an exciting set, the booster series has an equally interesting name: The Advance of All Heroes. The ST Deck is Warriors of Bonds, and it features a unique signed Lucina card. You can see her artwork separately below.

The set will be coming out on 27 June, a little over 2 months from now. Click on the “Read More” button down below for pre-release art, pre-order links, and further details.

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Dragalia Lost x Fire Emblem Heroes Dated & Casual Fan Interview

Last month, during Dragalia Lost‘s six-month anniversary broadcast, “Dragalia Digest”, a crossover with Fire Emblem Heroes was announced. Recently, the duration of this crossover was shared: 26th April to 14th May 2019. For now, that’s all the information we know.

Unrelated to Fire Emblem, 26th April is also when Dragalia Lost is revamping its summoning system, following user feedback. From that date, Wyrmprints (cards/accessories) will be axed from the summoning pool, leaving only Adventurers (characters) and Dragons (to transform into).

That’s not all as Golden Week is just around the corner, which usually equates to lots of gifts and incentives for players (as you may have experienced in Heroes already). So if you’re thinking of trying out the game because of the crossover, you’ll be starting at a really good time!

Naturally, we’re a Fire Emblem (and spin-off) fan site, so we won’t be discussing Dragalia Lost in depth. However, we’re guessing more than a few of you are intrigued about the game. Because of the crossover and since it’s also a Nintendo-published mobile RPG like Heroes. (If you’re not already playing of course!)

For those not aware, Dragalia Lost is a fantasy action RPG developed by Cygames, who are perhaps most well-known for their free-to-play browser game, Granblue Fantasy. Many popular mechanics in Dragalia Lost made their start in Granblue, such as Adventurer Stories and special Gacha draws where you can choose a 5★ character of your choice.

Many other gameplay elements, especially upgrading and uncapping mechanics, are similar to mechanics in Granblue, so there’s likely some inspiration. Additionally, Granblue is perhaps most well known for its Collaboration events, featuring crossovers with popular anime and game titles. Now Dragalia Lost can experience those, too!

If you’ve got some spare time, we wrote a preview for the game for Nintendo Players UK. Likewise, we wrote some beginner and intermediate tips, which you’re welcome to bookmark if you ever decide to fire up the game.

Also, to celebrate this rare crossover, we chatted to some fans–among our staff and the Fire Emblem community–who played both Dragalia Lost and Fire Emblem Heroes, to share their thoughts of the former.

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Heroes: Another Series of Three Heroes Quests!

The next series of Three Heroes Quests is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes!

This time around, the quests are focused on Raven, Leon, and Eliwood. Complete a few simple tasks to earn a 3★ version of each hero. Afterward, use the units to defeat enemies and earn up to 6 Orbs! You can check out the full details in-game.

These Three Heroes Quests will be available for two weeks, ending on 27 April.

Additionally, Heroes has given us a sneak peak at the next Arena Season!

As expected, all of the units from the Out of Gallia banner are bonus allies, as is Haar from the latest GHB. You might also get some good use out of one of the older allies, especially if you’ve already trained them up! These bonus allies will be available for the next bonus season, which starts this Tuesday.