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Cipher S19 Weekly Recap: Daily Reveals & Pre-Release Livestream News!

After the excitement of last weekend’s Cipher livestream, @fecipher has been busy showing off many new and cool cards! First up from this past Monday is an absolutely gorgeous joined-art card set featuring Leif, Seliph, and Ares.

Look familiar? The cards parallel another set of cards for Quan, Sigurd, and Eldigan from S6, our first Genealogy set. Additionally, the wonderful Mayo was the same artist for both pieces.

We also got some more cool cards from Three Houses for this set, of course. Today’s card was our next revealed SR card, this time featuring Flayn! She starts off as a Noble in her cost 1, and promoted into a Bishop for her SR.

Also joining the 3H cast for this set are both Linhardt and Ferdinand from Black Eagles. Linhardt was missing from S18, so this is his Cipher debut! He also gets an R foil card.

Finishing up the week’s reveals are a pair of cards for Tailtiu, who also gets an R foil card this set.

Additionally, we have some firm details for the Cipher S19 Pre-Release Livesteam, which will air in a few weeks on 7 December. Toshiyuki Toyonaga (VA for Claude) will be joining in for the first time! Returning guests Eri Suzuki (VA for Delthea, Emma, and Soleil) and Tsutomu Kitanishi will also appear.

As a pre-release stream, December’s event will feature lots of pack opening and showing off cards. We’ll also hopefully get a look at some Comiket exclusive merchandise and some news and art for upcoming sets. Go to the official site if you’d like to bookmark stream links from either NicoNico or YouTube.

That’s all we have for now! Cipher Series 19 will release next month on 12 December. In the meantime, it’ll be an exciting month of news, reveals, and speculation. For further discussion about Cipher, feel free to join us in the Cipher subforum on the forums! You can also check out the Cipher Wiki for translations of the cards and more detailed information.

Fire Emblem Cipher Autumn 2019 Livestream!

This past weekend, Ryota Kawade and Kubocchan hosted the Fire Emblem Cipher Autumn 2019 Livestream live over NicoNico and YouTube! Voice Actors Hidenori Takahashi (Dedue, Owain/Odin, and Valjean) and Juri Nagatsuma (Dorothea) also joined in guests.

This stream gave us a good look at many new cards from the upcoming December set, “The Holy Flames of Sublime Heaven“, which features cards and characters from Three Houses and Genealogy of the Holy War. We also got to see some more art for next March’s set as well.

Hit the “Read More” button below to look at all the new cards and art.

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Heroes: Grand Hero Battle – Cormag: Aloof Lanceman!

A new GHB has just arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! Prepare a strong team and head to special maps to tackle Grand Hero Battle – Cormag: Aloof Lanceman.

Cormag is a lance-wielding Wyvern Rider, just as you might expect based on his appearance in The Sacred Stones. He comes with a Slaying Lance for his weapon, and also the skills Ignis, Dull Close, and Def Opening. Beat all three maps to earn one 3★ and two 4★ copies of him, and also 2,000 hero feathers!

Grand Hero Battle – Cormag: Aloof Lanceman will be around for about a week and a half, ending on 21 November.

Additionally, Heroes gave us a reminder this morning that the latest Lost Lore event starts soon! This time around, the event focuses on the characters and events of Awakening. Look forward to it!

Heroes: Weekly Revival Banner 3 Rerun is Here!

It’s Sunday again, so that means it’s time another revival banner in Fire Emblem Heroes! Spend some Orbs on Weekly Revival Banner 3 for your shot at Julia, Nephenee, or Sigurd.

As before, you have a 4% chance to nab one of the featured heroes, better than regular banners. The banner ends in a week, so act quickly if you’re interested.