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Cipher S18 Weekly Recap: First Daily Reveals & Livestream Reminder!

Welcome to the first Cipher S18 Weekly Recap! Titled Oratorio of Embarkation, this is the first set to focus on the wildly popular Three Houses. Characters from Awakening and The Sacred Stones also appear. Our first reveal of the week featured all three leading characters from these titles for S18: Male Byleth, Female Robin, and Ephraim.

A new Starter Deck will also be coming out at the same time, solely featuring 3H characters. The headliner for this deck is Female Byleth. Each deck will include this special signed card! We don’t yet know if F!Byleth will also be appearing in the booster set or just the deck.

Further reveals from this week also include our first SR card of the set, going to Edelgard! We also get a good look at her ST-exclusive card. Both of these cards were just revealed today. The left card is from the ST and the right card is her SR.

The last two reveals of the week go to one character each from both remaining games. Gaius shows up again for the first time since S4, also with another R foil card! We also get two new cards for the mercenary captain Gerik.

Read on below for livestream information and other details.

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Cipher Summer Livestream Details & S18 Sleeves & Card Previews!

With Three Houses out in the wild now, the Fire Emblem Cipher team has begun sharing its own news. The next set, Series 18, features cards and characters from the new game, along with Awakening and The Sacred Stones. In celebration of the upcoming set, Cipher will be hosting their Cipher Summer Livestream on 24 August!

Kubocchan will be hosting for the first time, along with Cipher Producer Ryota Kawade. Voice Actors Kaito Ishikawa (Dimitri) and Hibiku Yamamura (Rinea and Shade) will also join in as guests. You can check out details and bookmark the stream links on the official site here.

Other Cipher news has also begun to trickle in as the release date gets closer. As usual, four sets of sleeves will also be coming out along with the set, featuring new artwork. The sleeves for S18 feature Male Byleth, Edelgard, Tharja, and L’Arachel.

You can also see larger versions of the sleeves in this sample-stamped image here. If you’re interested in pre-ordering them, they’re already up on AmiAmi.

A new advertisement has also revealed our first S18 cards! Check out the ad image blow. Edelgard on the left is a new card, likely from the S18 Starter Deck. Dimitri and Claude are the same as their earlier promo cards, while Robin and Ephraim are also new.

We should start getting official card reveals in just a couple weeks, shortly before the Spring Livestream airs. We’ll begin our weekly articles again once the cards start coming, so keep your eyes open!

Cipher Series 18 Introduction & Pre-Orders

The latest Fire Emblem game is almost here, and Fire Emblem Cipher also plans on welcoming it in style. Cipher Series 18 comes out in September and will be our first Three Houses set!

Titled “Oratorio of Style“, the booster series will also include cards for characters from The Sacred Stones and Awakening. We’ll even be getting a special Three Houses Starter Deck as well, starring a signed Female Byleth card!

Click on the “Read More” button to check out some of the set’s artwork. We also have some links for you to pre-order booster boxes and decks.

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Fire Emblem Cipher Series 17 Release!

Fire Emblem Cipher Series 17 has hit shelves in Japan, and boy is this latest set a great one! The Advance of All Heroes features, as you might expect, characters from every Fire Emblem game.

Additionally, a special Starter Deck released alongside the game. The deck features Lucina as the MC, but contains a wide assortment of other characters, too. Scroll on down below for a closer look at the cards and promotional items available in the set.

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