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Merchandise: Cipher Artworks 21 + 22 & Heroes Metal Acrylic Key Holders!

We have a slightly belated merchandise update today, while things are fairly quiet.

Earlier in December, the FE Cipher team announced the release of the final pair of artbooks, 21 (left) and 22 (right), covering the latest (and last) two expansions: Tempest of Apocalyptic Flame and The Heroes’ Paean expansions.

Both artbooks will include a pair of Peony and Triandra promo cards. If you haven’t been keeping up, these cards were originally meant to release earlier, in tandem with the national tournaments. But those were sadly all cancelled due to coronavirus health concerns.

The artbooks are available for pre-order via Intelligent System’s web store (Artworks 21 | Artworks 22). Artworks 21 (40 pages) is priced at 2,200 Yen (with tax), while Artworks 22 (68 pages) will set you back 3,850 Yen (with tax). They’re expected to ship out from the end of January 2021.

Next up, there will be a new series of FE Heroes metal acrylic key holders releasing at the end of January 2021.

Volume 1 features the following characters: Alfonse, Sharena, Anna, Peony, Mirabillis, Marth, Ephraim, Eirika, Azura and Ryoma.

The key holders measure 60 x 60 x 3 mm. You can purchase a box of all 10 for 9,000 Yen (without tax) or a random sealed packet for 900 Yen (without tax). If you’re curious, feel free to check out the product page.

Merchandise: Sword of the Creator Added to Armory Collection & Cipher Acrylic Panels

WooOooOOoOoo, we hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Today, we have some mini merchandise news to report on.

Fire Emblem Armory Collection: Sword of the Creator

Byleth’s signature weapon–the Sword of the Creator–will be added to the Armory Collection range, starting from January 2021. It’ll be priced at 4,000 Yen (without tax).

The Armory Collection was introduced in 2019 and delivered miniature versions of the protagonist’s legendary weapons. Most recently, there was an “Armory Collection Mini”, containing the House Leaders’ relics.

The Sword of the Creator measures approx. 120 mm in length, while the box is 220 x 90 x 20 mm. For more details, please refer to the product page (in Japanese).

Pre-orders are open until the end of 17th January 2021 (Japan time).

Fire Emblem Cipher A5 Acrylic Panels

Cipher may have released its final expansion last month, but its spirit is still here with us!

If you’re looking for another way to admire Cipher’s glorious artwork, Intelligent Systems is selling A5 sized acrylic panels featuring the main characters, using their panorama artwork from Series 22.

There are 13 in total: Marth, Alm + Celica, Sigurd + Seliph, Leif, Roy, Eliwood, Eirika + Ephraim, Ike, Micaiah, Chrom + Lucina, Corrin (male), Alfonse and Byleth (male).

One panel costs 4,180 Yen (with tax). Like the cards, it looks like you can stack these panels side by side to create one really long artwork.

Pre-orders will be open until 23rd November 2020 (Japan time) and products are expected to dispatch from January 2021 (2nd half).

Cipher: New Dimitri promo, interview out this week

Following the Japanese trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher coming out with its very last booster expansion this month, a few more things of interest are still left to look forward to. Among these is the release of an all-new promotional card of Dimitri from Three Houses.

You won’t find this Dimitri in any booster — it’s bundled in a print magazine.

Enclosed as two copies with Dengeki Nintendo‘s December 2020 issue which drops October 21st, this appearance of Dimitri: Descendant of the Blue King of Lions is inspired by Faerghus’s founding king Loog and his penchant for the color blue. Saori Toyota, the card’s artist, recently commented on the reveal on Twitter, praising the house leader’s brilliance in justice.

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Cipher: Series 22 out today in Japan! Our final overview, and the hereafter

Thanks for everything.

When Fire Emblem Fates was originally revealed by Nintendo in 2015 (as Fire Emblem if), it was accompanied by another announcement for the Japanese audience—a new trading card game would debut alongside Fates, Fire Emblem Cipher, featuring characters from across the series drawn by many talented artists. Now, after over five years of entertainment, Cipher is making its final bow with one more expansion update, which launches today.

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here. Dubbed The Heroes’ Paean, fans can pick up boxes of Cipher‘s very last booster and discover all-new cards of characters from across all Fire Emblem. For anyone overseas, we can suggest vendors such as AmiAmi or Nin-Nin Game for importing whenever stock becomes available.

Fire Emblem‘s trading card game goes out with a bang of all-stars from across the series’ 30-year history.

To commemorate the launch, we’ll take a tour of all 100+ cards debuting this set, as well as reviewing other information alongside the release.

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