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Three Houses Featured in Japanese Switch Advert (few seconds of footage)

A few weeks ago, the Nintendo Switch reached its 2nd anniversary. To remind Japanese consumers that it’s still going strong, Nintendo released a couple of Spring-time adverts featuring recent and upcoming games.

Interestingly, Three Houses was one of the games shown. That said, you probably know it releases on 26th July, which I’m fairly sure falls under Summer. Perhaps they’re slowly building up hype or was the advert produced while it was still a Spring release?

Sadly, despite being completely new footage, the footage itself is very short–no longer than 6 or 7 seconds in total. Also, everything is off-screen and blurry, so it’s extremely difficult to look at the details. That said, I tried my best…

First up, we’re shown a glimpse of Byleth performing a coordinated gambit on what I think is a Thief (as in the affiliation, not the class). He orders his battalion to charge the enemy, similar to what Edelgard did in the second trailer. You can also see the same glowing effect above his name box.

In the background, you can hear Fódlan Winds (aka Fódlan’s Dawning Wind), which is a battle map song that appears in the second trailer–and was also recently showcased alongside the Japanese special edition. Most likely this is an early-game song.

Perhaps the most important thing: this is the first time we clearly hear (male) Byleth’s voice. Previously, we hadn’t heard Byleth speak in any dialogue scenes or (obviously) in battle. This led some fans to wonder if he/she is a silent protagonist.

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Fates Artbook Cover, Three Houses Cipher Promos & Meet Edelgard!

Earlier today, Fire Emblem Cipher held its Series 16 pre-release livestream. In addition to many Cipher-related news and reveals, the team shared some more general Fire Emblem info as well.

As promised, the cover artwork for the Fates artbook “Pellucid Crystal” was unveiled during the livestream. Yusuke Kozaki has really outdone himself with a highly detailed panorama featuring Nohrians and Hoshidans fighting together.

The artbook can be pre-ordered via Amazon Japan. The editing team has also opened up a webpage showcasing various sample pages from the artbook (which you can also find below). As a reminder, the book contains 320 pages and releases on 25th April 2019.

Next, the hosts showed off a trio of Cipher promotional cards depicting the House Leaders from Three Houses. These will be given out during this year’s “Cipher Festival” event. The artists are Kotaro Yamada, Senri Kita and Rika Suzuki.

Besides the spiffy art and brown/olive border colour, no further details were provided. That said, we do know Three Houses will feature in Cipher‘s Series 18, although it’s likely these cards will precede that series.

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Three Houses: Theme Song with Official English Lyrics

Not to be outdone by Nintendo Japan sharing the longer version of Three Houses‘s main theme song, the Western Nintendo branches just released their version with English lyrics.


Nintendo of Europe mentions that this song will be available in the Sound Selection USB that comes with their limited edition. Considering it’s also available in Japan’s soundtrack CD, it’s nigh guaranteed to be included in the North American soundtrack too.

If you’re interested, some of our forum members–Michelaar, Enduin and SageOfAnys–all worked independently to try and transcribe the lyrics. You can compare them with the translated Japanese lyrics as well.

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Three Houses: Fódlan Collection Mini-Analysis

Yesterday, Nintendo Japan showcased their Three Houses‘s special edition–the “Fódlan Collection”. In our earlier article, we briefly outlined the contents. But since it’s a quiet weekend, I thought I’d have a more thorough look…

To begin with, one of the biggest talking points, although perhaps for the wrong reasons: the game’s boxart and key visual. In case you missed it, Nintendo of America confirmed that they’ll be printing the same boxart. Presumably Europe will follow suit.

As for the artwork itself, the most interesting things for me are the weapons being held by the House Leaders and male/female Byleth. In particular, Edelgard seems to wielding an axe with a fairly unique design that I don’t remember seeing before.

I’m assuming the left side–the longer one–is the axe edge. On the right side, there’s a swirly symbol that resembles a Tomoe, which is apparently widely used in Japanese shrines and as a family emblem.

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