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Cipher S18 Weekly Recap: Daily Reveals, Frontier Column, & Site Updates!

Ever since last Saturday’s livestream, it’s been a busy week for Fire Emblem Cipher. As usual, @fecipher has provided us with daily cards for the new set. This week, reveals culminated in this gorgeous SR card for Cordelia!

However, the lion’s share of cards this week’s Twitter cards are, unsurprisingly, for Three Houses. Both Mercedes and Jeralt get R foil cards this set. Mercedes’s matching N card also contains a cameo of several monastery cats!

Petra rounds out the 3H reveal with a duo of cards for herself. Lastly, Cormag is the only purple character this week. Another new Magvelian character makes their Cipher debut!

In addition to Twitter reveals, a new Cipher Frontier Column also showed off some new cards. Additionally, the official site updated with a look at S18’s booster box goodies. Hit the “Read More” button below to take a look at everything!

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Fire Emblem x SuperGroupies Fashion Merchandise Available to Pre-order

SuperGroupies, a posh fashion brand in Japan, has announced a limited-time collaboration with the Fire Emblem series. The line up includes watches, bags and scarfs inspired by Path of Radiance, Awakening and the recently released Three Houses.

Besides Fire Emblem, SuperGroupies has also collaborated with many other franchises, usually related to gaming, anime and the like, such as Persona and NieR:Automata.

Global shipping is available–and there’s even an English version of the website, although it’s run through a machine translator. So if you are interested, you’re in luck! Just be wary that the shipping (and fees) might be costly especially with how expensive the items themselves are.

Pre-orders will be open throughout 27th August 2019 to 17th September 2019, at 12:00 (local time). The bags and scarves will be shipped out from the 2nd half of December 2019, while the watches will be leaving slightly later, from the 2nd half of February 2020.

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Heroes: “A Day in the Life of Heroes” Comic getting Physical Release on 26th August

Way back in November 2017, Fire Emblem Heroes started releasing a weekly comic known as “A Day in the Life of Heroes” (or some variant) on their website, although only in Japanese. Fast forward nearly two years and a physical version of the comic will be available from 26th August 2019.

Currently there are no official details, although you can find the cover illustration via its listing on Amazon Japan. There’s also a tweet from Itagaki Hako–one of the three artists who contributes to the weekly comic–that suggests it’s what we think it is (a physical release).

Like the original comic, the physical version will only be available in Japanese. Still, it’d nice to have the comic in your actual hands–and you can always read the translations by Kirokan or Coolmanio!

Cipher Summer Livestream Details & S18 Sleeves & Card Previews!

With Three Houses out in the wild now, the Fire Emblem Cipher team has begun sharing its own news. The next set, Series 18, features cards and characters from the new game, along with Awakening and The Sacred Stones. In celebration of the upcoming set, Cipher will be hosting their Cipher Summer Livestream on 24 August!

Kubocchan will be hosting for the first time, along with Cipher Producer Ryota Kawade. Voice Actors Kaito Ishikawa (Dimitri) and Hibiku Yamamura (Rinea and Shade) will also join in as guests. You can check out details and bookmark the stream links on the official site here.

Other Cipher news has also begun to trickle in as the release date gets closer. As usual, four sets of sleeves will also be coming out along with the set, featuring new artwork. The sleeves for S18 feature Male Byleth, Edelgard, Tharja, and L’Arachel.

You can also see larger versions of the sleeves in this sample-stamped image here. If you’re interested in pre-ordering them, they’re already up on AmiAmi.

A new advertisement has also revealed our first S18 cards! Check out the ad image blow. Edelgard on the left is a new card, likely from the S18 Starter Deck. Dimitri and Claude are the same as their earlier promo cards, while Robin and Ephraim are also new.

We should start getting official card reveals in just a couple weeks, shortly before the Spring Livestream airs. We’ll begin our weekly articles again once the cards start coming, so keep your eyes open!