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FE Warriors Three Hopes: Next Famitsu Includes Art Card & Developer Interview

The official release of Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes is almost upon us!

Not to be outdone by Nintendo Dream, the upcoming 7th July issue of Famitsu, which releases on 23rd June 2022 (mere hours from this post) also has a massive blow-out feature.

There will be 28 pages of gameplay info, helpful tips for the earlygame, how to use characters etc. plus an interview with Nintendo’s Genki Yokota, Intelligent System’s Toshiyuki Kusakihara and Koei Tecmo’s Yosuke Hayashi + Hayato Iwata.

On top of that, there’s a bonus B5 size (slightly bigger than A5) art card that has Famitsu’s unique cover (a counterpart to Nintendo Dream’s with the opposite gender Shez and Byleth) on one side and the game’s main visual on the other.

Merchandise: Edelgard and Bernadetta Pop Up Parade Figures & More Coming Soon!

Some nice news for fans of Three Houses: Good Smile Company has revealed new “Pop Up Parade” figures of Edelgard and Bernadetta from the Black Eagles house.

Pop Up Parade is a line of figures covering a wide range of franchises that are meant to be more affordable than typical figures, while still maintaining a high level of quality.

Both figures will be released on November 2022, costing 4,800 Yen each. Pre-orders are now open.

In addition, pre-orders for Dimitri and Felix from the Blue Lions will begin in July, while pre-orders for Claude and Lysithea from the Golden Deer will begin in August.

Edelgard von Hresvelg

Sculptor: Manabu Kato

Approx. 165 mm in height.

Bernadetta von Varley

Sculptor: Hidetoshi Nishibu

Approx. 160 mm in height.

Merchandise: FE Heroes Character Illustrations Vol. 2 Releases 27th May 2022

Last year, Fire Emblem Heroes Character Illustrations Vol. 1 was released in Japan. This art book covered Books I through III and preceded the game’s 5th anniversary.

As one would expect, Volume 2 is in the works, scheduled for release on 27th May 2022 in Japan. Featuring Sharena on the cover, this volume covers Books IV and V (but not the on-going Book VI).

The book spans 480 pages with 328 Heroes (+ extras). It will cost 4,950 Yen (tax included). It’s available to pre-order from Amazon Japan and most good book stores.

Merchandise: Three Houses x SuperGroupies “5 Years Later” Range

Fire Emblem collectors, we hope your piggy banks are still in one piece… For the 4th year in a row (and slightly earlier than usual), Super Groupies is teaming up with Three Houses to produce more high-end fashion gear.

This time, they’re releasing themed collaboration bags inspired by various characters during the War Phase (5 years later). The character line up is as follows: Linhardt, Bernadetta, Felix, Sylvain, Lysithea, Hilda and Yuri.

Pre-orders are open until 16th May 2022; orders will be shipped around mid-September 2022.

Linhardt Shoulder Bag – 14,300 Yen (w/ tax)

(More images can be found via the product page.)

Immediately catching the eye is the unique quilted design on the flap.
The wide bag strap and tassel charm are inspired by Linhardt’s clothing.
The striking contrast of black and green brings Linhardt’s outfit to mind.
The roomy main compartment comfortably fits 500mL bottles and long wallets.
Original lining design: motifs include the initials of his name, a book and fishing pole to reflect his love of reading and fishing, his lost item of a feather pillow, and some of his favorite tasty baked treats.
Avoid fussiness and optimize organization with the additional open pocket and zippered pocket inside.
The zipper pull on the internal pocket comes with a charm featuring the Crest of Cethleann.

Product description.

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