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Fire Emblem Cipher at Comiket 97

During the Fire Emblem Cipher Series 19 pre-release livestream, the Cipher team showcased the exclusive merchandise that will be available at Comiket 97 in Japan.

For reference, Comiket 97 will be held during 28th to 31st December 2019 at the Tokyo Big Sight. It’s the place for Japanese anime and gaming fans to convene. The Cipher booth is No. 1242, located in the corporate area of the Aomi Exhibition Hall.

After the livestream ended, the Comiket 97 page on the official Cipher website was updated with full details of all the merchandise. Previously, there was a list of merchandise, but no images. Below, you’ll find all of the important information in English!

Fan Boxes – 5,000 Yen each

These are luxurious collector’s boxes, geared towards Cipher fans. There are two versions (green or red), which contain the same type of items, but different designs.

Both boxes include the box itself, a postcard book, exclusive domiterior (a type of rectangular acrylic keyring), exclusive promotional card, storage box, card stand, set of calendar cards, set of special marker cards and colour campus bag.

The green fan box has an exclusive female Byleth domiterior and promotional card, plus special marker cards of female Byleth, Dimitri, Sothis and Seteth.

Meanwhile, the red one has an exclusive Edelgard domiterior and promotional card, plus special marker cards of male Byleth, Edelgard, Claude and Flayn.

The art used for the exclusive female Byleth and Edelgard goodies appears to be based on their casual attire. For a better look at their artwork, keep reading!

Below are some pics of the fan box (so you can see their size) and pages from the postcard book (Marth and female Corrin).

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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore: New Features Clarified & Soundtrack Announced!

Nintendo has shared more details about Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore ahead of its release on 17th January 2020. On the Japanese side, the official website has opened and a topic article was posted.

A lot of the information is basically explaining the original game’s premise. However, they do go into detail about some of the new content that’s exclusive to the Switch version. We’ll be covering this towards the end.

Also, there’s good news for fans of the game’s music! A soundtrack collection will be released alongside the game, on 17th January 2020 (in Japan).

Dubbed “Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore Best Sound Collection” it will contain 82 tracks (22 vocal + 80 BGM) spread across 3 disks. The asking price is 4,950 Yen (including tax).

Furthermore, to celebrate the occasion, there will be a live concert at the Tokyo Dome City Hall (in Japan) on 27th June 2020. For more information about the soundtrack and concert, please check the official website (Japanese).

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Cipher S19 Weekly Recap: Daily Reveals, Comiket News, & Livestream Guest Update!

We’re another week closer to the release of S19 of Fire Emblem Cipher, and @fecipher has been busy with reveals. Finishing up the week is our latest Three Houses SR card, this time for Hubert! He appears here as the Dark Bishop class.

Two other 3H characters are also making their Cipher debut this set, both revealed this week. Sylvain from Blue Lions and Lorenz from Golden Deer each score two cards. Sylvain’s promoted card is an R foil.

The Twitter also showed off two more characters from Genealogy as well, Ulster and Arthur. Both have been included in Cipher sets before, but not since S8, which will be rotating out soon.

Additionally, Cipher had a few other announcements today related to upcoming events. Hit the “Read More” button for our first glimpse at some of the Comiket 97 merchandise and also a surprise guest for the S19 Pre-Release Livestream.

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Fire Emblem Expo II Details Revealed & Dated (5th~6th May 2020)!

As promised, Intelligent Systems has updated the Fire Emblem Expo II website with additional information regarding this fan-focused event. They also revealed the key visual, which has been updated with the house leaders from Three Houses.

Similar to this summer’s event, there will be live band performances, stage dramas, art exhibitions and exclusive merchandise for sale. It will be held on 5th and 6th May 2020 at Zepp Tokyo in Japan. Tickets are currently available to purchase online until 16th December 2019 (Japan time).

For those planning to attend, there are three ticketed sessions. The first one opens at 5 pm on 5th May, the second at 12 noon on 6th May (noon session) and the third at 4 pm on 6th May (evening session). There are also three tiers of tickets (SS, S and A), which determines your seating.

As an additional incentive, SS and S ticket holders will also receive limited edition items.

  • Armory collection mini (set of 3) – Aymr, Areadbhar and Failnaught
  • Fire Emblem Expo II Bead Cushion
  • Fire Emblem Expo II Themed Ticket

On to the attractions! The first Fire Emblem Expo had a special art exhibition dedicated to Thracia 776. Next year’s expo mixes things up slightly by having two exhibitions.

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