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Three Houses: Few Details via Download Card & Upcoming Japanese Merchandise

There’s roughly one month to go until Three Houses is released. Apparently, retailers in Japan are now stocking the cards for the digital version of the game. Naturally, it’s not possible to play the game just yet, but there are some neat details on the back of the card.

Firstly, the game’s file size is 11.9 GB (and over). Which is useful to know if you’re planning to get the game digitally. For reference, the Switch version of Fire Emblem Warriors was around 13 GB. Meanwhile, the 3DS games weighed around 1 GB each.

Next, the game will support Nintendo Switch Online (the paid service). From what we know, the game does not feature online (or local) multiplayer (via Game Informer etc.). Presumably it’s for the Global Activity feature, which compares weekend statistics from players across the world.

The game will support amiibo, but no details were given. Earlier, we saw an amiibo Gazebo in the monastery grounds. I’m also curious if there will be new amiibo created for the game; for example of Byleth and the three house leaders. We had new amiibo for Echoes and Warriors.

Lastly, to nobody’s surprise, the game will have paid DLC. This time they gave some details but not a lot. Apparently you’ll be able to purchase things like new quests (the ones you can accept from bulletin boards), side stories (presumably paralogues) and costumes. I’m rather intrigued by the last one…

(Via lancelam on Reddit and gamer.com.tw)

In slightly unrelated news, Empty recently announced some new lines of merchandise for the game, scheduled for release during late July.

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Three Houses: Japanese Theme Song “Lady of Hresvelg ~Three Houses~” CD Single Releasing on 7th August 2019

First teased to the audience at Fire Emblem Expo, Nintendo and Being, Inc will be releasing a CD single containing the Japanese theme song for Three Houses, called “Lady of Hresvelg ~Three Houses~” and sung by Caro, on 7th August 2019.

Pictured is the cover for the special edition of the CD. This will cost 1,667 Yen (not including tax) and will include:

CD Contents

  1. Lady of Hresvelg ~Three Houses~
  2. Lady of Hresvelg
  3. Fallin’
  4. Rewind

DVD Contents

  • Movie video: Three Houses version
  • Movie video: Caro version
  • Game sound director Takeru Kanazaki x Caro Discussion Video + Making Of Video (Recording Backdrops)

Meanwhile, the standard edition shown above costs 1,167 Yen (excluding tax). This includes the following, on a CD:

  1. Lady of Hresvelg ~Three Houses~
  2. Fallin’
  3. Always Be Yourself

To clarify, it appears the theme song itself is titled “Lady of Hresvelg”. As for the other songs, they seem to other songs performed by Caro. If you’re curious, you can listen to Fallin’ here. The CD itself is also touted as Caro’s “major debut single”.

(Link to official website)

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July Merchandise: Heroes Phone Stands + Exalted Falchion from the Armory Collection

Recently, Nintendo and retailers announced some new Fire Emblem merchandise releasing in Japan soon.

Fire Emblem Heroes Acrylic Smartphone Stands – 1,500 Yen each (plus tax)

First up is a set of three acrylic stands that you can use to prop up your phone, releasing some time in July 2019. They all measure 13 x 8.4 cm. There are three designs that you can choose from:

  • Kingdom of Askr (includes a Kiran mini acrylic figure)
  • Spring Festival (includes a Legendary Roy mini acrylic figure)
  • Arena (includes a Legendary Lucina mini acrylic figure)

Here are some pictures of the phone stands being used. The included mini acrylic figures are the same size as the individual ones you can buy, but they face left. What you can do is place a pair of left and right-facing figures together to recreate some cute scenes!

(Link to publisher’s website / Link to Twitter)

Fire Emblem Armory Collection #1 Exalted Falchion – 3,700 Yen (plus tax)

Revealed at the Fire Emblem Expo back in May, the first wave of the Armory Collection will be arriving during late July 2019, featuring the Exalted Falchion wielded by Marth, the Hero-King himself.

The Falchion itself measures 190 mm, while the box that houses it is 90 x 220 x 20 mm. The main body is made of zinc alloy, while some of the parts use stainless steel and copper.

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Fire Emblem Cipher Festival 2019: Merchandise + Thracia Art Exhibition

Back in April, the Fire Emblem Cipher team shared most of the details for the upcoming Fire Emblem Cipher Festival 2019 events, to be held in Japan during June. Recently, they updated their webpage with a few more details.

Firstly, the merchandise listing has been expanded, beyond the single picture and simple list from before. There are now better pictures of all the products, plus a proper look at the crazy expensive A3 acrylic card. You can find the information in English further down this article.

Additionally, by popular demand, the Thracia 776 art exhibition that featured at Fire Emblem Expo earlier this month will be making a comeback at the Cipher Festival events. The exhibition showcased all the known official artworks plus some artwork from the ending sequence.

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