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Cipher Merchandise via Japanese Online Store (Part 2)

A reminder for Fire Emblem Cipher or merchandise collectors: earlier in July, Intelligent Systems updated the Cipher merchandise available via their online store.

As outlined in the Series 21 pre-release livestream, the main new additions are play mats of three house leaders from Three Houses, plus many re-released card sleeves and event-exclusive merchandise.

Pre-orders for the play mats close after 26th July 2020 (Japan time), while all other items are being sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. At the time of writing, a few items have sold out, such as the card sleeves of Tharja and swimsuit Corrin from Comiket 93.

Please note that shipping is only available within Japan.

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Three Houses: Edelgard figma release postponed to August

Good Smile Company has issued an update and apology that their figma of Edelgard from Three Houses will be seeing a delayed release, moving from July to sometime this August.

An official product image of the Edelgard figma, provided by Good Smile Company.

The given explanation for the updated release schedule is due to factory delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been the case for various product releases.

Fans looking forward to the release will have to wait just a little bit longer for the Adrestrian princess to arrive, but she should hopefully be worth the wait to those who’ve ordered. Reservations for purchasing the figma have since closed and may not open again for some time.

Still looking to expand your Fire Emblem collection? Pre-orders for the February 2021 rerelease of the figma for Lucina from Awakening are still open until the end of this month! Check out our previous article for all the details.

Awakening: Lucina figma rerelease scheduled February 2021!

If you’re a fan of Fire Emblem figures, here’s a new opportunity to get your hands on the officially licensed figma of Lucina from Awakening.

Official product image of the Lucina figma, shared by Good Smile Company.

Originally released in August 2015, this is a high-quality figure manufactured by Good Smile Company (GSC) and is capable of a variety of dynamic poses with her Falchion sword. It’s even possible to have Lucina don her Masked Marth persona, complete with her other hairstyle.

Since its initial release all those years ago, this product has become highly valued and difficult to obtain without paying an exorbitant price. Good Smile Company has announced a future release of the figure to arrive February 2021 at a suggested retail price of ¥7,700 (roughly $70 USD, for comparison).

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Cipher Merchandise Available via Japanese Online Store!

As mentioned during last weekend’s Cipher livestream, Intelligent Systems will be selling Cipher merchandise new and old via their online store.

If you’re interested in the Cipher products specifically, you’ll want to use the provided link. The main highlights are Art Works 19 and 20, which will be releasing for the first time. But there are many legacy items too, including lots of play mats!

Finally, after nearly 5 years, I might actually get the little sisters play mat!

Pre-orders can be made before the end of 14th June 2020 (JST). Please note that shipping is only available within Japan. Also, it’s possible that some items may sell out before the end of the pre-order period.

Fire Emblem Cipher Art Works 1 to 20 (2,200 Yen each) and Extra Selections (3,850 Yen)

These are glossy art books featuring artworks from the corresponding Cipher series. So Volume 20 has artwork from Series 20 and so forth. Extra Selections has assorted artwork from promo cards.

Pictured are Volumes 19 (left) and 20 (right).

Fire Emblem Cipher Play Mats – 3,850 Yen each

These are lovely play mats used for playing Cipher, other card games or just admiring. Normally, they’re incredibly difficult to acquire, being among the first products to sell out during events. Don’t let this chance slip by!

The available designs are: Little brothers (pictured above), Little sisters, Big sisters, Big brothers and Pixel Heroes

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