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Fire Emblem Fates: Corrin Nohr Noble 1/7 Scale Figure Announced!

At WonHobby Gallery 2023 Spring, a new scale figure for Corrin in her Nohr Noble attire was revealed.

The figure is expected to release on June 2024, so just over a year away.

Intelligent Systems has added a product page on their website, featuring a 360 degree showcase, plus artwork and a comment from Yusuke Kozaki, who designed the characters.

Here’s our translation of his comment:

No way, Corrin is getting a scale figure and it’s the popular Nohr Noble outfit too!

It has a really cool finish and looks great from every angle. It seems CG is used for prototyping these days–the realistic shape of the cape and the silhouette of the flowing hair is a clear sign–and the quality has improved a lot in recent years.

It’s already been 8 years since the release of Fire Emblem Fates, but I’m delighted that we still have the chance to sculpt it with the latest technology!

Good Smile Company (the distributor) also has their own product page. Below are photos from the page.

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“Fire Emblem Engage Special Vocal Edition” Single CD Releasing on 15th March

Nintendo/Intelligent Systems and Being Inc. will be releasing a “Fire Emblem Engage Special Vocal Edition” single CD on 15th March 2023. It includes Fire Emblem Engage‘s opening theme “Emblem Engage!” (by Ryo) and its ending theme “Fiery Bonds” (by Rainy).

In addition to the CD itself, the set contains a Blu-Ray with a special version of the opening theme (full) and special version of the ending theme (1 chorus), plus 26 clear art sheets featuring the main characters and Emblems (which you can customise the CD jacket with), packaged together in a 3-sided case.

The RRP is 2,500 Yen plus tax.

Also, “Emblem Engage!” will be available on streaming services (such as iTunes) from 1st February, while “Fiery Bonds” will follow on 15th February.

For more information, please refer to the Japanese product page.

Merchandise: Better Look at the 1/7 Veronica Figure & Message from Yusuke Kozaki

A few days ago, a 1/7 scale figure of Veronica was showcased at WonHobby Gallery 2022 AUTUMN.

Today, Intelligent Systems, as the publisher, shared an article on their website that provides a detailed look at the figure, which will release during February 2024.

Of note, there’s a 360 degree video of the figure and a message plus congratulatory artwork from Yusuke Kozaki, who designed Veronica’s original and Legendary designs.

After nearly 6 years since Fire Emblem Heroes launched, one of its original characters finally gets her own figure!

We’re also happy that it’s Veronica, who’s been with us since the very beginning.
Recently, she changed into a new outfit and she’s grown up a little appearance-wise, but even though there weren’t any plans to make a figure of her at the time, I created her outfit design so it’d look good in 3D, so I’m delighted that she’s getting a figure now.
This is a work that encapsulates the game’s world view; we hope you’ll add it to your collection and show it off…!

Yusuke Kozaki (translated)

Additionally, pre-orders for the figure are now open.

If you want, you can pre-order directly from the distributor, Good Smile Company. Below are photos from their webpage.

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Merchandise: Three Houses Themed Cushions & Blankets by empty

Not long ago, it was the 3rd anniverary of Three Houses. Even now, the merchandise doesn’t stop coming!

empty, which specialises in producing various licensed goods, is releasing Three Houses themed cushions and blankets from December 2022. These are all designed around the motifs of Byleth and the three house leaders.

Cushions – 5,280 Yen each (with tax)

  • Line up: 01 Byleth (M), 02 Byleth (F), 03 Edelgard, 04 Dimitri and 05 Claude
  • Size: 40 x 40 cm
  • Material: Polyester

Blankets – 4,400 Yen each (with tax)

  • Line up: 01 Byleth (M), 02 Byleth (F), 03 Edelgard, 04 Dimitri and 05 Claude
  • Size: 100 x 70 cm
  • Material: Polyester