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Fire Emblem Premium Arrange Album Announced

Last month, we learned that there will be a live concert during the Fire Emblem Expo event on May 2019. For those who can’t make it–or wish to preserve the music–Intelligent Systems will be releasing a CD featuring all the songs.

Today, they officially announced the details of said CD, which is titled “Fire Emblem Premium Arrange”. It will come out on 20th March, long before the expo starts, and retails for 3,200 Yen (including tax). Those in Japan can pre-order it directly from Intelligent Systems.

The CD itself includes 15 songs, of which 14 will be played at the concert, plus a bonus song exclusive to the CD: a rendition of Conquest (Ablaze), sung by Lucina’s voice actress, Yū Kobayashi. It will also have a full colour, 8-page booklet.

To ease the wait, the official expo site includes samples of all the included songs, on this page (just click the red “play” buttons). Below, you can find the track list, as well as a re-hosted playlist with all the sample tracks.

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“Fire Emblem World” Website: Daily Characters + Weekly Songs

Last month, the official Japanese Fire Emblem World website had a big makeover. Presumably, in part, to prepare for the release of Three Houses later this year.

Back then, the website team promised that new characters and songs would be added to the font page on a daily and weekly basis, respectively. Now that time has come.

To begin with, Chrom–one of the main characters from Awakening–is the first daily character to be featured. In addition, the first weekly song is Id (Purpose), from the same game.

We dig a little digging and it seems the rest of the featured characters for this week are all from Awakening too. The lucky characters are, in chronological order: Lissa, Frederick, Cordelia, Stahl, Lucina and Gangrel.

Afterwards, the spotlight is scheduled to move to Mystery of the Emblem. The featured song will change to Advance, while the characters will go through Marth, Caeda, Navarre, Tiki, Julian, Ogma and Merric.

On the third week, the highlighted game will be Binding Blade. The weekly song will be Beyond the Sky: Roy’s Journey, while the characters will cycle through Roy, Alen, Lance, Lilina, Narcian, Guinevere and Zephiel.

Disclaimer: The schedule may change without warning.

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Fire Emblem 2018 Retrospective

Very soon, 2018 will be coming to an end. Just before we welcome the new year, let’s take a look back at how 2018 treated Fire Emblem, shall we?

Compared to the year before, 2018 was somewhat of a gap year for Fire Emblem. There were no notable releases, not even any spin-offs. However, things were far from quiet thanks to regular updates to Fire Emblem Heroes, which launched in 2017, as well as the Cipher card game.

In addition, we finally learned the true identity of the upcoming Fire Emblem title for the Nintendo Switch. Even if the game was delayed from its tentative 2018 release date to sometime in Spring 2019. So that gave us something nice to look forward to.

Disclaimer: This isn’t meant to be an objective review of the year, but the author’s personal take on things.
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Heroes: Version 3.1.0 Incoming, Update to Merge Allies, Legendary Azura + More!

Fire Emblem Heroes has shared news of the next version update, which is scheduled for early January 2019. You can find the information via the in-game notifications, but for your convenience, we’ll go over them here.

Firstly, as teased in the latest FEH Channel, Heroes with beast weapons will finally be arriving. No new information was shared, so we still only know of Tibarn and Nailah. But existing skills have been updated to account for these new weapons.

Next, Legendary Effects and Mythic Effects will play a slightly bigger role. In Aether Raids, Legendary Heroes will receive Mythic Effects if a Mythic Hero is present and both of their elements are aligned with the current season.

Likewise, Mythic Heroes will receive Legendary Effects if a Legendary Hero is present and both of their elements are aligned with the current season. This applies for all battles outside of Aether Raids, except Blessed Gardens.

For example, the current season is Water, Wind, Light and Dark. So if you have Legendary Fjorm (Water) and Mythic Eir (Light) in the same team, Fjorm will get a stat and Lift boost in Aether Raids, while Eir will get a stat boost in Arena etc.

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