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Heroes: Clarisse Grand Hero Battle Coming on 28 June!

The next Grand Hero Battle in Fire Emblem Heroes will feature Clarisse from New Mystery of the Emblem! @FE_Heroes_JP tweeted the following image as a preview of her map:

Clarisse comes with her own signature weapon, Clarisse’s Bow, that inflicts an Atk/Spd penalty on foes within two spaces of her target. She also comes with the skills Glimmer, Poison Strike, and Threaten Def.

You’ll be able to battle Clarisse and win her to your team starting next Wednesday, 28 June, at 7:00am UTC.

Heroes: The War of the Clerics Voting Gauntlet + Arena Quest Update!

The War of the Clerics Voting Gauntlet starts today in Fire Emblem Heroes! Elise, Sakura, Maria, Lachesis, Lissa, Mist, Clarine and Priscilla are ready to fight head to head for fame and glory. Check out our earlier article for a break down of the event and its associated Summoning Focus banners.

As usual, you can complete a number of quests to earn additional Battle Flags to turn the gauntlet in your side’s favour. These quests have changed slightly from previous gauntlets and no longer require using Alfonse and Sharena. You can see a full listing of the new quests at the bottom of this post.

The official Fire Emblem Heroes website has also updated to include a page about the Voting Gauntlets. Most interestingly, the page contains a section where you can see the total votes for each character, updated every hour. You can check it out here, or within the app itself via a button on the Notifications page.

The first round lasts for a bit less than two days, ending on 29 June at 3:59am UTC. The entire Voting Gauntlet and its focus banners will come to a close next week on 3 July. Do your best to support your favourite little sister cleric and win the day!

Additionally, with the start of the next Arena season, the weekly Arena quests have now reset. Earn yourself some additional Stamina Potions, Dueling Crests, and of course precious Orbs by competing in many Arena battles! There will be one more quest reset next Monday, 3 July.

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Heroes: Heroes with Fury Summoning Focus!

The new Heroes with Fury Summoning Focus is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes!

The banner contains three 5★ focus units: Jagen, Eldigan, and Bartre. Each hero comes with the valuable Fury skill, which gives them higher stats at the cost of losing a small amount of HP after each combat. Summon these heroes and put those heightened stats to use in aiding your team!

The new banner will be around for two weeks until 10 July at 6:59am UTC.

Heroes: War of the Clerics Voting Gauntlet Coming Soon

Details of the next Fire Emblem Heroes Voting Gauntlet have been officially announced. This time, everyone’s favourite little sisters… ahem, Clerics will be battling for glory.

The gauntlet runs from 27th June 2016 (not long after the scheduled maintenance) until 3rd July 2016. In preparation for the trials ahead, two summoning banners are currently available, featuring all 8 participating Clerics.

In Block A, we have Elise, Sakura, Maria and Lachesis. Meanwhile Block B is home to Lissa, Mist, Clarine and Priscilla. The brackets are as follows:

To shake things up, there are a couple of changes compared to previous gauntlets. Firstly, the disadvantage bonus now increases the less time there is left in the round, for a maximum multiplier of 7.5.

In addition, some quests (to earn Flags) have been slightly changed. Finally, the rewards given to all users for smashing 10 billion points have been decreased to 10 Orbs and 10,000 Universal Crystals.