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Heroes: Performing Arts Re-run

Are you ready to dance again? Fire Emblem Heroes is re-running last year’s Performing Arts limited time summoning event between now and the rollover on 19th October.

The featured Heroes are dancer versions of Olivia, Inigo, Azura and Shigure. For more details (such as Skills), please refer to last year’s article.

Although it may have been the perfect time to repeat this event while Festival in Hoshido was ongoing, the original event debuted during late September last year so it seems they wanted to wait until it was nearly a year.

Heroes: Forging Bonds: High Tea Jinx Now Live!

A new event has just arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! Equip your finest accessories and head to the Events menu for Forging Bonds: High Tea Jinx.

Flora, Silas, Ophelia, and Nina want to show their appreciation for the Order of Heroes. To this end, Flora has decided to go on a quest to obtain a very unique item…

The main page of the event has been updated a bit since last time. Now, Heroes players will be able to earn two Orbs the first seven days they play the event. The Orb checkboxes on the bottom show how many Orbs you have left to earn!

Additionally, the top part of the screen shows the current bonus colour and multiplier, while the middle shows the bonus accessories. Make sure to equip your team for an additional Friendship multiplier! If you didn’t earn the EX accessories from the last Forging Bonds, you can also earn up the new accessories for this event.

The rewards are the same as previous events, starting with C conversations and working all the way up to S. You can also earn lots of Hero Feathers along the way. Earn 3,500 Friendship for each hero to get up to four Orbs, too! Click on “Check Rewards” at any point during the event to see your progress.

Forging Bonds: High Tea Jinx will run for about two weeks, ending on 2 October. Good luck and have fun earning lots of Friendship with all the new heroes!

Heroes: New Power Banner + Upcoming Forging Bonds

To celebrate the weapon refinery update in Version 2.9 of Fire Emblem Heroes, a “New Power” summoning event is now available until the rollover on 25th September.

The featured Heroes are of course Odin, Cherche and Celica. Of the three, Celica is the only 5-star exclusive–and she also has one heck of a refine.

Additionally, starting on 18th September, a new Forging Bonds event will be running, focused on the four new Heroes from Nohrian Dusk.

This time, you can earn 2 Orbs for the first battle you do during the first 7 days you participate in the event, instead of the first 7 days of the event. So you have a bit more flexibility.

The bonus Accessories, which boost your score, are the EX accessories from the previous event, plus four new ones, including a Maid head dress and glasses! The possibilities are endless…

Heroes: Nohrian Dusk Summoning Event + Conclusion of Book II

Starting today, the Nohrian Dusk summoning event–featuring Ophelia, Flora, Nina and Silas–is now underway in Fire Emblem Heroes. Summoners have until the daily rollover on 10th October to try and nab these popular Nohrian Heroes!

For more details about the featured Heroes, including their Skills, please refer to our previous article that covered the debut trailer.

Alongside these new Heroes are new story chapters and timed quests, plus a Log-in Bonus that awards 13 Orbs across 10 days.

Speaking of the story, the newly added Chapter 13: A Way Home marks the end of Book II. At the moment, nothing special is happening, but we have a few hints of what to expect…

Eagle-eyed fans have noticed that three Muspell characters–Laegjarn, Laevatein and Helbindi have been added to the Catalog of Heroes following today’s update. So it seems we’ll be getting them sooner than later.

Looking at the event calendar, perhaps they’ll be available via the month-long summoning event starting from 21st September? Either way, the future of Heroes is going to be pretty interesting!