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Heroes: Resplendent Nino Does Her Best & May/June Calendar!

From today, Resplendent Leif will be available for Feh Pass subscribers in Fire Emblem Heroes. As for the next Resplendent Hero, Nino: Pious Mage has risen to the occasion.

This version of Nino is wearing attire based on the Emblian Empire. She’ll be available from 25th May 2021 (UTC). In the meantime, you can check out her artwork (by Sakura Shiori) and voice samples on the Feh Pass website.

Also, we now have the calendar for mid May through mid June.

Important dates to jot down in your diary include 20th May, when the next batch of Special Heroes arrive (likely bridal versions, given the scheduled revivals), 31st May for the next Mythic Hero and 8th June when more New Heroes will descend.

Like always, please continue for the text version of the calendar.

Note: All dates are in PST as per the official calendar.

Dates Name Type
Now ~ 10th May Summoning Focus: Heroes with Goad and Ward Skills Summoning
Now ~ 14th May Grand Hero Battle – Orson: Passion’s Folly Event
Now ~ 17th May Special Heroes Revival: A Season for Picnics Summoning
Now ~ 18th May Special Heroes Summoning Event: Childhood Encounter Summoning
Now ~ 19th May Coliseum & Ordeals Quests Quests
Now ~ 19th May New Heroes Log-In Bonus Log-In Bonus
Now ~ 20th May Forging Bonds: Forces of Will Event
Now ~ 30th May New Heroes Summoning Event: Forces of Will Summoning
10th ~ 16th May Limited Hero Battle Event
10th ~ 23rd May Quiz Event Present Other
11th ~ 16th May Summoning Focus: New Power Summoning
13th ~ 19th May Legendary Hero Remix Summoning
14th ~ 27th May Hall of Forms Event
15th ~ 23rd May Bound Hero Battle: Leila & Matthew Event
15th ~ 23rd May Summoning Focus: Bound Hero Battle Summoning
17th ~ 27th May Summoning Focus: Heroes w/ Joint Drive Skills Summoning
18th ~ 30th May Summoning Focus: Tempest Trials+ Summoning
18th ~ 30th May Tempest Trials+ Log-In Bonus Log-In Bonus
19th ~ 20th May Pawns of Loki Event
20th May ~ Unknown Special Heroes Summoning Event Summoning
20th ~ 30th May Special Heroes Log-In Bonus Log-In Bonus
21st ~ 30th May Tempest Trials+ Event
22nd May ~ 4th June Colorless Hostiles Quests Quests
24th May ~ 1st June Grand Hero Battle Revival – Eremiya: Bishop of Woe Event
25th May ~ 7th June Special Heroes Revival: Bridal Beloveds Summoning
26th May ~ 2nd June Forging Bonds Revival: A New Future Event
26th May ~ 2nd June New Heroes Revival: A New Future Summoning
28th May ~ 2nd June Summoning Focus: Heroes with Odd Wave Skills Summoning
28th May ~ 2nd June Rokkr Sieges Event
29th May ~ 10th June Voting Gauntlet Log-In Bonus Log-In Bonus
30th ~ 31st May Pawns of Loki Event
31st May ~ 7th June Mythic Heroes Summoning Event Summoning
31st May ~ 7th June Mythic Hero Battle Event
1st ~ 6th June Voting Gauntlet Event
2nd ~ 8th June Bound Hero Battle Revival: Hubert & Bernadetta Event
3rd ~ 9th June Summoning Focus: Heroes with Form Skills Summoning
4th June ~ Unknown Special Heroes Revival: Bridal Belonging Summoning
4th June ~ Unknown Three Heroes Quests Quests
5th June ~ Unknown Special Heroes Revival: Bridal Bloom Summoning
6th ~ 7th June Pawns of Loki Event
7th June ~ Unknown Special Heroes Revival: Bridal Blessings Summoning
8th June ~ Unknown New Heroes Summoning Event Summoning
8th June ~ Unknown New Heroes Log-In Bonus Log-In Bonus
8th June ~ Unknown Forging Bonds Event
9th June ~ Unknown Grand Hero Battle Event

Heroes: Version 5.5.0 Details & Scheduled Maintenance

Today, we have further details of the upcoming Version 5.5.0 update for Fire Emblem Heroes, which is planned to release around 6th May 2021, at 11 pm 7 am UTC.

Ahead of the update’s arrival, the game will be down for maintenance between 4 am and 7 am on 6th May 2021 (UTC).

Some of the features were already discussed in the Golden Week Feh Channel, but there’s also some new stuff.

Reserve Barracks

As featured in the Feh Channel, you’ll be able to store a total of 1000 Heroes using the new reserve barracks. There will be 10 reserve barracks, each with a maximum capacity of 100 Heroes. You can manage your reserve barracks via the Allies menu.

Move to Reserves: Use this to move up to 10 Heroes from your main barracks to the first reserve barracks with available space. You can also rename each of your reserve barracks.

Manage Groups: Lets you freely move your Heroes between your main barracks and all 10 reserve barracks. Again, you can select up to 10 Heroes at once.

Heroes sent to reserve barracks will unequip their Sacred Seals, Accessories and Pair Up partners. Also, they will lose their Summoner Support (although the wording is unclear if this is temporary or permanent).

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Heroes: Golden Week Feh Channel Reveals Legendary Sigurd and More!

Ahead of Golden Week in Japan, a surprise Feh Channel has dropped. Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Golden Week Events

First on the agenda are the Golden Week celebrations!

To begin with, there will be a Log-In Bonus that awards 100 of each Dragonflower, 50 Sacred Coins and 50 Heroic Grails.

Next, there will be four Hero Fests, each featuring the winners of Choose Your Legends from the past four years. On top of that, there are quests that give 5 First Summon Tickets for each Hero Fest, for a total of 20 free summons (24 if you include the initial free summon).

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Heroes: Resplendent Leif Coming Soon & Jugdrali Hall of Forms!

The first Resplendent Hero of May has been revealed as Leif: Prince of Leonster!

This version of Leif is wearing white and blue armor based on Nifl, the ice kingdom. His resplendent form will be available from 10th May 2021 (UTC). You can check out more artwork (by Suekane Kumiko) and voice clips via his webpage.

There’s some more Jugdrali-themed news today as well. The next Hall of Forms starting from 25th April (UTC) will feature Heroes who fought alongside Leif–from the 2nd generation of Genealogy of the Holy War.

  • Larcei: Keen Kin
  • Shannan: Wielder of Astra
  • Ced: Hero on the Wind
  • Altena: Luminous Rider

With the introduction of the Celestial Stone, even free-to-play players can eventually earn a Forma Soul needed to redeem a Forma Hero.