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Heroes: BHB – Corrin & Kana, and BHB Summoning Focus

Another day, another Heroes new update! Today, a new Bound Hero Battle begins: Corrin & Kana – father and daughter from Fire Emblem Fates.

Defeat Hard, Lunatic and Infernal difficulties to earn a total of 9 Orbs.

As normal, a BHB always comes bundled with a Banner featuring the two Bound Heroes.

In this banner, Corrin: Fateful Prince, Kana: Dragon Princess, and Silas: Loyal Knight will be the focus Heroes. This is your best opportunity to summon them if you’ve been saving Orbs.

Both the BHB event and the accompanying banner will end on the 23rd of November 6:59AM UTC.

Also, a reminder that v2.11.1 was recenntly released, and the changes that were mentioned in previous news updates have now been fully applied. Expect to see 10 Orbs in your present list from the 20th of November 7:00AM UTC, so be sure to pick them up before they disappear on the 4th of December 6:59AM UTC.

Heroes: Arena Quests, new Tactics Drills, and applied fixes to recent issues

Welcome to another Fire Emblem Heroes news update! First off, we have some new Special Quests: Arena Quests!

These quests have three tiers to them: Normal, Hard, and Lunatic. You must complete the current difficulty tier to advance and begin earning the next tier’s rewards. Up for grabs are some extra Arena Crests, Stamina Potions, Feathers and Orbs! The quests begin today, and will end on the 29th of November, at 6:59AM UTC.

A new Tactic Drills has also been added today.

This time, it’s a Skill Studies drill, named “Overprotective Corrin.” It puts you in control of two of the newest Heroes introduced to the game – Mikoto and female Corrin (Adrift ver.). Make use of their abilities to survive and conquer all enemies within 7 phases!

The devs have also posted a follow-up report regarding the recent issues they posted yesterday.

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Heroes: New Power Banner + Aether Raids Bug Confirmation & Compensation Orbs

Another new Summoning Focus has begun in Fire Emblem Heroes! Spend some Orbs on the latest New Power Banner for your shot at Bartre, Shanna, Florina, and Saber.

All four of these heroes received new, unique weapons in the latest Version 2.11 Update! Check out full details in our earlier article about the update. Bartre, Shanna, and Florina are also available at lower rarities.

The New Power Banner will be available for a little over a week, ending on 24 November.

Additionally, Heroes has acknowledged some bugs in the newest Aether Raids game mode. These bugs involve issues with the following:

  • Calculating the amount of Aether consumed in battle
  • Players unable to replay defensive battles
  • A mistake in the description of the Healing Tower (O)

If you’re interested in seeing the full details about these bugs, you can read more information in the Notification Screen. Regardless, Heroes will be fixing all issues in an update patch planned for next week.

Furthermore, as an apology for the issues, all Heroes players will be receiving 10 Orbs as compensation! You’ll be able to grab the Orbs with the daily login on 20 November.

Don’t forget that Tap Battle Quests also start today! You can earn up to 4 Orbs and some other goodies for playing various levels. The quests will be available for the next 10 days. Check out the full list in game.

Heroes: Tempest Trials+: Before We Met + Nov/Dec Event Calendar!

Another exciting event has begun in Fire Emblem Heroes! You can find Tempest Trials+: Before We Met in the Event menu as usual. Prepare your strongest team, and head into the storm.

The story for this Tempest Trials begins after the end of the recent Adrift paralogue. Azura is speaking with her younger, alternate self about the Tempest. Small Azura is concerned that she caused the storm, but Azura assures her it was Loki’s doing. Azura offers to stand beside her younger self to confront the troubles ahead…

At the event’s main page, you can refresh yourself on the available Bonus Allies, see your current score and rewards, or start a battle whenever you’re ready. The final map this time around is based on Chapter 27 of Birthright. Mikoto appears as the map’s final boss. Check out the map layout and her stats and skills for the hardest difficulty below.

As usual, you can earn a large variety of rewards this TT, including both a 4★ and 5★ copy of Azura: Young Songstress. She comes with her own special weapon, the Book of Shadows, along with some useful skills. Other rewards including some Sacred Seals (Gale Dance, Water Boost, and Atk/Def Bond), and of course plenty of Orbs!

Tempest Trials+: Before We Met will last ten days, fading into the mist on 22 November.

Additionally, we finally have a new Event Calendar for November and December! Let’s take a look and see what’s in store:

NOTE: Due to the changes in DST, the Event Calendar now displays events starting at 11pm Pacific Standard Time. That means, for most Heroes players, the dates displayed on this calendar are actually one day early. For example, it lists today’s TT starting on 11 November. Keep this in mind!

It looks like our next batch of New Heroes will be arriving soon, on 21 November! We’ll also be getting a, likely related, Grand Hero Battle and Forging Bonds event shortly after. There’s no indication of when we can expect the Version 3.0 update, however. Perhaps either with or right after this next banner?

Read on below for a full text version of the calendar’s listed events.

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