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Fire Emblem Heroes EXP Bonus Event!

This one snuck up on us! If you log into your Fire Emblem Heroes account, (or check your Bulletin Board if you’re already logged in), you’ll see an announcement letting players know that from now until February 23 (0200 EST), that there will be a 1.5x EXP Bonus applied to all battles in Story Maps, Special Maps, the Arena and the Training Tower.


There is still a limit to just how much a unit can acquire at maximum, but this will certainly help players train up their units for the next several days!

Fire Emblem Heroes Updates and Quality of Life Improvements

Fire Emblem Heroes has been a hit among fans as of late, and why shouldn’t it be? It’s free to play and offers its players quite a bit to do, with its GACHA-style of gameplay making everyone’s experience unique. While it’s frustrating to struggle at drawing the Heroes you really want and to obtain the feathers needed to promote your dream team to their fullest, there’s still a lot that can be done during each day.

Just a few hours ago, an announcement, (in-game and via Tweet), hit the game that can give avid players a sigh of relief, involving extending perks and an improved EXP system.

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Heroes: Eirika, Ephraim, Seliph, and Julia Coming Soon!

Fire Emblem Heroes director Shingo Matsushita made a special guest appearance on today’s Fire Emblem Cipher livestream. Alongside Cipher news, which will be covered in depth in a later post, Matsushita made a surprise announcement…

Seliph and Julia from Genealogy of the Holy War and Eirika and Ephraim from The Sacred Stones will be coming to Heroes! Although no firm details were given, we were greeted with these two shots of the characters’ in-game artwork.

@FE_Heroes_JP later confirmed the announcement, stating that the characters would be coming in a few days. Since the two current Summoning Focus character groups will expire on February 15th, these four may be part of a new Focus group introduced at that time.

Heroes: Arena Promotion

After the amazing success of the Global Retweet Event, as well as the promised 10,000 Hero Feathers, players of Fire Emblem Heroes can look forward to some additional surprises!

Firstly, if you log-in between now and 13th March 2017 at 6:59 AM (UTC), you will receive 10 Dueling Crests, which restore 3 Dueling Swords each. These can be claimed from the Present List.

Secondly, to encourage you to use your Dueling Crests, there will be special Arena Quests that last until the end of this month. The great thing about these quests is that they grant more Hero Feathers (1000 from the initial quests) and Dueling Crests.

Given that the Arena is the best place to earn feathers (which are used to increase a Hero’s rarity), now’s a great chance to get accustomed to the system and increase your Arena Tier while you’re there!