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Fire Emblem Engage: Alear & Vander Tidbits via Twitter

With the exception of the weekend, it seems, the Japanese Fire Emblem Twitter has been posting daily about Fire Emblem Engage. Some of the info is stuff from the reveal trailer, but there’s some new stuff scattered around too.

First up is a short clip showing Alear in battle, performing a critical hit.

This seems to occur in the very first map (not counting a potential Premonition map), since Alear is Level 1 and the Dragon Guardian twins haven’t joined your party yet (currently they’re NPCs).

Interestingly, the Forest tile provides 30 Avoid.

The foes on the map are the Corrupted, although they’re labelled as ??? because presumably Alear doesn’t know what they are yet. At this point, Alear hasn’t summoned Marth yet.

The above screenshots from the reveal trailer, I believe are from the same map. I think the map will end with Alear reuniting with the twins. But then they become surrounded by the Corrupted and Alear summons Marth to deal with them.

Next is a bunch of info for Vander, the older Dragon Guardian.

His profile:

Vander (VA Yōji Ueda) is a 32nd generation “Dragon Guardian”, protectors of the Divine Dragon at the Land of Lythos. Cared for Alear who was asleep for ages and a reliable ally who’s sworn loyalty to Alear. Very serious and strict; the guardians’ mission is at the forefront of his mind.

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Fire Emblem Engage: Alear Tidbits via Japanese Twitter

Following the announcement of Fire Emblem Engage yesterday, the official Japanese Fire Emblem Twitter account (now donning the appearance of Anna from Engage) has started posted tidbits about the game. Some of it is stuff already known, but they’ve also shown off a few short clips from the game too.

Before that though, we have official confirmation that you can freely select between the protagonist’s male and female appearances. Also, their default name is Alear, implying their name can be changed. (Later, we see that their name isn’t prounounced in-game, similar to Byleth.)

Here’s a clip showing the moment Alear awakens (source). I’ve provided subtitle translations, via closed captions. But bear in mind they’re kind of rough/rushed.

This was mentioned in the product info, but Alear is a Divine Dragon who’s been sleeping for 1000 years at the Land of Lythos, following the binding of the Fell Dragon. Due to their prolonged sleep, they’ve lost their memory.

Their Japanese voice actors are Hiro Shimono and Aya Endo.

Next is a clip that appears to follow soon after the previous one (source). Here, Vander is surprised as the kids to see Alear awaken.

According to the Twitter, these three belong to the “Dragon Guardians” (translated from Japanese), who have been watching over Alear at Lythos for generations. This tidbit was mentioned in our analysis, right near the end.

For the record, the girl is called Framme, although we don’t have a name for the boy yet.