Fire Emblem Engage: Alear & Vander Tidbits via Twitter

With the exception of the weekend, it seems, the Japanese Fire Emblem Twitter has been posting daily about Fire Emblem Engage. Some of the info is stuff from the reveal trailer, but there’s some new stuff scattered around too.

First up is a short clip showing Alear in battle, performing a critical hit.

This seems to occur in the very first map (not counting a potential Premonition map), since Alear is Level 1 and the Dragon Guardian twins haven’t joined your party yet (currently they’re NPCs).

Interestingly, the Forest tile provides 30 Avoid.

The foes on the map are the Corrupted, although they’re labelled as ??? because presumably Alear doesn’t know what they are yet. At this point, Alear hasn’t summoned Marth yet.

The above screenshots from the reveal trailer, I believe are from the same map. I think the map will end with Alear reuniting with the twins. But then they become surrounded by the Corrupted and Alear summons Marth to deal with them.

Next is a bunch of info for Vander, the older Dragon Guardian.

His profile:

Vander (VA Yōji Ueda) is a 32nd generation “Dragon Guardian”, protectors of the Divine Dragon at the Land of Lythos. Cared for Alear who was asleep for ages and a reliable ally who’s sworn loyalty to Alear. Very serious and strict; the guardians’ mission is at the forefront of his mind.

A key point is that Vander belongs to the 32nd generation of Dragon Guardians. This suggests the Dragon Guardians were established around the time Alear fell asleep–1000 years ago. Which is around the same time the Fell Dragon was sealed away. Assuming each generation is separated by around 30 years, you can fit 32 generations in 1000 years.

Here’s a short clip showing Vander in battle, also performing a critical hit.

I think this map could be the second chapter and may be showing Alear and the Dragon Guardians escaping the Land of Lythos, where Alear was sleeping.

On the map, you can see Framme and her brother(?) have now joined the team. In addition, Alear has Marth equipped.

Furthermore, it seems two functions that were previously disabled have been unlocked.

One, when Vander is adjacent to Alear, Vander and Alear’s top skills are displayed under “Skill Effects” near the top-left corner, underneath the terrain. After Vander means 1 space away, these skills disappear.

Secondly, Vander can now access his Inventory after he moves, presumably to use his Vulnerary and maybe unequip his weapon. In the Alear battle video, Alear doesn’t have access to his Inventory, despite having a Vulnerary.

During the combat forecast, we can see that Vander will trigger a Break on the foe. This supports my earlier hypothesis that Break only triggers when you have a weapon triangle advantage. Apparently the foe can still fight after a Break occurs, although Vander defeats them with a critical hit, so we don’t find out.

By the way, Alear couldn’t trigger a Break in his video, despite having a triangle advantage. Either there are additional conditions or it could be that Break was temporarily disabled during that map.

The foes in this battle are labelled “Mysterious Group”. However, they seem to be wearing teal, which suggests they’re Elusian Soldiers. Not surprising since Elusian Soldiers were shown frequently in the reveal trailer. I’m guessing the Elusians have discovered and are invading the Land of Lythos.

By the way, I think the map shown here may have appeared in the reveal trailer, during the cutscene of Alear running past some blue soldiers fighting against the Corrupted. The pillars have the same design and the roof is also quite similar (if you up the brightness of the reveal trailer).

I’m unsure if the cutscene is from this exact place and/or moment in time though, because the lighting is different (purple versus blue-ish) and the soldiers seem to be wearing blue instead of green. Also the floor tiles look different. However, it could be the lighting playing tricks…

Oh actually, there might be an explanation for the blue-ish lighting. When Vander is attacking, the moon briefly appears in the background, meaning it’s night time. Also, for a short moment, you can see the chamber at the north end of the corridor, which features windows, torches and a weird purple flame on the ground. Hmm, we’ve seen purple flames before

Finally, a conversation with Vander, which seems to follow from the twins’ conversation from earlier.

Not much to mention here.

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