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Heroes: “A Day in the Life” Manga Gets Official English Release!

The online Heroes manga, “A Day in the Life“, is now getting an official English release!

Feh announced the original Japanese version of the manga during a Feh Channel video in November of 2017. Since then, @FE_Heroes_JP has posted weekly updates of the comedic series.

The English version will not cover old manga chapters but instead releases the current issue concurrently with the Japanese release. You can read them via @FE_Heroes_EN or on the official site. Here’s the first chapter!

Additionally, in Heroes itself, pre-registration is now open for a Whitewings version of Grand Conquests. Today is also the final day for the current Tempest Trials+ event, so make sure to finish that up if you need to still!

Heroes: Null Skills banner is now available!

A Fire Emblem Heroes quickie today: Heroes with Null Skills banner is now available to summon from!

The three focus units are Fallen Mareeta, Hilda, and Adrift Male Corrin. The banner is available from today and will come to an end on the 30th of October 6:59am UTC.

Heroes: New Echoes banner, Forging Bonds, and new Main Story chapter!

Today’s Fire Emblem Heroes update brings us a new banner, a new Forging Bonds, and a new Main Story chapter to play through!

The banner is “Zofia’s Call” and features some new Heroes from Shadows of Valentia. Catria: Mild Middle Sister, Forsyth: Loyal Lieutenant, Python: Apathetic Archer, and Silque: Adherent of Mila are all focus Heroes on this banner.

Also making their debut in Heroes as a 3-4-Star Hero is Valbar: Open and Honest. He comes with Brave Lance+, Vengeance, HP/Atk 2 (at 4-Stars) and Obstruct (at 5-Stars). While it’s not such a coveted skill, HP/Atk 2 was rare; only previously available on Valentines Lilina and Bridal Fjorm, so it’s nothing but a good thing to have it so commonly available now. Also, Obstruct exists, I suppose.

Also today: Forging Bonds is back with the four new banner Heroes as the main focus.

PIck up some new accessories, Orbs, a load of Feathers, and other materials as you raise your bondage levels with these four units.

Last but not least for today: New Story Chapter: Book III, Chapter 12: Lethal Swordsman. The Askr Trio have survived Lif’s trap laid within the Other Askr castle thanks to Alfonse knowing everything that Lif is going to do, and the group are now in pursuit of a fleeing Lif. What will come of the situation once they finally do catch up? You can play through all difficulties for a total of 15 Orbs, and you can earn an extra 5 Orbs by completing the limited-time Lunatic quests, until the 5th of November 6:59am UTC.

Heroes: New Weekly Revival Banner!

The latest Weekly Revival Banner is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! You can spend some Orbs on a chance for Azura, Leo, or Elise.

Like other Weekly Revival banners, the focus rate for this banner is booster to 4%. As such, you’re more likely to pull focus heroes! The banner will be around for one week only.