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Heroes: “Perilous Seas” Trailer (Extra Movement Buffs, Beware!)

As promised during the recent Summer Feh Channel, the trailer for this year’s pirate-themed Special Heroes has landed! “Perilous Seas” will be active between 5th August and 5th September 2021 (UTC).

Note: You can check out the Japanese version of this trailer here.

The featured Heroes include Surtr, Naesala, Vika and Duo Hinoka and Camilla. Following Freyja’s seasonal debut, I was curious who the next seasonal villain would be (would Halloween Hel be too obvious?). Also, it’s nice to have Naesala to pair with last year’s pirate Tibarn.

Speaking of Naesala, the Raven King comes with the new Stall Ploy skill, which restricts the movement of foes with an extra movement buff. This should make it easier to handle threats such as Legendary Sigurd.

Besides those four, Lifis: Terror of Iz can be obtained from the upcoming “Ice & Flame 2” Tempest Trials event, alongside the Spur Atk/Def 1 and Steady Breath Sacred Seals.

Lifis himself also comes with the Helmsman Axe+ (Atk/Spd/Def/Res -4 to foe during combat), Swap, Wind Boost 3 and Windsweep 3.

Please continue for a breakdown of the Special Heroes from the trailer!

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Heroes: August 2021 Feh Channel announces upcoming rewards, Pirate Event Heroes, and new Heroes Journey mini-mode

It’s August, which means that we’re getting one of the bigger Feh Channels of the year!

Feh’s Summer Celebration was announced first, sharing a slurry of celebratory gifts that will be coming as early as tomorrow.

Here are all the details of the event and the rewards, including the times (referencing 12a PT for the starting date – 11:59p PT for the end date as per usual), and the cumulative rewards total obtainable throughout each duration.

  • Celebratory Log-in Bonus 1 & 2 [Aug 2-15]
    • 90 Dragonflowers (of each color)
    • 90 Sacred Coins
    • 450 Heroic Grails
  • Grand Hero Battle Revivals
    • Gharnef [Aug 2-3]
    • Dithhorba [Aug 4-5]
    • Solin [Aug 6-7]
    • Sonia [Aug 8-9]
    • Orson [Aug 10-11]
    • Fernand [Aug 12-13]
  • Celebratory Reward Maps [Aug 2-12]
    • 20 Orbs
  • Celebratory Quests & Aether Raids Quests [Aug 2 – Sept 1]
    • 10 Orbs
    • 10 Sacred Coins
    • 50 Heroic Grails
    • 120 Divine Codes II
    • 5 Stamina Potions
    • 5 Arena Swords
    • 500 Aether Stones
    • 500 Limited-Time Event Aether Stones
  • Hero Fest [Aug 2 – Sept 1]
    • Features Guinevere, Dedue, Flayn and Henriette, in which celebrated Heroes are brought on with a 5%
      • This is the first time a Special Hero has appeared in a Hero Fest
      • 10 1st Summon Tickets (earned by logging in)

Next up, include details on the upcoming Special Event heroes for the upcoming Pirate Festival, showcasing characters from a variety of Fire Emblem worlds. Included in the banner are Naesala: Sea’s Shadow, a Red Beast Flier, Vika: Sea-Dark Wing, a Colorless Beast Flier, Surtr: Pirate of Red Sky, a Blue Lance Armor, Lifis: Terror of Iz, a Green Axe Infantry, and Duo Hero Hinoka: Fair Pirate Pair (plus Camilla), a Green Bow Flier. As per usual, a banner video will drop, and we’ll detail that out once it lands.

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Heroes: Version 5.8.0 Details (Turn 1 Safety Fence for Aether Raids)

Today, we have more details for Version 5.8.0 of Fire Emblem Heroes, which is scheduled for 3rd~4th August 2021.

Feh Pass Loyalty Perks

As outlined earlier, Feh Pass subscribers will receive a few additional benefits for maintaining a subscription over multiple months–namely more Summoner Support slots and free Trait Fruits and Dragonflowers.

For more details, please refer to our previous article.

Aether Raids

A new Safety Fence (O) structure will be added.

Until Turn X (where X is the structure’s Level), after the defensive team’s skills activate at the start of their turn, if the entire raiding party is outside the defensive team’s attack range or the entire raiding party is within 2 rows and 7 columns centred on the structure, the defensive team will immediately end its turn.

In Version 5.8.0, the max Level for the Safety Fence (O) is 1. It can be constructed using 500 Heavenly Dew.

Hopefully this should relieve some of the troublesome Turn 1 strategies used, such as the ones that rely on the 7th slot being danced.

Also, the following structures can be raised to Level 9:

  • Infantry School (O and D)
  • Armor School (O and D)
  • Flier School (O and D)
  • Cavalry School (O and D)

Furthermore, these songs can be purchased from the Aether Resort Concert Hall:

  • “Preparations: Pilgrimage” (Shadows of Valentia game)
  • “Battle: Destiny” (Thracia 776)

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Heroes: Mythic Trailer reveals new character in Jugdral’s Ullr, coming July 29

This one threw me through a loop for sure; we knew a Mythic was coming, but a character from Jugdral was not something I could’ve predicted. Enter Ullr: The Bowmaster, a Blue Bow Infantry, a Light blessed unit [Spd], and our next Mythic unit.

She comes packaged with some pretty desirable skills if you’re simply interested in summoning her for some inheritance, but her PRF Weapon Holy Yewfelle and B-Skill Yngvi Ascendant (an improved Soul of Zofia) give her a good chunk of power.

As per usual, this Mythic banner will drop with an 8% summoning rate on a specific set of 12 units, including our new Mythic. The batch this time includes

  • Blue
    • Dimitri [Legendary]
    • Seiros
  • Colorless
    • Eir
    • Louise
    • Mila
  • Green
    • Shamir
    • Pent
    • Yune
  • Red
    • Reginn
    • Seliph [Legendary]
    • Sigurd [Legendary]

Ullr’s Banner runs from July 29 through August 5 (12a – 11:59p PT).

For more details on Ullr: The Bowmaster, click Read More.
For the Japanese trailer, click here.
For Ullr: The Bowmaster’s official art, click here, courtesy of

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