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Heroes: New Tap Battle: Kingdom of Hoshido, and new Mini Acrylic Figures revealed!

Welcome to a new day and a new Fire Emblem Heroes news update! Today’supdate beings us a new season of Tap Battle, titled “Kingdom of Hoshido.” and information regarding the upcoming volume 11 of Mini Acrylic Figures.

This round of Tap Battle: Kingdom of Hoshido begins today, and will close on the 10th of January 2019, 6:59AM UTC.

Click on “Read more” for an explanation of the mode, and an image of the upcoming Mini Acrylic Figure set.

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Heroes: December/January Calendar released, New Power Banners

Another day means another news update for Fire Emblem Heroes! Today we see the release of a new calendar containing information on events that will be taking place from today until early January.

Click image to enlarge.

Please note that Intelligent Systems insists on using Pacific Standard Timezone (with a daily reset time of 11pm), so for most of us, this calendar is displaying events one day earlier than when they actually begin. IS had nothing more to say regarding the issue than “deal with it, eastern peasants.” They didn’t really say this, but it is probably what they are thinking.

So deal with it we shall. Here’s a list of all the events on the calendar in order of release date. It’s quite beefy, so click “Read more” to get the text break-down:

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Heroes: Ike & Soren Bound Hero Battle + BHB Banner ft. Elincia

Welcome to another day and another news update for Fire Emblem Heroes! Today sees a new Bound Hero Battle event: “Bound Hero Battle: Ike & Soren” featuring Ike: Young Mercenary, and Soren: Shrewd Strategist.

This BHB comes in Hard, Lunatic and Infernal flavours which rewards players with 2, 3 and 4 Orbs respectively upon completion. Some of us will be pleased to know that the map does not contain reinforcements – what you see in the preparations screen is what you get. Look out for other members of the Greil Mercenaries disguised as generic enemy soldiers!

Alongside the release of the BHB is a banner with Ike: Young Mercenary, Soren: Shrewd Strategist, and Elincia: Lost Princess as the focus Heroes.

Both the Bound Hero Battle and the BHB banner are available today and will end on the 20th December, 6:59AM UTC.

Heroes: Version 3.0.0 Roundup + Special Orb Promo: December

With this post, I’ll hopefully be covering all the new features within Heroes introduced with version 3.0.0 that wasn’t covered fully or at all within the recent Feh Channel: Special Book III Edition.

A quick summary of everything related to v3.0.0:

  • Book III of the story has begun
  • Unlock free 5-star Mythic Hero Eir: Merciful Death
  • Hero Fest banner: featuring Eir, Ophelia, Owain, and Lewyn
  • Mythic Heroes and Mythic Effects have been added
  • First Summon Tickets have been added
  • New weapon skills and weapons to refine
  • Aether Raids: new structure “Escape Ladder (O)”
  • Halloween Dorcas and Aversa can now be summoned using Heroic Grails
  • Other minor Quality of Life changes
  • Beast Type Heroes will be coming as part of the Radiant Dawn banner in January

Click on “Read more” to continue and read about these in more detail:


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