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Heroes: More Sacred Seals Quests!

More Sacred Seals Quests have returned to Fire Emblem Heroes!

Complete a series of quests to earn some Sacred Seals and also 3★ versions of Lon’qu, Shanna, Beruka, Henry, and Virion. You can also snag five Orbs! The three Sacred Seals (HP+3, Fortify Res 1, and Spur Def 1) are all repeats from previous quests. As such, if you’ve already received them, you’ll get 300 Hero Feathers each instead.

You can check out the full quest breakdown below. They’ll be available until 8 October at 6:59am UTC.

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Heroes: Tempest Trials: Moment of Fate Starts Today!

Get ready for a busy couple of weeks in Fire Emblem Heroes! Tempest Trials: Moments of Fate starts today. Join Ike and the Greil Mercenaries from Path of Radiance in their attempt to stave off the deadly tempest.

The story begins with a horrible disaster striking a nearby town. The Greil Mercenaries are investigating when a masked stranger shows up to lend a hand.

You can access the Tempest Trials within the Battle page. As usual, the front page shows you the available Bonus Allies as well as links to view your rewards and more. When you’re ready, Select Stage and fight your way to battle a deadly, mysterious foe…

The reward structure for Tempest Trials: Moment of Fate is similar to past events. Earn yourself lots of points to win Orbs, Crystals, Feathers, and also unique rewards! You can earn two copies of the Black Knight, 4★ at 6,000 points and 5★ at 30,000. You can also grab two new Sacred Seals: Fortify Def 1 at 20,000 and Panic Ploy 1 at 40,000.

In celebration of the event, Heroes has started a new Log-In Bonus. Log in every day during the Trials to get even more Orbs! As usual, there are also daily quests to encourage you to participate every day. Halfway through the Trials, these quest rewards will be doubled! Check out the details below.

Tempest Trials: Moments of Fate, and also its associated banner, quests, and log-in bonuses, will be available until 7 October at 6:59am UTC.

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Heroes: Fire Emblem Warriors Special Maps!

A new series of Special Maps is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! To celebrate the upcoming release of Fire Emblem Warriors, Heroes has added five new Fire Emblem Warriors Special Maps to the game. You can play each map on three different difficulties and earn up to 15 orbs for completing them all!

These maps are based on playable characters in Warriors: Frederick, Lucina, Hinoka, Takumi, or Camilla. Each map includes its featured character as a stronger “boss” with reinforcement waves of much weaker enemies. Sound familiar? Yes, you’re effectively playing a Warriors-style map in Heroes!

All of the maps are new and also include music from Warriors as well. Have fun killing waves of enemies while enjoying the new songs!

If that’s not enough for you, there is also a new series of quests for the maps as well! Clear all five maps on Normal and Hard difficulties under certain conditions to earn some Shards, Crystals, and Orbs. Check out the quest details below.

The Fire Emblem Warriors Special Maps and their associated quests will be available until 26 October at 6:59am UTC.

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Heroes: Bound Hero Battle: Ninian & Hawkeye

A new temporary battle event is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! Challenge two heroes from Blazing Sword in Bound Hero Battle: Ninian & Hawkeye. You can also summon 5★ versions of Ninian, Hawkeye, and Eliwood in a matching banner.

As in previous Bound Hero Battles, you can fight in three different difficulties to earn up to nine Orbs! However, all of your heroes must survive the map in order to win. Be on your guard, since Ninian can also dance for the other enemy units!

Both the Bound Hero Battle and its associated banner will be available until 27 September at 6:59am UTC. Good luck and do your best!