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Heroes: Ephraim & Myrrh BHB, BHB Banner, Heroic Feats Round 3, New Tactics Drills

On the 18th of October, 7:00AM UTC, a new Bound Hero Battle dropped: Ephraim and Myrrh!

The event will put you against these two formidable fighters, and will grant you 9 Orbs for completion of all difficulties: Hard, Lunatic, and Infernal. The BHB will end on the 25th of October, 6:59AM UTC.

A Bound Hero Battle is always accompanied with a banner, of course.

Summoning Focus: Bound Hero battle has Eirika: Anamnesis Lady, Ephraim: Restoration Lord, and Myrrh: Great Dragon on focus. The banner will come to an end the same time as the BHB: 25th of October, 6:59AM UTC.

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Heroes: Heroic Feats 2 Complete, Heroic Feats 3 On Deck

If you were supporting the second Heroic Feats event (in which if all Summoners deployed magic users 30 million times cumulatively over a period of time), then you’ll be happy to know that the condition was met, and as such, will result in all Summoners receiving a free 4 Berkut: Prideful Prince. With roughly 38 million deployments, the challenge was met with relative ease.

These appear to be quick to run mini-events, in which we’ll be seeing more of over the near future. In particular, the next Heroic Feats will feature the cumulative deployment of Infantry-type Heroes 60 million times during the duration of the event, in order to secure a free 4 Marisa: Crimson Flash.

Both Berkut’s distribution and Marisa’s Heroic Feats 3 will kick off in just a few hours, so prepare thy teams, Summoners!

Heroes: “New Power” banner!

Another day, another banner in Fire Emblem Heroes! Today is a “New Power” banner with focus Heroes being the three who recently received new weapons/weapon refineries: Tana, Innes and Lon’Qu.

The banner begins today, and will end on the 29th of October, 6:59AM UTC.

If you want to learn more about these Heroes’ weapons and their refines, you can read about them in a previous news update. Good luck!

Heroes: Last year’s Halloween “Trick or Defeat” banner makes a return!

As is tradition, last year’s special Halloween banner “Trick or Defeat” makes a return, and will be sticking around for a full month before disappearing into obscurity for another 11 months.

The banner will disappear on the 15th of November, 6:59AM UTC. This is your best chance to pick up one or more of the following: Nowi – Eternal Witch, Henry – Happy Vampire, Sakura – Gentle Nekomata, and Jakob – Devoted Monster.