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Heroes: Resplendent Brave Ike & Choose Your Legends 5 Interim Results!

The next Resplendent Hero, available from 10th February 2021 (UTC), has been announced. Surprise! Ike is getting a second turn in the spotlight, in the form of his Brave alt!

Ike: Brave Mercenary was the winner of the men’s bracket in the first Choose Your Legends, back in 2017. The Resplendent version is based on the attire of Niðavellir, the enemy nation introduced in Book V. For more details, feel free to check out his FEH Pass page.

Speaking of Choose Your Legends, as promised, the interim results of Round 5 are here!

Intelligent Systems absolutely knew what they were doing when they unleashed the Gatekeeper upon us. It’s also nice to see Marth, the original protagonist, holding onto first place for once. Poor Chrom seems to be in a dangerous position though.

On the female side, Eirika has made a big comeback from her Choose Your Legends 2 days. Female Byleth, meanwhile, continues the trend of female Avatars generally ranking higher than the male ones (although male Byleth isn’t doing too bad). A big well done to everyone trying to make playable Henriette a reality!

Don’t forget, there are still 4 days of voting left, so anything can change!

Heroes: Choose Your Legends 5 kicks off, vote daily from now until Jan 28!

It’s hard to believe that we’re at our fifth Choose Your Legends event, but with the success of Fire Emblem Heroes, it’s really good to see!

Simply visit the CYL website, log into your Nintendo account, and do a search for the unit you’d like to vote for. You can select a hero once every 7 days, (running from today, until January 28, to 7pm PT). That said, don’t forget to vote on a particular day, or you’ll miss your shot for the day’s vote.

If you vote three or six times, you can earn up to two special mobile wallpapers.

I’d like to once again, share that I think it’s wonderful that Gatekeeper is available

With the usual caveats of the previous CYL events, previous winners from Rounds 1 – 4 cannot win a second time. Additionally, certain units’ votes will be consolidated into one for that character, such as all Marths, all Gharnefs, all Finns, all Byleths, all Jills, etc. The full list of those units is listed here.

Heroes: “Dark Desert Rituals” Offers Plegian-style Special Heroes!

Summoners, let’s kick off 2021 with a secret festival devoted to the Fell Dragon, Grima! Surely nothing will go wrong…?

“Dark Desert Rituals”, which runs from 18th January to 18th February 2021 (UTC) features Special Heroes wearing Plegian ritualistic garb. For those unaware, Plegia is the antagonistic nation from Awakening that worships Grima.

Note: You can check out the Japanese version of this trailer here.

The Special Heroes in the summoning event are: Tharja, Katarina, Raphael and Harmonized Dorothea and Lene. Raphael will also be available from the 4-star focus category.

Tharja was a given, from the obvious silhouette. However, the rest are a nice surprise (and it’s funny how Dorothea has a second seasonal version before her base version).

Not to be left out, Kris: Ardent Firebrand will be available from the upcoming Tempest Trials+ event “Love of Family”. You can also look forward to the Brazen Spd/Def 1 and Air Orders 1 Sacred Seals.

Please continue for a breakdown of the new Special Heroes!

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Heroes: Resplendent Tiki Coming Soon & January to February Event Calendar!

Earlier, Fire Emblem Heroes revealed the next Resplendent Hero, available from 25th January 2021 (UTC). Why, it’s Tiki: Dragon Scion!

This version of Young Tiki is wearing clothes based on Embla, the first antagonistic nation to appear in FE Heroes. As usual, you can find more artwork and voice clips via the FEH Pass website.

In other news, the wait for the next event calendar felt longer this time, but finally it’s here!

Notable happenings include a double whammy of Special Heroes summoning events–from 17th January and another from 4th February. Meanwhile, this month’s Mythic Hero will descend from 27th January. Also, 1st February marks 4 years since FE Heroes was launched.

Please continue for the text version of the calendar~

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