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Heroes: Kempf Grand Hero Battle now available, and December Calendar revealed!

Today in FE Heroes, we see Kempf of Thracia 776 trotting into Heroes as the latest Grand Hero Battle reward!

Kempf is a cavalry sword unit, who comes with his own PRF weapon at 5-Stars, the Venin Edge (Grants Def+3. After combat, if unit attacked, deals 10 damage to target and foes within 2 spaces of target, and inflicts status on those foes preventing counterattacks through their next actions.) His other skills include Aegis, Fortress Res 3, and Savage Blow 3.

Extreme lack of decent skill fodder aside, he also has no redeeming qualities when it comes to his 5-Star level 40 stats: 42 HP, 33 Atk and Spd, 27 Def, and 26 Res at base. With all his base weapons and skills equipped, his stats will come to 42 HP, 46 Atk, 33 Spd, 30 Def, 31 Res.

It’s clear that he’s intended to be a mixed tank who deals most of his damage through his PRF and Savage Blow AoE. Attach another Savage Blow through the Seal slot to do 24 AoE damage in total. He can also potentially run Vantage on his B slot to hopefully finish off melee enemies on the enemy phase after they have already been damaged by the AoE, assuming he himself gets within Vantage range. He should easily do so given his bulk. Replacing Fortress Res 3 with Fury 3 will also safely and more reliably bring him down to Vantage range with the 6 Dmg after each battle, as well as increase his Atk stat by 6, Spd by 3, Def by 3, losing only 2 Res.

Also today: The latest Heroes calendar has been revealed! You can click “Read more” below to view it.

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Heroes: New Power, Weekly Revival 7 & Mjölnir’s Strike

We have a few notices for FE Heroes players! Starting today, there’s a New Power banner featuring Arthur, Mia and Mathilda, who all received new weapon refines in Version 4.0.0.

In case you missed it, Clive also received a weapon refine, but you can summon him using Heroic Grails. Anyway, this banner will be around until the daily rollover on 21st December 2019.

Also, Weekly Revival 7 is currently being re-run. This banner has increased summoning rates (4% altogether) for three of the Hoshidan siblings: Ryoma, Takumi and Hinoka. It’ll be available until next Sunday.

Lastly, as a reminder, the new Mjölnir’s Strike event is currently in the “shield” phase for today only (until the next cycle). During this phase, summoners can fight on the battlefield, in a bid to repel the forces of Thor. Currently, the foes are a bit easy if you’ve been playing for a while.

Heroes: Book IV, New Banner, and Forging Bonds are here!

Fire Emblem Heroes’ Book IV has officially launched!

With it comes a new banner featuring the latest free Hero Peony: Sweet Dream amongst three new Thracia 776 Heroes in Mareeta, Osian, and Eyvel, including Tanya – who joins straight into the 3-4-Star pool from this banner onwards – as well as a new Forging Bonds event featuring these Thracia Heroes..

Peony is a Mythic Hero, so this will be the only time she will be available on a non-Mythic banner. In other words, this is the best chance for you to pick up copies of Peony.

You can learn more about Book IV and the latest New Heroes banner in our previous news post that covered the Feh Channel here (link).

The banner is available from today until the 25th of December 6:59am UTC, while the Forging Bonds event is available form today until the 20th of December 6:59am UTC.

The Special Orb Promo: December is also available from today. As well as the usual 21 Orbs you get with the pack, you will also get 50 Grails.

Heroes: Feh Channel, New Mode (Mjölnir’s Strike), Thracia 776 Banner, Book IV, New Free 5* Unit, Weapon Refines and More

Welcome, Summoners, to the next Feh Channel, for December 2019! This one’s got quite a bit, including the upcoming new Book IV, the next gameplay mode Mjölnir’s Strike, upcoming non-seasonal Thracia 776 Banner, mild details of the next Version Update, and a slew of other details actually released in the Version Update that came out while I was putting together this post that weren’t covered in the Feh Channel.

Feh ‘cuts the chit chat’ so to speak, by jumping into things before the 1 minute mark (which is pretty new for Feh, I’d say).

We are immediately granted view of the new mode, Mjölnir’s Strike, which features Thor, the God of War, and is actually available now via the newly released version update that came out moments ago.

This mode includes phases, including the first “Brace Phase”. We’re informed that they function one after the other in sequence, so this multi-phase battle gives Summoners a variety of ways to tackle the mode, rather than one quick and boring one, which is pretty exciting.

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