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Heroes: Sigurd & Lewyn Bound Hero Battle + Weekly Revival 13

There are two small things happening in Fire Emblem Heroes this Sunday.

Firstly, there’s a new Bound Hero Battle starring Sigurd and Lewyn from Genealogy of the Holy War. Accompanying it is a summoning banner featuring Sigurd, Lewyn and Silvia. Both will be around until the daily rollover on 28th January 2020 (UTC).

In addition, the Weekly Revival 13 banner is back for another round! The classic Heroes are: Tana, Luke and Hector. As it happens, all three have weapon refine options, plus you can never have too much Distant Counter fodder…

As a reminder, the new Heroes from the recently re-released Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE will debut tomorrow. So bear that in mind before you decide spending your Orbs!

Heroes: “Mirage Vortex” Tempest Trials+ Coming Soon & TMS#FE Tap Battle

As part of the Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore release celebrations, Fire Emblem Heroes will be running a new Tempest Trials+ event, “Mirage Vortex”, between 21st and 31st January 2020 (UTC).

The key rewards are 4 and 5-star copies of Itsuki: Finding a Path, plus the following Sacred Seals: Defiant Def 1, Mirror Stance 1 and Chill Res 1. Until the Tempest Trials+ is over, there will be a 10 day Log-in Bonus as well.

If you want to plan ahead, the Bonus Heroes that will boost your Tempest Trials+ score are: Tsubasa, Mamori, Kiria, Eleanora, Itsuki, Chrom, Caeda and Virion. The first four can be summoned from the upcoming TMS#FE banner.

Otherwise, you could attempt to summon Chrom, Caeda and Virion from the dedicated Tempest Trials banner. That said, we’d be very surprised if you didn’t have a Virion lying around somewhere (unless you sent home all your copies).

Also, just in case you missed it, a new Tap Battle event started yesterday. This one features a new backdrop based on TMS#FE, plus a variety of vocal songs from the game. In addition, you can earn Tsubasa and Kiria themed accessories via the Tap Battle quests.

Heroes: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Banner drops January 19, Free Itsuki in Tempest Trials+

If you’re a fan of the Wii U’s Tokyo Mirage Session #FE game, or are excited about the Encore release for the Switch that’s about to come out, well guess what; We’re getting a Banner for it! Enter Tsubasa, Eleonora, Mamori and Kiria in New Heroes (A Star is Born), featuring key playable characters from the TMS#FE series!

What’s to know if you’re not too familiar with the heavily Fire Emblem inspired Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem “crossover”, the game itself features a cast of characters working towards becoming idols, with some of the cast already there and others just starting down the career path. Our ‘Heroes’ battle in a turn based setting with combat based on Fire Emblem, by way of the Weapon Triangle, among other features. This Banner features four units that have access to their Carnage Form, which effectively summons an altered Fire Emblem character to empower them and join in combat. That is probably the most preliminary of plot setup, but I’m prepared to spoil what I myself and not the most familiar with. What’s more, is that all four units in this Banner bring their Carnage Form partners with them.

The units don’t bring too many new things with them, but there is a new skill -Session skill line up for grabs present on both Mamori and Tsubasa, which are A-skills that focus on granting buffs to a unit based on the amount of foes who have already acted. The less foes that have acted, the more buffs that will be given. What’s neat on this is that in battles that feature fewer than 3 units at some point, or just have yet to move, the buffs provided are either +6 to two stats or +3 to two stats (depending on the skill). I am actually a bit unsure of how to interpret Tsubasa’s Sword Session skill, since it works on Player Phase but checks herself as an acting unit? I’ll have to see it in action to fully understand it. There are also some new line skills present, like Spd/Def Ruse 3 and Lul Atk/Res 3.

Tsubasa comes with Caeda, Eleonora with Virion, Mamori with Draug and Kiria with Tharja. Additionally, Itsuki, the lead male protagonist in the game, was spotted in one of the maps, implying that he’ll be a free unit coming soon, as Itsuki: Finding a Path, with Chrom, in the next Tempest Trials+ event. He is spotted as a Red Sword Infantry…will his sword be a Mirage weapon as well?

The next summoning event for the banner kicks off on January 19 at 11p PT, so you’ve got plenty of time to save up those Orbs if you’re looking for either the new skills or some new units from a fun game!

For the Japanese trailer, click here.

For more details on the unit’s skills, and their full artwork, click Read More.

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Heroes: New Power Banner is now live!

A FE Heroes quickie today: The four most recent Heroes to receive personal weapons and/or refines are now featured in a New Power banner.

Rebecca, Cordelia, Henry and Leif are on focus until the 22nd of January 6:59am UTC.

The banner is an easy skip unless you are painfully desperate for Leif or you are someone who thinks that using Orbs to save Feathers is worth it.