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Fire Emblem Heroes Celebrates its 1000th Hero!

With the addition of the latest summoning event, New Heroes, Ascended Ced & Rearmed Plumeria, Fire Emblem Heroes now has 1000 Heroes in the game.

The honour of being the 1000th Hero goes to Patty, Brigid’s daughter from Genealogy of the Holy War.

Players can obtain free copies of Patty by completing special celebratory quests. Afterwards, she’ll start appearing in new summoning events.

Other quest rewards include 10 Arena Reward 3 summon tickets, plus a snazzy accessory. On top of that, there’s a log-in bonus where you can pick up 100 of each Dragonflower, 100 Trait Fruit and more.

Nintendo also shared a cute YouTube video to mark the occasion.

Besides that, they’ve opened a celebration site where you can watch this video and play around with an icon maker. There’s a “Coming Soon” section too, which will open on 21st September.

Finally, if you’re a North American or Canadian resident, you can try your luck at the 1000 Heroes celebration sweepstakes. Up for grabs are 20 acrylic stands featuring some of the Heroes, such as Legendary Marth, Valentine’s Chrom & Robin, Legendary Veronica and Halloween Sothis.

Heroes: Worldwide Launch Celebration

To celebrate the release of Fire Emblem Heroes worldwide, Nintendo is rewarding players with a variety of perks to keep them playing and talking about the game.

When you boot up the game afresh, you should be prompted to download a small 1 MB update file. After the update is applied, until 20th February 2017 at 6:59 AM (UTC), you can enjoy the following:

  • Halved stamina costs to play maps in the Training Tower.
  • No need to pay stamina to change Skills.
  • A one-time present of 10 Stamina Potions.

Additionally, from now until 15th February 2017 at 6:59 AM (UTC), these will be available:

  • “Legendary Heroes” and “Deep Devotion” Summoning Focus.
  • 2 free Orbs once per day (starting 7:00 AM).

Because it’s the weekend, all players will get another Stamina Potion too.

All in all, if you’re wanting to play the game, now’s the best opportunity to do so! Just the free Stamina Potions (which refill your entire stamina gauge) alone make it worthwhile.