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Fire Emblem Heroes: Eitr & New Heroes from Engage!

The wait has been long (six months, in fact), but finally, the second batch of New Heroes from Fire Emblem Engage are upon us.

The newly added Heroes include Diamant, Citrinne and Rearmed Alcryst, alongside Eitr from the on-going Tempest Trials story, Nihility & Dreams.

Lapis will also be available as a 3-4 star Hero. Additionally, Zephia will appear in the next Grand Hero Battle.

But that’s not all: male Alear will be given to Summoners for free, via a Log-in Bonus.

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Fire Emblem Engage: Citrinne & Somniel Tidbits via Twitter

Today’s daily Fire Emblem Engage content includes Citrinne’s profile and some Somniel features not covered in the intro video.

Citrinne’s profile:

Citrinne (VA: Ikumi Hasegawa) is a royal knight of Brodia, and Alcryst’s retainer. Kind-hearted and always thinks of her friends. She’s the daughter of a relative of the royal family, and sometimes spoils others with her stupendous wealth.

A battle scene:

Citrinne is at the Brodian bridge (seen in Alcryst’s spotlight etc.) where Hortensia makes her debut.

She’s a Level 10 Mage with Thunder, Fire and a Vulnerary. I imagine this map and the defence map occur close to one another, although I’m unsure which one’s first.

In case you missed the memo, Thunder tomes have 1~3 range, but cannot trigger a follow-up attack. Also, fort tiles negate Break.

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