Fire Emblem Engage: Brodia, Diamant and Alcryst Tidbits via Twitter

The official Fire Emblem Japanese Twitter has shared more info for Fire Emblem Engage, related to the militant kingdom of Brodia and its two princes.

First, a description of Brodia:

Brodia is a militant nation founded in the north-west region of Elyos. It’s a prosperous and mighty nation ruled by Morion the Conqueror who values pride and power. Frequently clashes with the neighbouring country of Elusia, home to followers of the Fell Dragon.

As you may know, it seems Brodians are named after rocks and crystals. Morion, its king, is no different–named after a type of smoky quartz.

The bit about the constant skirmishes with Elusia doesn’t surprise me, after we learned Brodia is the “kingdom of might” from the recent trailer. Unfortunately, it seems something terrible will happen during their most recent skirmish…

Next, Diamant’s official art:

Diamant is the crown prince of Brodia and Alcryst’s elder brother. He’s been educated to become the next king and has earned the trust of his citizens.

So far, Alear, Alfred and now Diamant have official full body art. There’s a good chance the other boxart characters–Timerra and Ivy will also have art. I’m curious if any other characters will have full body art though, like the sub characters in the special edition art.

We also have a profile for Diamant:

Diamant (VA: Junichi Suwabe) is a strong and honest man with a serious personality. Has a deep respect for his father, the king.

Interestingly, Diamant is a Lord. In the past, this was a class reserved for protagonists, but then Three Houses gave it to the three House Leaders, who are more like sub-protagonists. I think it’s a similar situation here, although the importance of the Lord class may be further de-emphasised here.

A battle scene:

This battle occurs on a snowy map, which is presumably somewhere in Elusia. Or perhaps the border between Brodia and Elusia.

I believe this is the exact same map seen in the debut trailer, after Engaged Alfred attacks an enemy. In Diamant’s showcase, I think the playable units are positioned a bit south from the bottom-left corner of the debut trailer screenshot (shown right).

The playable units include Diamant himself, Framme, Vander, Alcryst (see later), Alear Engaged with Marth, Etie, Alfred and I think Cramme Engaged with Sigurd.

Diamant is Level 12 with 3 swords and a Vulnerary. His Lord class is the Backup type, like Lance and Axe Fighter. Strangely, he doesn’t have Roy equipped here.

Diamant’s weapons are Iron Sword, Steel Sword and Iron Blade. Because he has a weapon triangle advantage against the Elusian Axe Pegasus, he can trigger a Break during combat. But he criticals his opponent anyway, like most showcases.

At the start of the fight, Diamant’s skill triggers: Head-on Fight. I imagine it removes various skill effects during the battle, so both combatants are on even ground.

During the fight, you can see a snowy fortress wall in the background, draped with Brodia’s crimson red flag. I’m assuming this is Brodia’s border fortress. You see a similar fortress in the debut trailer, when King Morion is readying his sword. Both Morion and Diamant share a similar stance too.

Looking at the map, it doesn’t seem like a defense mission, since there aren’t any squares to defend, unlike in the defense mission from the debut trailer. Also, Diamant’s level is higher than other characters during the defense mission (12 versus 9). So I’m guessing this is when they depart Brodia, mopping up remnants of the invasion.

Here’s a conversation between Diamant and the others:

Diamant: I’ve heard much about you. It’s a honour to meet you.

Alear: It’s a pleasure to meet you as well, Prince Diamant.

Diamant: Prince Alfred of Firene, you must’ve traveled far; welcome to our fair country.

Diamant: Queen Eve explained the situation to me in her letter.

Alred: It’s been a long time since we last met. It’s a shame we meet again during times of war.

Diamant seems like a nice and reliable guy. It’s neat that he already knows Alfred too, which makes sense since Brodia and Firene are allies.

Afterwards, we have a profile for Alcryst:

Alcryst (VA: Nobuhiko Okamoto) is the second prince of Brodia; Diamant’s younger brother. Pessimistic and has low self-esteem, often devaluing himself by comparing himself to his incredible elder brother. On the other hand, he’s sociable with the backbone demanded from royalty.

Here’s Citrinne’s previously unknown liege. As I suspected from this month’s trailer, he’s indeed the blue-haired archer. Also, as a reminder (or if you didn’t know), his name is along the lines of Starook in the Japanese version. I believe Starook is a weird anagram of Crystal, like how Alcryst is an anagram.

Like Diamant, Alcryst is a Lord, although he wields a different weapon type: bow. This is similar to how Alfred and Céline are both Nobles, with different weapon types. By the way, I’m unsure why Diamant and Alcryst are Lords, while Alfred and Céline are Nobles, when they’re all royalty…

A battle scene featuring Alcryst:

This battle occurs on a map we haven’t seen before, although… Oh, I’ll get back to that soon.

The units on the map include Alfred (with Sigurd), Louis, Framme, Boucheron, Alear (with Marth), Etie, Chloé, Cramme (with Celica), Citrinne, Céline, Lapis (via the leaks) and Alcryst himself. That’s quite a lot: 12 units.

Citrinne and Lapis are likely Alcryst’s retainers–they’re seen accompanying him during this month’s trailer. We also know that Citrinne is 100% his retainer, from this screenshot during the debut trailer.

That said, it’s curious we haven’t seen Diamant’s retainers yet (or have we?). So I’m curious if Lapis is Alcryst’s or Diamant’s (maybe loaned to Alcryst). I’ll stick with the ~2 retainers per liege though.

Also, this map seems to occur on a bridge in Brodia. Their foes are Elusians. Alcryst is currently Level 10, so this map may occur between the Brodian defense mission and the snowy map from before.

Alcryst’s Lord class is a Stealth type, like Etie’s Archer class. I’m guessing Thieves will share this type too.

Alcryst is carrying a Steel Bow, Iron Bow and Vulnerary.

During the battle, we can see the Brodian bridge a lot better. You may recognise the scenery, when Louis was engaging an Elusian Sword Pegasus in the debut trailer. Hmm, it could even be the exact same pegasus rider. As it happens, Louis has also been deployed on the map.

Thinking back to this month’s trailer, I have a sneaking suspicion this map is where Hortensia makes her appearance–and perhaps when she shows off Emblem Lucina under her command.

In the background of the left screenshot, you can see the wooden spiked barricades and catapults that appear in Louis’s battle scene. The same spiked barricades and dragon statues also appear in the right screenshot.

This suggests that possessed Emblems appear fairly early in the game, if the characters here are around Level 10. Most likely, the scene where King Morion is attacked by possessed Lyn also happens near/before the beginning of the Brodian arc.

Finally, a conversation between Alcryst and Diamant:

Alcryst: You have my thanks, brother, for inviting me to train with you.

Diamant: Well, it’s nice for us brothers to work up a sweat once in a while.

Alcryst: I’m nowhere near your level, brother. So I’ll be learning a lot from you today.

Diamant: Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. You have a bad habit of putting yourself down like that.

Alcryst: I’m not putting myself down, merely stating a fact. You’ve always been the Prince of Brodia, brother.

Diamant: You’re also a prince of Brodia, are you not?

Alcryst: Sure, I’m the prince of Brodia who’s not Diamant.

Diamant: What’s up with that strange description? I see, people must be spreading weird gossip behind my back.

Like a few other conversations, this seems a lot like part of a support conversation. You can definitely tell Alcryst has an inferiority complex here.

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