Fire Emblem Engage: Citrinne & Somniel Tidbits via Twitter

Today’s daily Fire Emblem Engage content includes Citrinne’s profile and some Somniel features not covered in the intro video.

Citrinne’s profile:

Citrinne (VA: Ikumi Hasegawa) is a royal knight of Brodia, and Alcryst’s retainer. Kind-hearted and always thinks of her friends. She’s the daughter of a relative of the royal family, and sometimes spoils others with her stupendous wealth.

A battle scene:

Citrinne is at the Brodian bridge (seen in Alcryst’s spotlight etc.) where Hortensia makes her debut.

She’s a Level 10 Mage with Thunder, Fire and a Vulnerary. I imagine this map and the defence map occur close to one another, although I’m unsure which one’s first.

In case you missed the memo, Thunder tomes have 1~3 range, but cannot trigger a follow-up attack. Also, fort tiles negate Break.

A conversation between Citrinne and Alcryst:

Citrinne: Yah!

Citrinne: Sigh… This isn’t going very well.

Alcryst: Citrinne, I see you’re doing magic training.

Citrinne: What’s wrong, Alcryst? Are you lost?

Alcryst: No, of course not! I was simply passing by!

Citrinne: I see. That’s fine, then.

Alcryst: You’re really impressive, Citrinne. You always do magic training whenever you have the chance.

Alcryst: I can’t think of anyone who works harder than you.

Citrinne: Thanks, Alcryst.

Citrinne: But this isn’t enough. Right now, I’m still not good enough.

Citrinne: I have to become far, far stronger.

Some info about the Notice Board:

At the Notice Board, you can check out the Somniel Info. Also, you can Invest in various countries and view the Awards you’ve received up to now.

In the debut trailer and Somniel trailer, you can just about glimpse the notice board, located to the left of the dining reception at Café Terrace.

Some info for curious investors:

You can invest gold in various countries. After exceeding a certain amount, your investment level will increase and you may receive gifts. Also, the higher the investment level, the more likely rare enemies, which grant more experience and gold, will appear in skirmishes, and you’ll earn more materials when exploring battlegrounds.

Please don’t pay attention to the animal names, I didn’t have much time to think of them.

I think the white circles on the world map are places where you can battle. As I thought, despite starting there, you won’t be battling in Lythos for a while. If you zoom in, you can see various landmarks too, like castles, towns and fortresses.

Some info about keeping tabs on the Somniel:

In “Somniel Info”, you can check information such as the location of allies in the Somniel and the status of facilities. By selecting an area, you can instantly travel to that location. You can also view Somniel Info via the main menu while in the Somniel.

Finally, some info about Awards:

In the “Awards” section, you can receive bond fragments as rewards for performing various in-game actions.

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