Cipher: New Dimitri promo, interview out this week

Following the Japanese trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher coming out with its very last booster expansion this month, a few more things of interest are still left to look forward to. Among these is the release of an all-new promotional card of Dimitri from Three Houses.

You won’t find this Dimitri in any booster — it’s bundled in a print magazine.

Enclosed as two copies with Dengeki Nintendo‘s December 2020 issue which drops October 21st, this appearance of Dimitri: Descendant of the Blue King of Lions is inspired by Faerghus’s founding king Loog and his penchant for the color blue. Saori Toyota, the card’s artist, recently commented on the reveal on Twitter, praising the house leader’s brilliance in justice.

An official long-running comic series about Cipher also comes to an end.

Dimitri isn’t the only Cipher content found in this issue. You can also check out the final installment of the Let’s Move! Fire Emblem Cipher comic series drawn by Fundoshi Iccho, which stars Emma, Shade, and more as they go over the latest with the card game. It’s said that Ryota Kawade, producer of Cipher, will be making an appearance in this installment to share closing comments and join everyone in saying goodbye and thanks for all the support.

If this magazine issue interests you, it’s available to purchase through Amazon JP, which ships internationally. Note that for pandemic-related reasons, this option may not be available for every address, but Dimitri could still be scouted at secondhand markets.

Mr. Kawade has more to say about Cipher in another magazine.

As an aside, the December 2020 issue of Nintendo Dream launching on the same date also has its own feature about Cipher — a final interview with the producer about the conclusion of the card game. We can’t promise we’ll be able to provide the contents of said interview, but if it’s in our power, we’d like to share it in its own dedicated article.

Like Dengeki Nintendo, this other issue is also available to buy through Amazon JP.

Note: This issue of Nintendo Dream magazine does not come with any Cipher promo card and is only said to contain an interview.

That’s a wrap for today’s update about Fire Emblem Cipher. For more on what else remains in the TCG pipeline, refer to our previous article.

If you have any questions or are looking to share your love for the card game, feel free to visit our forums.

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