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Heroes: Weekly Revival Banner 6 is Back!

Unsurprisingly, another Sunday has brought us a new weekly banner! You can spend your Orbs on Weekly Revival Banner 6 for your shot at Brave Lucina, Julia, and regular Lucina.

As usual, the banner has a 4% on-focus rate and will be around for exactly a week. Good luck getting some new heroes to add to your team!

Additionally, a new month has brought a new series of monthly quests! Check out the December quests in game to earn a bunch of Orbs, Feathers, and other prices.

Heroes: Weekly Revival Banner 5 Rerun!

Another Sunday, another revival banner in Fire Emblem Heroes! This time around, Weekly Revival Banner 5 brings your shot at Ike, Brave Ike, and Mist.

As before, you have a 4% chance to nab one of the featured heroes, compared to 3% on a regular banner. This banner will be around for a week before the next one starts next Sunday.

Heroes: Weekly Revival Banners are Continuing!

My popular demand, the Weekly Revival Banners are sticking around a bit longer in Fire Emblem Heroes!

Today’s banner features Deirdre, Linde, and Young Tiki, just like the very first banner. Also, just like before, these heroes will have a higher chance of appearing! You can see the full schedule in the Notifications Screen if you need a refresher.

As you might expect, this banner will last for one week before disappearing. We’ll have another new banner next Sunday.