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Heroes: Sigurd & Lewyn Bound Hero Battle + Weekly Revival 13

There are two small things happening in Fire Emblem Heroes this Sunday.

Firstly, there’s a new Bound Hero Battle starring Sigurd and Lewyn from Genealogy of the Holy War. Accompanying it is a summoning banner featuring Sigurd, Lewyn and Silvia. Both will be around until the daily rollover on 28th January 2020 (UTC).

In addition, the Weekly Revival 13 banner is back for another round! The classic Heroes are: Tana, Luke and Hector. As it happens, all three have weapon refine options, plus you can never have too much Distant Counter fodder…

As a reminder, the new Heroes from the recently re-released Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE will debut tomorrow. So bear that in mind before you decide spending your Orbs!

Heroes: Travant Grand Hero Battle & Weekly Revival 12

Starting today in Fire Emblem Heroes, Summoners can challenge the Grand Hero Battle for Travant: King of Thracia.

This incarnation of Travant is a Blue Lance Flier, with the following default skills (at 5-star): Silver Lance+, Ignis, Vantage 3 and Flier Guidance 3. Sadly, it seems he’s already given away his Gungnir.

Additionally, the Weekly Revival 12 banner is back for another round. The Heroes with an boosted rate are: Lute, Dorcas and Mia. Unless memory fails me, Lute and Mia are lucky enough to have weapon refines, while Dorcas is still patiently waiting for one.

Heroes: Fae & Idunn’s Bound Hero Battle + Weekly Revival 11

It’s another relaxing weekend in Fire Emblem Heroes, although that doesn’t mean there’s nothing new happening.

Firstly, the Bound Hero Battle for Fae & Idunn started yesterday and will be around until the daily rollover on 12th January (UTC). Because it’s a new BHB, there’s also an accompanying banner featuring Idunn, Fae and Roy.

Secondly, the Weekly Revival 11 banner is now active and lasts until next Sunday. The classic Heroes with boosted rates are: Brave Lyn, Ninian and Brave Roy. They may be oldies, but they’re still goodies.

Heroes: Weekly Revival 10 + Return of Leif & Nanna Bound Hero Battle

It’s the final weekend before the New Year! In case you missed it, there are two things to pay attention to in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Firstly, the Weekly Revival 10 banner is now available again until next Sunday. The featured Heroes are Ayra, Olwen and Amelia. Although they all preceded the start of Book II, they’re among some of the stronger Book I units (even if Olwen’s brother stole her thunder).

Secondly, speaking of Reinhardt’s game (just kidding), Leif & Nanna’s Bound Hero Battle is currently on-going. Up until the daily rollover on 4th January 2020, you can re-challenge (or challenge for the first time) the hero and heroine pair from Thracia 776.