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Heroes: Tempest Trials+: Familiar Faces begins today, and new Blessed Gardens map

Another day brings another news update for FE Heroes: Today is the beginning of the newest Tempest Trials+: Familiar Faces!

Use at least 1 of the 8 Bonus Heroes below to earn an extra 40% score per Tempest run:

These bonus Heroes also gain an additional +10 HP and +4 to Atk, Spd, Def and Res when fighting within the Tempest.

This TT+ rewards players with the following at these milestones:

  • 1,000 > 4-Star Halloween Dorcas
  • 6,000 > Spd/Def Seal
  • 10,000 > Darting Stance Seal
  • 12,500 > Earth Blessing
  • 15,000 > 5-Star Halloween Dorcas
  • 20,000 > Brazen Atk/Res Seal

On top of these unique rewards, you will be able to collect the following rewards that usually do not change between each Tempest Trial, assuming you reach a total of 50,000 points:

  • 11,000 Feathers
  • 42 Orbs
  • 80 Sacred Coins
  • 57,500 Shards and Crystals of various colours

You can earn additional Feathers by obtaining a high score and ranking highly amongst other players. You can view your current rank and what rewards you will receive by viewing “Check Rewards” and changing “Score type” to “Rank.”

This Tempest Trials+ will end on the 24th of October, 6:59AM UTC. Be sure to take everything on offer before the Tempest closes! Pacing yourself at 5,000 points per day will grant you all rewards by the final day.

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Heroes: Next Event Calendar, Tempest Trials+, New Banner and Heroic Feats

If you’re paying attention to social media, you’ll know that the new Tempest Trials+: Familiar Faces is coming soon. How might you know this? Well sure, the announcements hinted at it, but there’s also the new Event Calendar that’s been posted, covering expected activity until late November.


Additionally, the next Tempest Trials+ 40%  bonus units have been revealed. These units will all receive an EXP and SP boost (x2).

What is a bit strange is the specific mention of Myrrh: Great Dragon being announced to be part of a summoning event. The Calendar mentions an incoming Bound Hero Battle, featuring Myrrh and Ephraim, so we can assume that this is why. Regardless of the semantics, our Bonus Units for the next TT+ include the aforementioned Myrrh: Great Dragon, all of the now-available seasonal unit variants (Kagero, Mia, Myrrh and Niles) and the base versions of Mia and Dorcas.

This, of course, means that a new Summoning Focus, Tempest Trials+ is available, and it features the original Dorcas, Mia and Myrrh units.

This, as well as the TT+, will be running from October 14 until October 24, and promises Dorcas: Pumpkin Smasher (a green axe armor), and the Brazen Atk/Res + Darting Stance Sacred Seals.

That’s not all, because the first Heroic Feats event is now upon us. If the entirety of the Heroes community can collectively accumulate ten million deployments of a Fury user, then a nice reward is in it for Summoners. As of right now, until the next day rollover, Fury deployment points are doubled, for this event. Super cool!

Wrapping things up, includes a new Tactics Drills. Don’t pass these feathers up!

There’s a lot to keep us busy during October, so get those Tempest teams ready and best of luck!

Heroes: “Doorway to Destiny” Tempest Trials+ Now Live!

As one event ends, another has come to take its place. Starting today in Fire Emblem Heroes, a new Genealogy-themed Tempest Trials+ “Doorway to Destiny” is accessible via the Events section.

Here are the Bonus Heroes again, in case you forgot:

Naturally, the first three are the brand new Heroes from the most recent “Doorway to Destiny” banner. Followed by Ethlyn, who can be obtained from the Tempest Trials itself.

Meanwhile, the next three can be summoned from the dedicated Tempest Trials banner–or perhaps you already summoned them from earlier banners. Finally there’s Jamke from his on-going Grand Hero Battle.

This time, Masked Marth recruits Sigurd’s help to fight a Sigurd from another reality. But Sigurd isn’t alone because Quan and Eldigan–his best friends from his time at the Belhalla military academy–come to join him.

The maps are based on Book II Chapter 7 and Book II Chapter 9, both of which debuted Jugdrali Heroes. Meanwhile the final map is fittingly inspired by Chapter 5 from Genealogy of the Holy War–the original Doorway to Destiny.

(An example of the final battle, based on Lunatic difficulty.)

The event runs until the end of 20th September 2018, so you’ve got 10 days to rack up your score. The score-based rewards are as follows:

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Heroes: Tempest Trials+: Doorway to Destiny Banner & Details + 1st Relay Defense!

The next Tempest Trials event will be coming to Fire Emblem Heroes next week! Prepare for the event by checking out the Tempest Trials+: Doorway to Destiny Banner and also some details in game. Let’s see what we know so far!

The banner contains 5★ focus units for Eldigan, Deirdre, and Sigurd, three important characters from Genealogy of the Holy War. As expected, these threealong with Quan, Lewyn, and Silvia from the newest bannerwill be Bonus Allies for the Tempest Trials.

The other two bonus allies are Jamke, still available in the current GHB, and also Ethlyn. As teased along with the preview trailer, Ethlyn will be the prize unit for this TT. We’ll also get two new Sacred Seals: Blaze Dance and Drive Spd!

Tempest Trials+: Doorway to Destiny begins next week on Tuesday, 11 September.

Additionally, the very first Relay Defense maps are now available today! Build up a strong defensive Brigade and check out these new maps in Special Maps.

Unlike the Rival Domains maps that they replace, this series of Relay Defense maps will be around for two weeks, swapping out on 22 September.