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Heroes: Return of Year 1 + 2 Winter Banners & Sothis’s Twitter Takeover

Christmas is just around the corner! To mark the occasion, Fire Emblem Heroes is re-running the Winter Special Heroes banners from the 1st and 2nd years of the game.

Winter’s Envoy features four Heroes from Awakening: Tharja, Lissa, male Robin and Chrom. If Heroes wasn’t delayed, this banner might have been released a year earlier than it did…

Meanwhile, Gifts of Winter continues the armoured Christmas tradition with Heroes from The Sacred Stones and Binding Blade: Eirika, Fae and Ephraim.

If you go to summon from one of these two banners, you may notice it’s possible to redeem (presumably) first summoning tickets, although we currently have none. Perhaps we’ll get some as our very first Christmas present?!

For reference, these tickets were discovered by data-miners last week. Curiously, three tickets are coded in, although we can only see two of them in the game right now. What could the third one (III) be used for? Assuming it’s going to be used.

Lastly, in a surprising twist, after Feh the messenger owl fell asleep on the job, Sothis–the mysterious girl from Three Houses–has taken over FE Heroes’s official Twitter accounts. Right now, it seems to be for a bit of fun, although it’d be nice if it led to something special!

Heroes: Winter Banner is now active, ft. Nino, young Zephiel, Sothis and Duo Hero Marth!

Today’s FE Heroes update brings the 2019 Special Winter Heroes banner: “Glorious Gifts“!

The Heroes and their skills were recently revealed in a previous news post which you can read up on here (link). The banner is available form today until the 16th of January 2020, 6:59am UTC.

Also today: A new season of Mjolnir’s Strike begins, in which we have 2 days to prepare our defenses for the Shield phase, which will then be followed up with the Counter phase the day after.

On the 14th of December, a Tempest Trials+ Banner was released (ft. flying Nino, OG Marth, and OG Jaffar) in preparation for the upcoming TT+, and on the 15th of December, a new weekly revival banner was released.(ft. OG Genny, Katarina, and Minerva).

The TT+ banner will end on the 27th of December 6:59am UTC.

Heroes: Special Banner ft. 8 Special Heroes is live!

Today in FE Heroes, an unexpected banner has been put live. There are 8 previous Special heroes in this banner, with a 6% focus rate and a 0% off-focus rate, meaning no pity breakers.

There are 2 units in each colour. Red: Picnic Flora + Summer Lilina. Blue: Groom Pent + Bride Tanith. Green: Festival Elincia + Bride Sanaki. Colourless: Summer Ursula + Festival Xander.

This is probably a bait banner leading up to the next set of Special Winter Heroes, so the most sensible thing you can probably do is to hold on to your Orbs at least until we see what is to come.

The banner is available from today until the 25th of December 6:59am UTC.


Also don’t forget to get your attacks in for the new game mode’s Counter phase and contribute to the total score- for today only!

Heroes: The Land’s Bounty Banner & Rutger GHB Revivals!

Two older events are now returning in Fire Emblem Heroes! First up is the return of The Land’s Bounty Banner with last year’s Halloween characters! You can spend your Orbs on a shot at Halloween versions of Myrrh, Mia, Niles, and Kagero.

Additionally, the Grand Hero Battle for Rutger is also back! In addition to the map’s return, there’s also a new series of quests. New and old players alike can complete the quests for Orbs and an extra copy of Rutger himself.

The Land’s Bounty Banner will be available for a month, while Rutger’s GHB will only be here for a week. Good luck adding some new heroes to your team!

Also, a quick notice from the @FE_Heroes_EN account: due to the typhoon approaching Japan, the remaining quiz questions have been postponed. They should resume on Monday.