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Fire Emblem Heroes: Fairies and Fódlan Unite in “Spring Eternal”

The next Special Heroes summoning event in Fire Emblem Heroes will be “Spring Eternal”, running between 7th March and 7th April 2023.

(Japanese trailer available here.)

The featured Heroes in their bunny costumes are: Bernadetta, Triandra, Ashe and Harmonic Karla (with Freyja).

In addition, Michalis can be obtained from the upcoming Tempest Trials+ event, fulfilling the promise made last year.

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Fire Emblem Heroes: Mage Girls and Boys Star in “Sage of Khadein?”

Fire Emblem Heroes‘s first Special Heroes banner of 2023 will be “Sage of Khadein?”, which runs from 10th January to 10th February 2023 (UTC).

(Japanese trailer available here.)

Keeping with the desert theme of recent years, various Heroes are dressed in attire suited for the sorcerous nation of Khadein from Marth’s games.

The featured Heroes are: Nino, Ursula, male Byleth (available via the 4-star focus) and Harmonic Linde with Sara.

In addition, Soren (blue tome) will be the reward from the upcoming Tempest Trials+ event.

By the way, during previous years, there has always been a New Heroes banner between the New Year’s banner and the next year’s first Special Heroes banner. The common theory is that they swapped 2023’s first New Heroes banner to align with the release of Fire Emblem Engage.

Heroes: Askr and Embla Celebrate the New Year in “Gods Renewed”

Fire Emblem Heroes is celebrating the arrival of 2023 with more New Year themed versions of the game’s original characters and Beast characters.

The “Gods Renewed” summoning event will run from 1st January to 1st February 2023.

(You can view the Japanese trailer here.)

The Special Heroes include Ash, Elm, Panne and Duo Askr with Embla.

In addition, Yarne will be available from the Tempest Trials+ event.

Heroes: “Holiday Handoff” Introduces More Christmas-themed Heroes

Ho ho ho, it’s Christmas season in FE Heroes soon.

(Note: You can check out the Japanese trailer here)

This year, you can summon Winter-themed versions of the Black Knight, Dorothea, Annette and Harmonised Cordelia with Selena.

Well, wasn’t that the easiest silhouette ever? Also, how many seasonal versions will Dorothea get before her default appearance?

In addition, Bruno will be the Tempest Trials reward. Last year, a Winter version of him was teased in the Chibi Playhouse video.

This Tempest Trials will also be the finale of the Life & Death series.