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Heroes: Even Dragons Celebrate the Fall in “Dragons Harvest”

We’re approaching the Halloween season, which means more spooky Special Heroes coming to Fire Emblem Heroes! This time, all the Heroes have one thing in common: dragons.

Note: You can check out the Japanese version of this trailer here.

The Special Heroes introduced in “Dragons Harvest” (which runs from 8th October UTC) include Halloween versions of Robin (as Grima), Xane, Dheginsea and Harmonic Tiki and Ninian. Xane will also appear as a 4★ focus Hero.

There’s a saying around here that “Goldoa will not move”. Unless the order of the world has been threatened. Or when there are sweets at stake. Besides the Black Dragon King, this is Xane’s debut in Heroes–and it’s interesting to see how his mimicking ability has been translated.

Additionally, Ena: Autumn Tactician will be available in the “Ever Two Halves” Tempest Trials event that starts on 9th October (UTC). Other rewards from the Tempest Trials include the Brazen Def/Res 1 and Atk/Def Solo 1 Sacred Seals.

The bonus Heroes for this event are the four new Special Heroes, Ena herself, plus the regular versions of Young Tiki, Ninian and male Robin. You can attempt to summon the latter three from the Tempest Trials banner, which is available now.

Please continue reading to learn about the new Heroes!

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Heroes: Resplendent Eirika Incoming, “Pirate’s Pride” and Version 4.8.0 Now Available and Tempest Trials Details!

No, you’re not dreaming. The Resplendent Hero arriving on 25th August 2020 will be Eirika: Restoration Lady.

This version of Eirika is wearing fanciful attire from … *grabs FEH spellchecker* Ljósálfheimr, one of the two realms in Book IV. Check out her page here. Before Eirika, Resplendent Olwen will be available from 10th August.

Moving back to the present, pirates have invaded Fire Emblem Heroes. Pirate versions of Brigid, Tibarn, Geese and Harmonized Veronica (and Xander) are up for grabs. Or maybe they’ll run off with your Orbs, like they did mine.

These Special Heroes were revealed in the recent Feh Channel. For details of their abilities, please carry on to the end of this article.

Nintendo also shared a cute video of Veronica and Xander gearing up for the pirate festival.

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Heroes: Summer 2020 banner, Resonant Battles, and Free 5-Star Hero Summon!

Today’s Heroes update brings us a few nice things some of us have been looking forward to.

First off, the  new Special Banner, “Summer Passing” is now available to summon from.

Summer versions of Sacred Stones’ Lute, Selena, and Joshua as well as Harmonised Mia and Masked Marth are featured. Lute is also available in the 4-Star pool with a higher rate to be summoned! You can read more into the banner in our previous news post here.

Next up, we have the new mode Resonance Battles going live from today!

This new game mode is available under the Arena menu. Chase down the Thieves (which are thankfully limited to 1 move) before they exit the top of the map and earn rewards based on your final rank. Note that you must deploy a Harmonised Hero from at least one of the two Season’s Bonuses running (e.g. this week is Heroes and Radiant Dawn) to earn bonus points for a higher score. You can run a team without a Harmonised Hero but you won’t score so high.

Also today: Pick up your free 5-Star Special Summer Hero summon! Everybody from the previous three years is available, and you can summon one of them for free! You have nothing to lose.

The free summon is available from today until the 2nd of July 6:59am UTC, so plenty of time.


Heroes: “Summer Passing” Features Magvel + Tellius Heroes & First “Twin World” Hero!

We’re not sure if the Fire Emblem Heroes team released the next Summer trailer 12 hours too early, but here it is!

Update: The trailer was indeed posted too early–it’s since been removed and Feh has apologised about it.

Update 2: Here’s the trailer for real!

The Special Heroes clad in swimwear include Selena, Joshua and Lute from The Sacred Stones. Meanwhile, the fourth Hero (or pair of Heroes rather), Mia and Masked Marth is a new type of Duo Hero.

Right now, we’re unsure what their official designation is–maybe “Harmonized Hero” or “Harmonic Hero”, judging from their skill name? Internally, their icon is labelled as “Twin World”, presumably referring to them coming from different worlds (Tellius and Ylisse).

Anyway, “Summer Passing” will arrive on 18th June 2020 (UTC). In this summoning event, Lute will also be a part of the 4-star focus category. Also, Summoners can snag Mia’s partner, Rhys: Gentle Basker, in the upcoming Tempest Trials+ event.

For a text breakdown of the Heroes’ abilities, please continue on…

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