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Heroes: Original Bridal Blessings Banner is Back!

The very first brides are now available once again in Fire Emblem Heroes! Try your luck with the Original Bridal Blessings Banner for bride versions of Caeda, Charlotte, Lyn, or Cordelia.

Like both of the other Bridal banners, this one will be around for a full month, ending on 24 June. Good luck getting the right brides for your army!

Heroes: Bridal Bloom Banner Rerun + Tempest Trials Info!

The brides just keep coming in Fire Emblem Heroes! Spend some Orbs on the Bridal Bloom Banner Rerun for another shot at bride versions of Tharja, Ninian, and Sanaki.

These brides aren’t just for looking good, either. Heroes has now officially revealed that all three of them will be Bonus Allies in the upcoming Tempest Trials+: The Holy Guard! You can find four more of them in the latest Bridal Belonging Banner. The last bonus ally is Louise: Eternal Devotion, the special reward ally for this TT.

Other rewards this TT+ include three new Sacred Seals: Spd/Res 1, Brazen Atk/Spd 1, and Renewal 1. We’ll also be getting plenty of Orbs too, of course, starting today with the newest Log-In Bonus!

The Bridal Bloom Banner Rerun will be around for a full month, ending on 22 June. Tempest Trials+: The Holy Guard starts this Saturday, 25 May, and will run for ten days, ending on 4 June.

Heroes: Bridal Belonging Banner Now Live!

It’s wedding season in Fire Emblem Heroes! Three brides and one groom are now available in the Bridal Belonging banner! Spend some Orbs to try your luck at special Bridal versions of Sigrun, Pent, Tanith, and Fjorm. Check out our earlier article for our first look at these news heroes in their preview trailer.

You can also see all four heroes in action in the new paralogue story, also entitled “Bridal Belonging“. Complete all three chapters and their associated Lunatic quests to earn 12 Orbs! We’ll also be getting more Orbs over the next couple weeks with the latest Log-In Bonus.

If that’s not enough Bridal action for you, you’re in luck. Both of the previous years’ Bridal Banners, Bridal Bloom and Bridal Blessings, will be getting reruns starting later this week! A bridal-themed Tempest Trials will also be starting soon, featuring a free Bride Louise to match Groom Pent.

For now, the Bridal Belonging banner and quests will be around for around a month, ending on 21 June.

Lastly, as a reminder, the second round of Grand Conquests just came to a close. The final round will begin in around four hours. The quests have also been reset. Good luck and may the best army win!

Heroes: Special “Bridal Belonging” Heroes Revealed, Coming May 21 at 12a PT

It may have been teased just yesterday, but we sure didn’t have to wait long for the full reveal of the upcoming bridal-season units for 2019. This year brings us our third batch of bridal darlings, and surprisingly, we have a few new faces!

Yes, new faces Tanith and Sigrun, from the Tellius series (Path of Radiance / Radiant Dawn), and Pent, from Elibe (Fire Emblem), join Fjorm‘s alt in the cast of the summonable quartet. With these new units, there are several new skills hitting the fray, including Fjorm’s Ground Orders 3, Tanith’s Harsh Command+, and Pent’s Pulse Smoke 3. Additionally, Fjorm’s weapon possibly introduces a new mechanic of skill simplification, with the [Isolation] ability.

For those familiar with Clarine and Klein already in the game (or from Fire Emblem: Binding Blade) Pent is their father, and his wife, Louise: Eternal Devotion (a Colorless Bow Cavalry), joins him as a Tempest Trials+ reward unit. They’re noted as being a pretty influential duo in their own game, as well as one of the only units that come with a pre-defined support rank, in the entire Fire Emblem franchise.

This batch of heroes will be available for summon on May 21 at 12a PT, and of course, they’ll come with a set of paralogue chapters that provide Summoners with precious Orbs with which to summon them with (or save, of course). They’ll be available for 30 days, so don’t fret if you can’t get them immediately.

For full artwork on the summonable units, click here.

For the Japanese trailer, click here.

For more details on the unit’s skills, click Read More.

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