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Heroes: Resplendent Tana Swoops In & February/March Calendar!

Starting today, Resplendent Brave Ike is now available for FEH Pass subscribers. As for the next Resplendent Hero… *drum-roll* It’s Tana: Winged Princess! She’ll be swooping in from 25th February 2021 (UTC).

This version of Tana is wearing clothes from (we still need the FEH spellchecker) Ljósálfheimr, the friendly realm from Book IV. You can find more artwork and voice clips via her official page.

Moving on, the event calendar for mid February to mid March 2021 has been released. Let’s take a gander…

Whereas the past calendar had two back-to-back Special Hero banners, this new calendar has back-to-back New Heroes, first on 15th February and more on 4th March. Meanwhile, there’s the next Legendary Hero on 25th February.

Also, don’t forget the “A Hero Rises” Voting Gauntlet, which starts on 26th February.

Keep going for the text version of the calendar.

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Heroes: Summer Returns with Three Familiar Faces and One New Hero

Our second summer since Fire Emblem Heroes released, brings us our third batch of swimsuit-clad battlers, with the incoming Summer’s Arrival banner. Hopefully, this banner can appeal to you, as it brings fans access to a new Awakening unit, Noire, as well as some classics from Fire Emblem Sacred Stones.

Included in this banner are our second Red Tome flier, as well as a handful of new weapons and skills that bestow some pretty wild effects.

Despite the pineapples, Takumi isn’t featured in this seasonal banner.

As typical, there will be a paralogue series of three chapters to provide orbs as rewards through, so even if you aren’t thrilled about the units themselves, the orbs are too easy to pass up. Fans interested in the Japanese banner video, can click here to view it.

Summer’s Arrival will be available starting on June 21 at 11p PT, and will continue to be available through July 25 at 11p PT, so there’s plenty of time to get your hands on a new summer swimmer if you have the desire to do so.

For unit skill breakdowns and pictures, click Read More.

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