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Fire Emblem Heroes EXP Bonus Event!

This one snuck up on us! If you log into your Fire Emblem Heroes account, (or check your Bulletin Board if you’re already logged in), you’ll see an announcement letting players know that from now until February 23 (0200 EST), that there will be a 1.5x EXP Bonus applied to all battles in Story Maps, Special Maps, the Arena and the Training Tower.


There is still a limit to just how much a unit can acquire at maximum, but this will certainly help players train up their units for the next several days!

Fire Emblem Heroes Updates and Quality of Life Improvements

Fire Emblem Heroes has been a hit among fans as of late, and why shouldn’t it be? It’s free to play and offers its players quite a bit to do, with its GACHA-style of gameplay making everyone’s experience unique. While it’s frustrating to struggle at drawing the Heroes you really want and to obtain the feathers needed to promote your dream team to their fullest, there’s still a lot that can be done during each day.

Just a few hours ago, an announcement, (in-game and via Tweet), hit the game that can give avid players a sigh of relief, involving extending perks and an improved EXP system.

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Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends Winners Revealed!

The wait is over, and our winners from the Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends event are here.



Our big winners, remaining mostly consistent with what we saw at the halfway mark, are Ike (Path of Radiance), Roy and Hector for the guys, and Lyn, Lucina and Tharja for the gals. If you’d like to see the full placing of every single eligible character, you can see the entirety of the polled results at their Results page. I took the liberty of breaking out a full text-based list that sorts by complete list, and by game, which you can see here.

In addition to the winners being announced, the Fire Emblem Heroes results page has been updated to show the incoming schedule for Fire Emblem Heroes prize releases, including the order of the upcoming calendars (to be shared on FE_Heroes_JP’s Twitter feed), and special outfits for Ike, Lyn, Roy and Lucina. No sneak peeks of the special outfits, however.

Lastly, players can look forward to receiving their 10,000 Hero Feathers in their app later today. That’s not all, as we’re also being given 10 Dueling Crests to complete the newly added Arena Quests (shown to give rewards of even more Feathers and Crests). Enjoy promoting your units!

Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends Winners, Coming 2/9

Following the end of the Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends Event, where users could vote for their favorite characters in any Fire Emblem franchise in the hopes that they’ll be deemed the most popular, we were given knowledge that roughly 1.2 million people voted in the event.

Well, the results are finally upon us. FE_Heroes_JP tweeted that tomorrow, February 9, will feature the winners [in each of the two categories, split by gender] of the poll.

As well as looking forward to seeing who the winners are, they tweeted that with the 10,000 Tweets for 10,000 Hero Feathers meeting its goal, that we can expect to see that hitting our accounts as well. We should also keep our eyes peeled for other events, but with the next 10 months booked with event rewards already, I’m sure we won’t be missing out.

Lastly, users can look forward to seeing this in their email, straight from Nintendo, letting them know that if they participated in the event and linked their account, that they should have received their 200 Platinum Points.