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Heroes: Egg-citing Spring Festival Banner Event

Barely any time passed at all since Fire Emblem Heroes teased an incoming banner to us, but between the seemingly unintentional Tweet by @NintendoOfAmerica (now removed) and same-day posting of their latest video, fans have some holiday units to expect in the upcoming Spring Festival Banner.

Summoners should expect to spot some variants of currently existing Heroes in the Focus, including an Easter-themed Chrom, Lucina, Xander and Camilla, all of which wielding unexpected weaponry. Chrom and Xander can be spotted toting their carrot-based Axe and Lance (respectively).

Lucina enters the battle with her Blue Tome and most surprising of all, Camilla with her Green Tome. This is pretty special, as Camilla is now the first flying unit to boast a two-range method of offense.

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Shadows of Valentia Announces New Video and Bundles for NA and EU

Today, Nintendo posted a new video to their YouTube channel, titled Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia – Two Armies.

This video discusses Alm and Celica’s general involvement in the plot, and also covers many details on the gameplay that new and old fans alike may enjoy coverage of, such as 1~5 range archers, magic ignoring Terrain Effect, magic consuming HP when used, promotion and more.

However, there’s more. I’ve been holding off on my pre-order with hopes that we’d be fortunate enough to receive a Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Bundle, and by golly we sure got one. Read more

Fire Emblem Heroes: Skill Inheritance and Orb Quests are Here

The wild ride through Fire Emblem Heroes and their constant updates isn’t slowing down, and today indicates one of the biggest updates of them all. We’re fortunate to have been around long enough to enjoy the Launch Celebration events, but with them coming to a close, Orbs might be running scarce for Summoners. Not to worry, however, as Nintendo has given us 17 days to earn 36 orbs via 12 “Training Tower Special Quests” to earn!

Some of the challenges may prove harder than others, as all 12 Quests require that in each instance, all four deployed allies must survive. If you lack a unit type for some of the Tenth Stratum quests (easily the most intense, as each requires deploying four Infantry, Armor, Cavalry or Flying units), you can still enjoy 24 orbs plus 3 for any that you’re able to do. Curiously, the Ninth Stratum doesn’t include any rewards.

Of course, we can’t avoid the elephant in the room. The most game-changing element of the update is the one thing has been drawing hype and tension from players since its announcement weeks ago…

Skill Inheritance is officially live, and before you start freaking out about the oodles of Vantage-equipped Takumi stuffed teams filling the Arena, here’s what you need to know about Skill Inheritance so you don’t give yourself any more stress than you might already have.

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Heroes: New Focus, New Paralogue, Gauntlet Wrap-up, Leaks and More!

It’s been a heck of a week for Heroes players, but Nintendo won’t stop their momentum. With the end of Launch Celebration Event and the Blue Crow: Ursula Special Maps, players will need to find new ways to keep their Orb count up. Fortunately, we now have Daily Missions to look forward to, as well as a new Paralogue, Blazing Shadows.

Blazing Shadows is now available, and like all paralogues before it, offer three chapters with three difficulties each, yielding orbs aplenty to drop into your pocket or into the new Banner.

Speaking of the new Banner, we have some exciting new characters to join the spotlight. FE_Heroes_JP Twitter was kind enough to post the official artwork of the newcomers.

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