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GBA Fire Emblems Blazing Blade (All) and Binding Blade (JP Only) coming to Nintendo Switch Online+ June 23

This is practically bringing me out of the woodwork. Nintendo of America gave us a pretty exciting tweet just a short while ago; All Nintendo Switch Online+ users will finally have access to play Fire Emblem Blazing Blade, and it’s in a week! You heard it here, folks!

For the Japanese NSO account holders; both Fire Emblem Blazing Blade and Fire Emblem Binding Blade are coming out on the same day. English NSO+ account holders will not have access to Binding Blade, which is unfortunate, but maybe we will one day. Regardless; we can finally play this on the go, legally to boot! I wonder how the Link Arena will work…

Community Spotlight: Manakete Millennium E-Zine (Pre-orders open until Aug. 14)

If you’re a fan of Fire Emblem, then you’ve no doubt come to learn about Manaketes. They’re the dragons of the series, and they’re practically as well known as the blue-haired lords that were there at the birth of the franchise; Tiki and Bantu made their appearances as recruitable characters in the first game. Furthermore, you’ve likely come across some varieties of art of various Manaketes across the franchise, from the various iterations of Tiki across the main games and spinoffs, to standards in the main games such a Nowi or Fae. Now, what if I told you that there was a fan base out there that appreciates Manaketes so much, that they created a fan-zine to show their love?

Look no further than towards this, the Manakete Millennium! Manakete Millennium is a SFW zine dedicated to the Manaketes and dragonstone-wielders across every Fire Emblem game, from Shadow Dragon to Fire Emblem: Heroes! They aim to showcase and celebrate dragons in both their humanoid and draconic forms, in both canon and crossover settings.

The zine features over 40 creators: 25+ artworks, 10+ fanfictions and various merchandise (including digital goods and physical goods), and all proceeds will be donated to the International Fund for Animal Welfare ( I can’t turn my nose up to a fandom that supports charity!

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Heroes: Summertime 2022 Slams in on July 7 with Magvel regulars and a pair of Gods

After a hiatus and a move, I’m back and ready to take a look at Fire Emblem Heroes again, and what’s more exciting to take a look at then a Special Heroes banner!?

This time around, in the Taken by the Tide Special Heroes banner, we have some love for the mobile series as well as Fire Emblem Sacred Stones, by way of summer-versions of Eirika, Lyon, Nifl, Thor (+ Loki) and Tempest Trials+ reward unit Seth: Silver-Sea Knight (a Green Axe Cavalry). Furthermore, Lyon: Sunlit Prince will be available in the 4-star pool as a focus unit. Lastly, there are a handful of new and interesting inheritable skills in this batch of Heroes, so the artwork isn’t the only thing Summoners will be looking at.

As per usual, this banner will run for a month, from July 7 until August 6.

Good luck, Summoners!

For more info on the unit skills and such, click Read More.
For complete artwork of the units, click here, courtesy of 4Gamer.Net.
For the Japanese trailer, click here.

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Heroes: Special Heroes (Unlikely Friends) brings a Tiny Tellius team to the fray on April 7

It’s high time for our next low-in-age units to join the brigade, and this time, we’re graced with a slew of Tellius inspired units, all of which have connections to each other via the Greil Mercenaries. This, and just a bit more, come in the Unlikely Friends Special Heroes banner!

For the Japanese trailer, click here.

This banner features a few interesting inheritable skills, including the next Distant Counter but with a stat boost skill, Distant Dart (boosting Speed). There is also the new -Tempo skill line, which is similar to Special Fighter 3, that protects a unit from Special Cooldown altering abilities, and also grants a stat advantage. The Spd/Def Tempo 3 appears on an Infantry unit this time around, so I wonder what unit movement types will be allowed to use this skill. Speaking of skills, we have another rare Colorless Tome with Soren.

Additionally, Boyd: Future Great, makes his debut in Heroes, and much to no one’s surprise, is a green axe infantry. He is a free unit, earnable in the upcoming Tempest Trials+ event as reward unit.

Finally, Ilyana: Awakened Appetite, will be available in the 4* Focus pool.

Special Heroes (Unlikely Friends) will run from April 7 until May 6.

For more details on the units’ known Stats and Skills, click Read More.
For complete unit artwork, click here (courtesy of 4Gamer.Net).

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