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The Fire Emblem Compendium: An Interview

If you have any interest in Fire Emblem Heroes, or even fanart of the just the games, you may have heard of the recently started The Fire Emblem Compendium project, founded by Yayster. The project itself strives to have a dedicated piece created specifically for this project, for over 700 characters in the Fire Emblem franchise. That’s a pretty monumental goal, right?

Well, so far, hundreds of artists have pooled their efforts together and assembled 627 pieces (at the time of this post). What’s crazier, is that hundreds of applications came in to get involved, within a handful of hours after announcing the project!

Robin (Male)

With roughly 100 characters left to complete, one can look forward to checking out the site and its many talented artists. As things are now, you can check out their site and get a peek at what’s already been completed.

I got a chance to meet the team and talk to Yayster (the head behind the project), and their entire team was excited to join in. Give it a read, and get an insider’s peek at what it takes to put together such a tremendous project!

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Warriors: Special Edition Bundle for NA

You heard it right, folks; NintendoAmerica tweeted out this goody not long ago. Fire Emblem Warriors is getting a Special Edition released for North America!

Included will be 3 sound selection CDs, a two-sided poster & 25 character art cards. Does this mean that we’ll have 25 playable characters in the game before accounting for DLC?

This will be available on release day, October 20, for the Nintendo Switch only.

Heroes: Choose Your Legends Announcement

The Choose Your Legends voting event from way back during the early days of Fire Emblem Heroes promised us variants of the top two male and female units, and Heroes finally delivered.

On August 31, the Choose Your Legends Banner will be released, featuring:

  • Lucina (Lance, infantry)
  • Ike (Axe, infantry)
  • Roy (Sword, mounted)
  • Lyn (Bow, mounted)

What’s the best part about this banner? You get to pick one of these units, for free, to get with 100% certainty.

This is pretty exciting! Their stats and skills are ridiculous, but with all the hype behind these units, they’d better be! If you want to see their gear, and the rest of the news, click Read More…

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Heroes: FEH Channel Live Stream 2 Details

Summoners! The second episode of the FEH Channel live stream gave us 17 minutes of excitement, starring our beloved owl is officially named Messenger Owl Feh (pronounced like Faye).

What a cutie!

Catch the recap of the live stream here (Japanese viewers, click here).

Now that we’ve finally learned the official name of Feh, what about the units? Well, to start, the next Nohrian Summer banner gives us some new ones, of course!

Nohrian Summer will bring Leo, Xander, Elise and female Corrin. Xander dons a hilarious Lilith floatie, a “Tomato Tome” for Leo, an unmounted Elise with her green Tome and F!Corrin will be a Wyvern-riding blue tome user, marking her as the second flying tome wielder in the game.

These units will be available in just a few hours, officially on July 28th at 12a PST. More details on this will be revealed in just a few hours, when the units become available, but here’s a sneak peek at the units and their skills:

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