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Heroes: Beyond Darkness brings Binding Blade units, coming March 7

Website dataminers uncovered some interesting bits of character data recently, and it’s nice to see that they were correct, proving to us that right around the corner is a Binding Blade banner, which had its video dropped just a short while ago.

Highlighted in the upcoming Beyond Darkness banner includes Fire Emblem Binding Blade’s Lugh, Sue, Thea and Idunn. Along with the four, come a handful of new skills (inheritable ones, too), and what looks to be a fearsome dragon unit.

Included in this batch is the second X-Serpent tome, as well as a Wo Dao equivalent bow (Bo Dao?), a Safeguard equivalent Lance (Lukas lovers, rejoice), yet another level-4 skill in Hone Spd 4, and another dual-Seal skill.

Wait, I thought good guys always faced right…

This comes with the next story chapter sequence, A Father’s Legacy, in which it looks like Gustav plays quite an important role in the plot.

Beyond Darkness and its chapters kick of on March 7 at 11p PT, so Summoners, if you’re interested in picking up a few long-awaited Binding Blade battles, enjoy the upcoming chance!

View the Japanese Trailer here. Artwork cited from

For more details on the unit skill breakdown, click Read More.

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Heroes: Enter Legendary Hero Roy: Blazing Lion

A sneak peek at our next Legendary Hero came in the other day, the form of an app store tease, revealing Roy: Blazing Lion, as the upcoming Legendary Hero. That may have been just a rumor, but it was confirmed just moments ago, in the release of the Roy: Blazing Lion Legendary Hero trailer.

Roy comes with a new weapon, and two unique skills (one personal), as expected. He brings with himself Dragon Fang and Renewal, two known skills, and adds to the fray,

  • [Wpn] Dragonbind
    • 16 Mt  | 1 Rng Sword
    • Effective vs Dragon foes
    • Distant Counter
      • This is much like his game’s own version of the Binding Blade
  • [A] Bonus Doubler 3
    • Grants bonus stats to Atk, Spd, Def and Res during combat, equal to the current bonus on each of the unit’s stats, independently.
  • [C] Human Virtue
    • At the start of any turn, if the unit is adjacent to non-beast or non-dragon allies, grants Atk & Spd +6 to himself and those allies for the turn)

He also appears to be joining with a Fire Blessing (fitting for his name), and what that blessing does…is a mystery.

Of course, the Legendary Hero banner comes with friends, available for summon at 8%, and this is no different. Included this time, are the following heroes:

  • Red
    • Hríd
    • Micaiah (Performing Arts)
  • Green
    • Female Corrin (Adrift)
    • Gunnthrá
    • Surtr
  • Blue
    • Male Corrin (Adrift)
    • Ephraim (Legendary)
    • Niles (Halloween)
  • Colorless
    • Mikoto
    • Robin (Legendary)
    • Xander (Performing Arts)

This banner kicks off on February 26 at 11p PT, and runs until March 5.



Heroes: New Heroes (Kitsune and Wolfskin)

It was only a matter of time until the ever popular Kitsune and Wolfskin made it into the game, and with the advent of Laguz units right behind us, now seems as good of a time as any to introduce them. Enter fathers Keaton and Kaden, and their daughters Velouria and Selkie, in this New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin banner.

Interestingly, within the batch, two of the four are 3-move units, with pretty hefty skill descriptions that are on par with Fiora’s personal weapon. Not only that, but a new Sabotage (#Stat)Sabotage Atk 3 skill has been added, which will likely introduce more of its own to cover the other stats.

Additionally, Panne: Proud Taguel, a blue Beast, can be spotted both in the trailer and in the news article with the trailer. She’ll be the next reward unit for the upcoming Tempest Trials+, starting on February 24 at 2a PT. This, comes in tandem with the new Story Chapter, A King’s Worth, which will bring its own Orbs via rewards.

*Edit: She is the prize unit for a Grand Hero Battle, not a Tempest Trials+.

Kitsune and Wolfskin kicks off on February 19 at 11p PT, and these heroes will be available through future summoning events.

For the Japanese trailer, click here. For more details on the unit skills (a recap from the video), click Read More.

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First Nintendo Direct of 2019 Brings News on Fire Emblem Three Houses, Releasing July 26

Nintendo is usually pretty good about giving us just enough information to want more, and this is no exception. During E3 2018, Fire Emblem: Three Houses was lightly detailed, and immediately, the internet took to storm. For the first time in nearly 250 days, we’re getting some real news, in today’s Nintendo Direct that in its own wait screen, mentions solely our game by name.

We’re given an intro by Sothis, our guide through the world.

Shortly afterwards, we’re introduced to Fodlan, the continent of the game, and its many countries and alliances (much like the way Radiant Dawn handled its introductions).

Continuing on, we learn a bit about the game’s primary worlds and religion of Seiros, in which we are part of. The Black Eagles (Adrestian, Edelgard), Blue Lions (Faerghus, Dimitri) and Golden Deer (Leicester, Claude) are introduced as the primary “houses” within the game’s introductory academy, and each house has its own colorful cast.

What’s the quirk? You’re the Professor of Battle of one of these houses.

You’re in charge of raising and teaching your students, guiding their specialties and lesson plans, as well as helping in socialization and battle coordination.

Not much was detailed about battle or the lesson plans itself, but there were quite a bit of names, clips and screenshots to analyze.

Fire Emblem Three Houses is set with its NA release on July 26 of this year.

Of note, there will be a special release including an Artbook, Steelbook, Calendar and Sound Selection CD, in the Seasons of Warfare Edition release.


For those interested in a much more detailed breakdown, keep an eye open for a post by VincentASM later today, our resident overlord and master of all things analysis when it comes to Fire Emblem teasers.