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Heroes: Choose Your Legends Announcement

The Choose Your Legends voting event from way back during the early days of Fire Emblem Heroes promised us variants of the top two male and female units, and Heroes finally delivered.

On August 31, the Choose Your Legends Banner will be released, featuring:

  • Lucina (Lance, infantry)
  • Ike (Axe, infantry)
  • Roy (Sword, mounted)
  • Lyn (Bow, mounted)

What’s the best part about this banner? You get to pick one of these units, for free, to get with 100% certainty.

This is pretty exciting! Their stats and skills are ridiculous, but with all the hype behind these units, they’d better be! If you want to see their gear, and the rest of the news, click Read More…

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Heroes: Ike Finally Arrives!

You heard me right, Summoners. FE_Heroes_JP just tweeted (and Nintendo just posted to their YouTube channel), coverage announcing the arrival of some Tellius favorites from Fire Emblem Path of Radiance, Ike, Mist, Soren and Titania, in the World of Radiance paralogue. Check out the Japanese trailer here.

When will this arrive? Oh, no sooner than tomorrow!

Ike, voiced by Greg Chun (rather than his typical Jason Adkins), is seen boasting his 1~2 range Ragnell and covetted Aether, as well as a new skill, Heavy Blade. Not to be ignored, the other 3 come bearing some unique skills of their own, not yet seen in Fire Emblem Heroes for Mist (Sarah Williams), Soren (Kyle McCarley) and Titania (Misty Lee); Spur Def/Res +3, Watersweep and Guard, respectively).

Heroes Fall Sneak Peek and eShop Spring Sale

Today, FE_Heroes_JP tweeted out a few spoilers for what’s coming after out in the relatively near future.

“It seems…I was summoned into this world from the hopes of many.”

We were lucky to get a Japanese voice sample of Ike, definitely inspiring Tellius fans among Summoners to keep excited for what’s coming. Additionally, the translated text of the tweet mentioned nothing of the voice clip, but instead shared that the unique Alternate Costume Units for Roy, Lyn, Lucina and Ike will come “after summer.”

Also as a surprise is a sale by Nintendo. For an appropriate amount of My Nintendo Points, American and European eShop players can get a few discounts on eShop purchases:

30% discount on Fire Emblem Fates™: Birthright on 3DS (90 Gold Points)
30% discount on Fire Emblem™: Shadow Dragon on Wii U VC (30 Gold Points)
30% discount on Fire Emblem™:The Sacred Stones on Wii U VC (240 Platinum Points)

With no official word on when any characters from Tellius will arrive, skeptics are hoping that we’ll see our Radiant Hero hoisting his Ragnell into Heroes some time this Summer.