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Cipher Series 9 Introduction & Pre-Orders

With the 8th series of Fire Emblem Cipher recently released, it’s time to look at what this card game has in store for the future. Series 9 will be bringing the game into its third year, and has already started off by breaking some traditions…

Cipher fans were fully expecting that Ryota Kawade would reveal details of the set during the Autumn Livestream in November. However, instead of a full-blown announcement, we received little more than a teaser.

Kawade announced that Series 9 would feature three main themes, as opposed to most sets that focus on two at most. He also revealed the first part of that theme: Hasha no Tsurugi, the Binding Blade spin-off manga.

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Fire Emblem Heroes Sibling Bonds Now Live

Moments ago, Fire Emblem Heroes greeted us with a data update containing several new units, a new Paralogue and a new Focus, which can be seen as Sibling Bonds. This new Banner and Focus group gives us a single new Focus with six units (the most in a Focus thus far). There is only one Focus this time, but it’s the largest Focus released to date.

This new Banner bring us three new maps and six new characters, including Eldigan, Olwen, Reinhardt and Lachesis (from Fire Emblem Thracia 776),  Klein (Fire Emblem Binding Blade), Sanaki (Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn). Sanaki marks the first appearance of a character from any of the console Fire Emblem games released internationally, which is a surprise given the anticipation of Ike, who heralds from two popular internationally released games.

Additionally, Launch Celebration Part 4 exists, which is a two part map granting orbs as a prize. Lastly, a new banner appears to have been leaked…

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Tellius Recollection Volume 2 Recap

The Radiant Dawn design book Tellius Recollection Volume 2 was released in Japan a few weeks ago. If you’ve been keeping up, Kirokan has been diligently translating the contents over on our forums, just like for the first volume.


Before diving straight into the new book, I should mention that the translations for the first volume (which covers the previous game, Path of Radiance) are pretty much complete.

In fact, not long ago, Kirokan translated the last major segment, which features the developers’ thoughts on the game. Here’s a link to Kirokan’s website, where the translation can be found.

What’s interesting is that the developers considered changing the story depending on if you followed Titania’s or Soren’s advice. Fans may remember that Titania was strict but understanding, while Soren was heavily focused on the results.

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Tellius Recollection Volume 2 (Radiant Dawn) Details

In case you missed it, the Radiant Dawn art book Tellius Recollection (Volume 2) is expected to finally arrive during 25th November 2016, a month after its original release date.


Update: Cover added.

Today, a number of Japanese retailers updated the book description, which Kirokan has kindly translated for us:

A compilation of official documents from developer Intelligent Systems – Volume 2. For the first time, official documents revealing three-view design documents, background of the world, and various roughs will be released to the public. In addition to this, the book contains info on the entire story, all base conversations, as well as things like a directory of boss characters and the stages they appear in –and so much more. Everything you need to know about Radiant Dawn wrapped up in one neat package. Senri Kita, the illustrator who drew all of the character artwork, makes a special return to draw the cover for this book too!

If you’re feeling a pinch of deja vu, this is pretty much the exact same description as the Path of Radiance edition.

The Radiant Dawn book even features the same page count (256 pages) and same price (3456 Yen including tax). So if you liked Volume 1, there’s every chance you’ll enjoy this new volume too.

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