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Fire Emblem Heroes: Ascended Elincia Arrives, with her Royal Knights

The next New Heroes banner in Fire Emblem Heroes is centred on Elincia’s group from Radiant Dawn.

(Japanese trailer available here.)

The featured Heroes include: Lucia, Geoffrey, Bastian and Ascended Elincia. Bastian will also be featured as a 4-star focus Hero.

In addition, Ludveck, Elincia’s nemesis from Part 2 of Radiant Dawn, can be obtained from the upcoming Grand Hero Battle.

Furthermore, the next story chapter “Goddess Reunion” will debut Nerþuz, who briefly appeared in the Book VII cinematic.

Heroes: Rearmed Ganglöt & More Mystery of the Emblem

The next new Heroes summoning event, which begins 18th November 2022 (UTC), will be “Rearmed Ganglöt & More”.

(You can view the Japanese trailer here.)

The featured Heroes include Rearmed Ganglöt herself, alongside Hardin, Nyna and Ascended Tiki from Mystery of the Emblem.

In addition, Elice will be available as a 3/4-star Hero and Matthis can be obtained from the Grand Hero Battle. You can view their artwork via the “Meet some of the Heroes” mini-site: Elice / Matthis

Also, if you missed it, the FE Heroes team shared a cutesy “Askr Ambience – A Day with Eir” video a couple of days ago.

Heroes: Rearmed Robin, Ascended Eir & More Awakening Latecomers

The next New Heroes banner in FE Heroes will be “Special: Rearmed Robin & More”.

Note: You can check out the Japanese version of this trailer here.

The featured Heroes include: Rearmed Robin (F), Gregor, Phila and Ascended Eir.

In addition, Ricken will appear as a new 3 and 4-star Hero, while Cervantes will join as a Grand Hero Battle.

With this, the amount of Awakening characters still not in the game has shrank again. However, poor souls such as Vaike, Kellam and Validar will probably have to keep waiting until its their turn.

Anyway, please continue for a breakdown of the Heroes from the trailer!

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Heroes: September Feh Channel & New Heroes with Rearmed Líf

Ahead of the next New Heroes trailer, the Fire Emblem Heroes team have dropped a surprise Feh Channel on us.

First up is a cinematic trailer showcasing Líf’s struggles. You can also view it separately, here.

Rearmed Heroes

Afterwards, we’re introduced to a new version of him, Líf: Arcane Blade. Nope, this isn’t Ascended Líf, but a new type of Hero known as Rearmed Heroes.

Rearmed Heroes have unique “Arcane Weapons” that can be inherited by other Heroes. In addition, when using Rearmed Heroes as a source ally for inheriting skills, the Rearmed Hero will not disappear. However, they cannot be used as a source ally for inheritance a second time.

After being used as a source ally for inheritance, the Rearmed Hero will retain all of their previous skills too. They’ll also function exactly like other Heroes, so you can still merge them etc.

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