Fire Emblem Engage: Emblem Ike Analysis

On Monday, Nintendo Japan dropped a whole bunch of Fire Emblem Engage content, including a new trailer for beginners and a big website update, in addition to the usual scheduled tweets. Here’s a break down of those tweets.

First, Ike’s profile:

Emblem Ike (VA: Michihiko Hagi), known as the Emblem of Radiance, is a renowned mercenary leader with unparalleled fighting prowess.

Next, a conversation between Ike and Alear:

Now for the main part:

Ike excels in offence and durability; the more damage he sustains, the greater his power. Has solid defences and becomes stronger the tougher the situation he’s in, making him a reliable Emblem for luring enemies.

Boucheron is rocking the Berserker outfit, seen in the beginners’ trailer (pictured right). He’s wielding a Silver Axe+2 versus a Corrupted with a Steel Axe.

The map is the first Firene one, presumably Chapter 4. Some of Boucheron’s allies can be seen near the top-right corner.

Resolve is a Sync skill that boosts Defence and Resistance when the user’s HP is below 75%.

Looking at the numbers, it boosts them by 5 points each.

Jade Engages with Ike for the next part.

She’s a Level 20 General with a Silver Axe, Ike’s Hammer, Tomahawk, Steel Poleax, Iron Poleax+1 and an Elixir. Ike’s Hammer has 2 more Might, but 15 less Hit than the Silver Axe.

Her class skill looks like Swap (swap places with a selected ally), which parallels Paladins having Pivot. She also seems to have inherited Sigurd’s Hit rate +15 and Lance Prowess: Heavy Lv. 1 skills.

Ike’s middle skill is movement related too. The icon looks like a reverse Pivot. Reposition maybe (move an ally behind you)?

The map is the Firenese castle from Chapter 5.

Hammer is an Engage weapon that can Smash foes and deals bonus damage versus Armor.

We’ve discussed Smash several times now, but if you’re still in the dark, please carry on to the end of this article.

Yunaka is a Level 1 Sword Armor, who’s likely reclassed. She has a Steel Blade, Ike’s Hammer, Silver Sword, Iron Blade+1 and Seadall’s Bento.

The map should be Celica’s throwback, based on the Seabound Shrine.

Her foe is a Ruffian Wolf Knight.

Steadfast is an Engage skill that reduces the user’s Avoid to 0, but halves damage sustained.

If used by Dragon classes, Steadfast further reduces damage by 10%, for a total of 60% damage reduction.

The mini-map is from the linked ships map, where Rosado debuted.

Louis is a Level 20 General packing a Silver Greatlance. He also has the “Swap” class skill.

The map is the quicksand one, where Fogado probably joins.

Supreme Aether is an Engage attack that boosts the user’s defensive stats on the 1st turn, then automatically attacks all foes within range on the 2nd, restoring HP proportional to damage dealt.

The stat boost seems to be Def +10 and Res +5.

During the Enemy Phase, Louis is attacked by several Silver Corrupted. Some of them trigger Chain Attacks because there are Backup classes nearby that can target Louis (looks like the sword user).

When the Player Phase begins, you can see some of Louis’s allies, including: Lapis (sword cav, with Corrin), Céline (sword, with Celica), Diamant (sword), Framme (body arts/staff, with Byleth), Merrin (dagger wolf, with Lyn), Alear (sword, with Marth), Rosado (axe wyvern), Alcryst (bow), Pandreo (tome/staff, with Lucina) and Panette (axe, with Roy).

Boom, Louis automatically triggers Supreme Aether. It hurts all foes within 2 squares. The HP recovery seems to be 25% of damage.

Timerra is a Level 20 Picket with a Steel Greatlance.

When using Supreme Aether, her Defence only increases by 5, not 10. Is there a bonus for Armor classes?

Allies include Merrin and Pandreo. The map seems to be a night-time raid of a Solmese camp, seen in Kagetsu’s spotlight.

While dealing damage with Supreme Aether, Timerra’s class skill Desert Formation triggers.

The next two scenes show Alear and Goldmary triggering Smash on their opponent, using their Blade weapons. I think these are to show Steadfast and Resolve.

The first scene occurs at burning Firene, from Chapter 17, while the second is the Brodian border fort from Chapter 9 or so.

To finish off Bunet triggers Supreme Aether with a Silver Sword.

The map is the linked ships again, where Bunet has attracted a whole swathe of Wyvern Knights and Griffin Knights. Like other attacks, Supreme Aether can trigger Break (in this case, against Axe foes). So if the foes aren’t dead, you might be able to Break them at least.

Previously, Louis and Timerra swapped to Ike’s Hammer for Supreme Aether. I think it might be a Sword or Axe locked attack, hence why Bunet can use a Silver Sword just fine. Eg. Lyn’s Astra Storm is Bow locked and Eirika’s Twin Strike is Sword locked.

That’s all for Ike, but here’s some bonus stuff.

Some info about the world map:

The “World Map” is used to navigate to the next chapter or any destination you’d like. You can also use the menu to manage your characters, return to the Somniel and so forth.

We saw the world map during the Japanese Expansion Pass trailer, covered here.

This short clip confirms a few things.

Namely the Firenese castle map, seen on numerous occasions starting (like in Clanne’s spotlight), is Chapter 5. Although this was already mentioned in a gameplay preview.

Presumably where Alear is traveling from, and the only other place on the map, is Chapter 4. This would align with the first Firenese map we saw, where Louis and Chloé are stuck in the centre.

Before that, there seem to be at least 3 chapters in Lythos. We know 3 of these: the “Prologue” where Clanne and Framme are separated, a “tutorial” where you fight Lumera as a friendly boss and, finally, the fateful assault on the Divine Dragon’s Castle at night.

If the “Prologue” is labelled as “Chapter 1”, that would account for all the Lythos chapters. But I have a feeling they’ll start with a Prologue (although there could be a Premonition before that too).

Finally, an introduction to Smash:

Heavy weapons like Iron Blade and Iron Greatlance always trigger Smash when attacking after the enemy, causing the enemy to be pushed back 1 square. If the knocked back enemy hits another unit or a wall, Break will trigger. Note that follow-up attacks aren’t possible.

How it works is that when you initiate attack with a heavy weapon, the user will attack after the enemy, but their attack will trigger Smash, knocking the foe back one square.

What’s new is that if an enemy is smashed, but they cannot go back one square, because they bump into another enemy or a wall, the enemy will be inflicted with Break instead. This might be one way to Break foes with Body Arts, since they have no weapon disadvantage usually.

Goldmary is a Level 3 Hero with a Steel Blade, Silver Sword, Spear and Elixir. She triggers Smash on the Elusian soldier with her Steel Blade.

The map is the desert shoals one.

After combat, the foe is moved back on square.

Allies include Alear (sword), Fogado (bow cavalry), Seadall (body arts), Alcryst (bow), probably Hortensia cut off (dual staff) and Timerra maybe, also cut off?

Near the top left corner are two enemy Tome cavalry units. On the fort is a Lance and Staff cavalry foe. This same setup was observed in Bunet’s spotlight.

We move a bit further left for the next part.

Goldmary initiates combat against an Elusian Dagger wielder, inflicting Smash with her Steel Blade again.

After combat, the enemy is inflicted with Break, because they were knocked into a wall, even though Sword and Dagger are neutral towards each other.

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