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Heroes: Summertime 2022 Slams in on July 7 with Magvel regulars and a pair of Gods

After a hiatus and a move, I’m back and ready to take a look at Fire Emblem Heroes again, and what’s more exciting to take a look at then a Special Heroes banner!?

This time around, in the Taken by the Tide Special Heroes banner, we have some love for the mobile series as well as Fire Emblem Sacred Stones, by way of summer-versions of Eirika, Lyon, Nifl, Thor (+ Loki) and Tempest Trials+ reward unit Seth: Silver-Sea Knight (a Green Axe Cavalry). Furthermore, Lyon: Sunlit Prince will be available in the 4-star pool as a focus unit. Lastly, there are a handful of new and interesting inheritable skills in this batch of Heroes, so the artwork isn’t the only thing Summoners will be looking at.

As per usual, this banner will run for a month, from July 7 until August 6.

Good luck, Summoners!

For more info on the unit skills and such, click Read More.
For complete artwork of the units, click here, courtesy of 4Gamer.Net.
For the Japanese trailer, click here.

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Heroes: New Year’s Special Heroes & Celebrations Aplenty!

Happy New Year! We hope 2020 treats you well! Currently, there’s a party going on in Fire Emblem Heroes.

The main highlight is the arrival of the “Renewed Spirit” banner, which brings us New Year’s versions of Alfonse (and Sharena), Anna, Selkie and Lethe. This is accompanied by a new set of Paralogue maps and corresponding quests.

To assist Summoners, there’s a log-in bonus that awards up to 13 Orbs by logging in for 10 days. On top of that, there’s another log-in bonus that gives up to 5 First Summon Tickets for the “Renewed Spirit” banner.

In addition to the new banner, the New Year’s banners from the previous 2 years are making a re-appearance. As a reminder, the Special Heroes from Year 1 include Takumi, Camilla and Azura, while the Year 2 ones are Laevatein, Gunnthra, Hrid and Fjorm.

To encourage Summoners, there are “New Year!” quests where you can obtain 5 First Summon Tickets for each of these banners (for a total of 10 tickets). Plus, if you like decorating, there are Aether Raids quests that yield currency to build a Year’s Entry Decor, Red Wood Lantern and Year’s Festival Gate.

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Heroes: Special Heroes Will Ring in the New Year in “Renewed Spirit” Summoning Event!

If you’re curious about this year’s New Year’s Special Heroes, you don’t have to wait any longer! Nintendo has just dropped a new trailer for the Renewed Spirit summoning event, which starts on 1st January 2020 (UTC).

The Heroes in the summoning event are Anna (who finally gets an alt!), Selkie, Lethe and Duo Alfonse and Sharena. In addition, Eir will be available in the next Tempest Trials+ event. For a text breakdown, please check the end of this article.

Furthermore, Nintendo has shared a video from the Nintendo Treehouse team, highlighting these new Heroes. Also, the “Meet some of the Heroes” page has been updated with all five Heroes as well.

Unless I missed it, it seems they skipped the usual silhouette phase. Perhaps because of the recent data-mine?

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Heroes: Feh Channel breakdown – Spooky Scary banner, new game mode, new Aether Resort plantation feature, and more!

They did it again, dropping another Feh Channel on us unannounced and catching us unawares.You can watch it for yourself here:

If you don’t have 15 minutes or can’t watch/listen to a video for whatever reason, you can read through this breakdown post to get the gist of things that were revealed. Click on “Read more” below to find out what’s coming over the next few weeks.

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